Friday, July 30, 2010

Question for today....

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make your dreams or your plans a reality in the future?

I've been asked about this by someone and it keeps on popping in my head now and again. At times, I seemed to have all the answers and at some other time, I seemed lost.

The road to 'happiness' and being successful is ain't rosy and rainbows. I realised that. I mean, looking back from the day I started to get involved seriously trying to be a better me, it wasn't a smooth sailing journey. When I first purchased my property, people that are close to me kept saying that I shouldn't have done it. Bla bla bla. Of course, gaining knowledge in investing in properties can be difficult at times..You can't expect any returns be it big or small of you just sit there and stare at the PC while browsing your facebooks, tweeters or whatever.

I've yet to achieved my initial dream that I had when I was young but I'm confident that it'll come sooner. Just need to push a wee bit harder that I'll be a happy camper.

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is, if I want to have all the good things in life, I have to be prepared and willing to work harder and smarter now. Being succesful is about enjoying the journey and I'm still learning and will keep on learning.....

Have a good weekend

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pelaburan Auta Syarikat MLM

Read this news in Kosmo earlier today.

I've experienced this personally. Obviously I'm not going to name the company involved as I think the company is not at fault but something is seriously wrong with the people involved with it. I'm not shocked when the reporter wrote about the marketeers using fancy cars to attract prospective donwliners.

This happened to me last year if I'm not mistaken. This guy, who is a teacher by profession came over to our place. Without my knowledge, wifey's mom got involved with this scheme and has deposited more than RM10k of her savings. So this guy apparently told us about the scheme, the cars (duhhhhh), the high chances of making money via the scheme, the cars (again). He even showed us his new Honda City that he recently purchased using money he gained from the scheme. I tried not to look disinterested but just nodded what he was saying. He kept saying about early retirement and nice cars. He even showed some cheques to make us believe. Obviously, he was trying his level best to make us sign up and give him the money. And obviously we said we'll think about it.

I don't mind admitting that I'm a distributor of a foreign based company but never had I urge or tell people to join me. I'm in because I can buy stuffs at a discounted price. Plus, I'm able to buy some stuff that I can give as present to be given away during festivals season. And, I got some bonus for it. The more effort you put it, the more you will get. Hehehe. Anyways, the company that I'm involved in never talked about how much money you are going to get, never talk about early retirement, never talk anything else except it is about giving people the opportunity to better themselves. Which is good, I think...Again, it's all about the opportunity. And of course, they are some people who take advantage of what the company is offering and using it as a 'vehicle' or platform to cheat people. I met this group of people by the way

In life, we have to admit that nothing comes easy. Especially when you talk about driving big cars and having early retirement. Who doesn't want that? Who doesn't wanna go to the States or Egypt for a holiday. Everybody wants it. But sometimes, living beyond our means can be detrimental to our lives. My dad used to tell me, live well within your means and let me tell you, if every one can do that, we'll be a lot happier individually.

Robert Kiyosaki, mentioned somewhere in his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, that in order to enjoy life is for one to be in the 4th cashflow quadrants i.e: to be an investor. This is where you invest and you'll reap the rewards for your investments. To a certain extent, this is where you earn money/income while you are nicely tucked in bed dreaming about tomorrow. You even earn money without doing anything. How is that possible you may ask? Well, the answer lies around us and it is entirely up us to find out. Being a property investor might be one of the ways. hehehehe.

Back to this pelaburan auta. To anyone who has made those significant investments in these companies, please, try as much as possible to get your money back. If possible, try to get everything back. Always start small in everything you do.You'll be better off. If not, just put into your savings account ka, ASB ka, FD ka or whatever. If you really want to get involved with MLM, consider these 4 factors:
1) The company and its history
2) High quality products and goods
3) Reasonable Marketing Plan
4) Strong desire to change

I'm in no way against MLM. I think it's a good platform to better ourselves. I had the opportunity to meet some high flyers from the company that I'm involved in as a distributor. No doubt they live in big house, drive fancy cars and what not, but never once they said like what the teacher said to me. They all agree and said, it's an opportunity to better yourself. You decide with what you wanna do with your lives. No one can do that for you. Plus, if it helps you in a way to get extra income for you and your family, go ahead and do it. What's stopping you?

errr...i must start selling liquid soaps and protein shakes again.....anybody wants good liquid soaps or protein shakes?.....hehehe.....

have a nice day

Loan Approved-Villa 'Troopika'

I received a call from RHB rather late last night. The bank officer told me that my loan application for Villa Tropika has been approved and I was requested to meet him early next week to sign some loan documentations.

Phewwwwww!! That was the thought that was going through my mind when I received the call from him. I had a wee bit of doubt on the loan application as you know, for the last 2 years, I was pretty active in purchasing properties and I was made to understand that I might have taken so many loans. Although I've not fully utilize my loan 'exposure' but the thought of having one too many loans at such a short period of time, might make the process of approving my loan application a wee bit more complicated.

I still remember the last application I did with CIMB. For some strange reason, they refused to give me 90% loan but only 80% instead (no doubt I still get the property below market value). After pleading and begging, after submitting everything that they have requested, they wouldn't budge so I gave in. Huhuhu. Perhaps, I was a bit naive at that time.

Anyways, no doubt I was happy that my application has been approved. Although, nothing is concrete before anything is signed and documented, I've started to think what my plans are for the next couple of months. Earlier, my plan is to purchase 2 properties before the end of the year and by purchasing one at Villa Tropika, I felt that I was taking some steps. However, I do not know whether it is possible for me to purchase another one before the end of the year. I'm praying very hard that I can. Perhaps the next one will be from an auction...(hint..hint)

Things will be a lot clearer once Unipark Condo has been rented out. Yup!! Still waiting for the keys. I've already made a listings of things to buy, friends to help and some people to call. All of which I hope it can save me few thousand bucks if you want to compare it with the quotation given to me last week. Hehehehehe....Let's see if I can do it waaaayyy cheaper then what was quoted.

Ohhh, by the way, I sent a letter to the developer of Unipark Condo. For reasons unknown to me, I was charged more than RM1k for outstanding interest charges. What does it mean eh? It's the bank fault for not releasing the money earlier. Perhaps, it's the developer's fault for not requesting the bank to release the money earlier. Hehehe. Why am I being charged for something that I know nothing about?? I want my RM1k back. Possible kah?

I've started to think what to do when my loan exposure has reached its limit. Can I purchase more properties? Should i? WOuld I? Could I? Perhaps, it's about time wifey would play some active roles in this 'industry'. Hehehehehe.....

Have a good week ahead.....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fishy...fishy...(update on Unipark)

I got an sms from a guy named andy a couple of days ago. In the sms, it was stated, the he (or his company rather) is the agent rumah for Unipark Condo and he was inviting all the condo-owners to come and view their 'showroom' at the condo. I was thinking to myself...what showroom lah? I've been to the showroom but that was 2 years ago when I wanna purchased the unit in the first place. Actually, he wanted to show how a fully furnished unit would look like and what would be the rental rates in the area.

So I went there about 10 on a bright SUnday morning. For the first time ever, I went into the place and the finishing is rather good. Although I've not received my keys as yet but managed to go up to 12th floor to see my unit from outside. Very windy!!! The view is quite nice as well (over looking the pool & block B. Prior to that, I went for a short walk around the pool, the soon-to-be gymnasium, tennis court, surau and parking building.

To end my visit, I went to the said showroom that Andy was talking about earlier. It was 3 bedroom unit and fully furnished situated on the 6th floor. I was made to understand that the unit belonged to a Datin. Although Andy was there but didn't get the chance to talk to him as he was busy talking to a prospective client. I can't remember the woman's name that was 'entertaining' my questions but she did give me a quotation on all the stuff required for my unit. The total cost is a whopping RM19k. That's freaking expensive I think. Too much lahhh

I'm glad that I went to view the unit anyway. At least, I have some ideas on how to manage my unit later on. I doubt that I'll spend RM19k to furnish the house. It could be less then RM10k. I wanted to take some pictures but wasn't allowed to do so. FIshy ehhh? The woman asks me whether I want to appoint them to be the agent and I said, 'see first lahh...will come with the wifey later'....

I've done some listings of things to buy for the unit and I still think it wouldn't costs more then 19k. Actually, the idea is simple. Get the houseowners to appoint them to be the agents (obviously they'll take 1 month deposit). Then, get the houseowners to appoint/act on behalf of them to purchase those kitchen cabinets, lightings, beds, curtains, sofas, etc, (that costs so expensive). In the end, who gains eh???

Hopefully, with the experience of handling my other properties for the last one and a half years will come in handy for this one. Amin Ya rabbbb..............

HAve a good week ahead

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What can I do with an extra RM3k at hand

as the title goes...what can i do with an extra RM3k at hand?

1) Go holiday with the wifey & kecik
2) Watch 300 movies (that's like watching movies more than 5 times a week)
3) Save in ASB
4) Or Fixed Deposits
5) Top-up kecik's education policy
6) Install new In-Car entertainment system
7) give some to Charity Homes
8) Buy foods for the less fortunate people
9) Give Ibu some of the money
10) Buy new toy
11) Get myself a new PC
12) Pay off those credit cards bills (errr....i thought I've done this)
13) Sponsor makan for buka puasa at a local mosque
14) Play 75 rounds of golf at either Danau or Beringin golf clubs

The list goes on and on eh.........................hrmmmmmmmm


OD...not again

A friend called me up the other day on how to make full use of an OD facility. So, I explained to him a bit of what I know about it (despite my limited experience and knowledge that is).

To make a long story short, he was ready to plunge himself into the OD-ASB world like I did, and perhaps, like some of the people I knew did. Fast forward to earlier today, he called me up and said that his OD application (by pledging his ASB cert) in CIMB has been 'frozen'. He doesn't actually know the reason but he called up Maybank and he gets the same answer. He even mentioned that individual application for OD is not allowed unless you have a company. Or...something like that lah. (I couldn't understand what was he trying to say....heheeh)

To be frank, this is news to me. In fact, I was told about this perhaps about 2 weeks back during my sister's wedding by my friend. I still remember last year, maybe about the same time when I had my application 'frozen' by Maybank due to some instruction from PNB. At that time, I was a wee bit frustrated as I was in the midst of purchasing a property and obviously I needed some cash to pay the deposit. Anyways, after being left in the lurch for about a few weeks, after numerous calls to Maybank, the bank upon the green light from PNB approved my application. Phewwwww...

I really hope that this will be the case for this year. Perhaps, PNB needed some buffer time to sort themselves out. It seems now that everybody is taking advantage of pledging his or her ASB to the bank so that he or she have money to use for one reason or another. Let's pray that this is only temporary.

Anyways, what if, they decided that we can't use ASB as a collateral anymore. What options do we have? Put our money in Fixed Deposits? We know that the return for FD is not that great but still, it's an option kan? For example, if you have RM50k in your ASB, why don't you put RM25k in FD and then apply an OD for 90% of that amount? You win some and you lose some kan? At least, ada lah sikit kan daripada takde langsung.....

Hrmmmmmmm.....For time like these, it's a good time to take a step back and think what options do we have and what can we do about it. Of course, there is an element of frustration if some of us need to use some cash urgently. Like I mentioned above, last year was a testing period for me when they said that they are not accepting anymore OD application. ASB despite whatever being said, is a tool for many of us to use to enhance our financial standings. It is a tool that many of us should be taking advantage at. It is a tool that makes some of us more financially secured.

Again, I hope and pray that this is temporary. If and when they decide to allow such application again, we should learn to be more appreciative of the privileges that some of us have.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A father's speech

A few nights ago, I attended my sister's wedding (again) at a hotel in PJ. This time, the wedding was organized by her husband's parents. Nice and sweet event I must. It had a Arabian-Moroccon themed styled wedding. Wonder why people nowadays have all this autumn or arabian 'styled' weddings. What ever happened to those traditional Malay weddings eh?

Anyways, during the wedding, Che Man's father gave a wonderful speech. He talked a lot about che man and one of his advices to the new couple is to 'MANAGE YOUR FINANCES REALLY WELL'.

I like it when he stresses on the importance of managing their finances. Now that they are married, both of them are responsible in choosing and identifying what's best for them. Of course, to be finacially stable is very important for everyone. It includes you and me.

If you don't manage you finances well, you may ended doing the wrong things, Buying unnecessary stuff, Investing in the wrong places and bla bla bla. All that can go wrong, will go wrong.

I have to admit, that I wasn't able to manage my finances well during my late 20s. I regretted it but Alhamdulillah I learnt from it. I'm not saying that I'm managing my finances superbly now but at least it's better then it was 8 or 10 years ago. I found a site that simply had 5 'simple' ways to manage your finances. Here goes:

1) Earn Income(s)
2) Live within your means (Uncle Din stressed this point as well)
3) Save Money
4) Invest wisely
5) Have a plan and stick to it

Sounds easy eh? In reality though, it can be difficult if you have not done it. I think, some people that i've met, material wealth is important. Having nice & big house is important. Driving flashy cars is important. Wearing designer watches and handbags are important. The list goes on. Let me tell you, I've been in the shithole of having bad debts around me a couple of years ago. I buy all the unnecessary things and stuff that I thought would make me a happy guy. It doesn't and like I said, I regretted it. Thank God, I came to my senses and have been able to control my emotions especially in terms of managing my financial resources.

Think of it this way. Your income is X amount. Your expenses is Y amount. You must make bloody sure that your Y does not exceed the X amount every month. What's the point of having bad debts around you? Are you working hard to pay your debts? Are you working hard to pay off those credit card bills? Do you think that just by paying the minimum 5% of your total credit card bills will make you sleep easier at night? Or are you working hard to be financially secured? The decision,ladies and gentlemen, is entirely yours.

All of us, each were given a brain by the Almighty to think what's right and wrong. So think carefully and manage your finances well. Thank you Uncle Din for a such wonderful speech. Thank you for the inspiration as well.......

Have a good day....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Rules of Life

As I was helping my wife searching for her Medical references in our store room last night, I came across a pale light blue coloured book titled The Rules of Life written by Richard Templar. For some strange reason, I took it aside and started flipping one page after another. And for the same reason, I stopped helping out wifey in searching for her book and I started reading it.

I was so engrossed with it that I read till I fell asleep. This morning, after my customary 30 minutes early morning walk, I pick up the book and continue reading. I really like what Richard was trying to say about being ourselves and how we can better ourselves. Most of the things that he wrote is not rocket science and is not something that we don't know. It's about being true to ourselves and be happy with ourselves, with our family, with our jobs, with our surrounding and the world in general.

A quick glance at amazon's website showed that the book is priced at only GBP11.55. Bloody cheap for such a great book. I would recommend this book to be read by each and everyone of us!!! Most of us are trying hard to be someone that we are not and this book showed me something that I can relate to what I have around me.

Sometimes, things happen for a reason, and for some strange reason I found the book in the store. I really don't know who bought it in the first place but I'm thankful that I found it and took the effort to read it. Obviously I have not read the book until the last page but will surely read it after coming home from work later today....

I really liked the way he said the first of rule of life is about keeping things under your hat. What does he mean by that? Well....Read the book and you'll understand it....

Have a good day

Jakarta Tour...Part II took me what....2 weeks to actually decide to write on my Jakarta/Bogor Golf Tour...

Anyways, after a hectic day in Jakarta and watching the might Germans crushed the English, it was nice to go back to the room and sleep. One thing about me is, I found it difficult to sleep in a new place. It happens every time whenever I travel (as if I travel a lot). Sometimes, I wonder, how do the pilots and air stewards or stewardess manage to sleep in different hotels so often cause I just can't.

Woke up at 530am local time and met the rest of the boys at the lobby. We head straight to Klub Golf Bogor Raya. The club's website is pretty lame but in reality, I must say that it's a beautiful place. Big clubhouse. Nice eatting place and the locker rooms, wow......just magnificent. If I were to compare it with our local clubs, will take us years to even compete with them. The staff were very helpful and the registration process were a breeze. We had a quick breakfast at the snack bar and off we go for the game.

The course, is relatively flat. But I found it difficult at the same time. The weather was very good to us. I played quite ok, not wonderful but we enjoyed ourselves. I think my score that day was 92. Oklah for a first timer. The game ended at about 11am and after a quick lunch we head to another golf course which took us about 20-30 minutes drive.

Klub Golf Permata Sentul is another golf course that is quite famous with Malaysian golfers. I really wonder why. We even met a bus load of malaysian golfers at the club. The clubhouse looks pretty old school. It's an old club I think. The lady at the registration wasn't that helpful. Maybe she was having some problems with her husband the night before. That explains why she was so bloody moody and arrogant. Perhaps, she found it difficult to communicate with a japanese who speaks very little english. Her english wasn't that great either. ....

The golf course reminds me a lot of Gunung Geulis. I went to Gunung Geulis once in 2008. I hated it as it was hilly with small greens. The weather on that day was super hot. I struggled during my first nine which I scored 12 over or something like that. But my game really improved on the 2nd nine where I shot only 2 over. Not bad for a first timer eh?. We finished the game close to about 7pm and it was almost super dark. In fact, when we drove our buggy to the clubhouse, it was already dark and it was creepy. Hehehehe. We didn't spend a lot of time at the club after the game as we wanted to have dinner at a place nearby our hotel. So off we went to De Luite (I think). It serves sundanese food. I must confess, I ate like a hungry horse. It's been awhile that I ate something like that but the food was super delicious. And it's cheap too....It was so good that we had to go there again the next day!!! Hahahaha

After 36 holes of golf and a nice dinner, all of us were pretty tired and knackered. Dinner ended close to 10pm and we decided to call it a day. Hectic but fun day. Wake up, play golf, eat and sleep. That is what life should be lah....hahahaha.....

End of part II

Monday, July 19, 2010

Reality check...

In life, sooner or later, you will meet someone who you think is nice, humble and talks to you in a very nice way. Soon enough, when he realizes that you have something that he can use to his advantage, he'll get close to you. He'll take all the trouble to call you and ask to meet you and one fine day later, you met him. Of course, being a friend, you believed what he said. Well, after all, he has all the infos that you needed to hear. Plus, you know a bit about his background and what he did that makes you totally believe in him.

So what happened? After talking to you, he said he will take care of the business for you. He said, he will split the profit 50-50. For the first few months, things looks good. Very good. But a few months later, things started to go the wrong way. This guy, in fact, has instead 'used' you to built up his own empire and reputation. Of course, by now, he has all the time in the world managing his new found wealth. So where does that leave you? He has built his empire so big that you are no longer important to him. You try to talk to him but more often the answer was, I'm sorry bro, I'm busy. Talk to my assistant if you need anything.

So there you go, a friend in need is a friend indeed eh? So to this type of friend, although some maybe happy with his new found wealth, he has totally lost my respect. I blamed myself for totally believing in him. Of course, he had showed me some good values about life but there are things that he shouldn't have done in the first place. Money is important but not to the extent of squeezing from your circle of friends. Well, good luck to him anyways. As with other things in life, there are ups and downs. Wished him all the best though....

So what did i learn?

I learned that:

-Never trust anyone 100%
-Take the good values you can gain and leave the rest to fate
-I learned to think smarter in terms of decision making......

have a nice day

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Subsidies cut!!

New prices of fuel and sugar after subsidy cuts:

Sugar= = increase of 0.25 sens per kg
RON 95= RM1.85 per litre (an increase of 5 sens per litre)
RON 97= RM2.10 per litre (an increase of 5 sen per litre)

Next week, electricity new taw tariff will be announced(so I heard). Another increase/burden that we( the public) will have to face.

So who gains from all of this increase eh? - that's a question that is difficult to answer.........obviously the mamak shop will increase the prices...(gula mahal la bos).... Sooner or later, the transport company will also increase their transport charges...

Anyways, what does this means? To me, I think, it means that we'll just have to adapt to it. We'll to have to find a way to improve our income as well as making the right investments at the right time. Perhaps, some of us need to have better side income sources.

THe prices of these things, like it or not, will keep on increasing in the future. Unfortunately, only the strong survives.'s a dog eat dog world out there. If we can't adapt to these changes, some of us will certainly left behind....

have a good weekend

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

RM500 to buy a property???

After much thinking and a lot of considerations, I finally made my latest property investment by purchasing/booking a unit in Villa Tropika. I stumbled upon this property by accident actually. I was reading a blog by Rohaniah about this place a couple of days back. You can read it here

I was made to understand that all of the units has been sold for quite awhile but due to some difficulties faced by some prospective owners in getting loans, a few units were put back on sale. I hope I'm one of the lucky ones as I managed to book a unit on the 10th Floor for about RM165k after discount. I paid RM500 for the deposit as reported by Rohaniah in her blog. I pray that I can get a loan. If not, I shall get back the deposit. Hehehe

There are only 3 units left I believe. ANyways, a wee bit info about the place.
- It's a 15 storey high apartment complex
- The KTM komuter station is about 200 or 300 metres away from the place
- 3 tier security systems with only one way to get in and get out to the place.
- Directly opposite of the apartment are the shophouses together with Sg Tangkas police station.
- UKM is situated a few clicks away
- Numerous other colleges (GMI, Twintech) are situated nearby
- Golf course view
- Easy access to PLUS highway
- 2 car parks for each unit (impressive eh)

(It was 4, now down to 3 units available together with the price listings)

There you go...some infos about the place. It is expected to be completed in 2012. Projected rentals would be around RM900-Rm1100. To be frank, I was on the look out for a property that is near to a college or university. I said to myself that for the next purchase, the type of property that I wanna purchase must be situated nearby a college or university so that the unit can be easily rented out. Hopefully, with this purchase, I get what I wanted all this while.

With all of my properties now rented except for one, I believe I've made the right choice in purchasing another one. Let's hope the bank will go easy with me on this property. Having said that, with such purchase, if it all materialize in the next couple of months, I'm taking a huge step in chasing my big dream that I had when I was a little boy (even though I wasn't able to achieve it before I was 30 years old). I believe, it all could be done by the end of next year. Insya-Allah...

Have a good day....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a year ago

it has been a year since my dearest grandma, atok wok, passed away.

How time flies eh??. It seems it was only yesterday all of us were talking and joking with her. Well, I guess that's the cycle of life.

Al Fatihah.

Thank you, Atok for taking care of me when I was little. I miss you. In fact, all 30+ grandchildres misses you a lot!!!


..........and miracles do happen if you keep working hard....

Monday, July 12, 2010

Kak Uda's wedding!!

My sister, whom I called Kak Uda got married to her prince charming, Razman last Saturday!!

COngratulations to both of em. As I was a bit tied up, I didn't have the time to snap good pictures during the wedding, so we have to rely on the professionally hired professional photographers for those pictures. Will post it when it is ready!! For the time being, you'll just to rely on quickly taken photos by myself...hehehe

Anyways, the akad nikah was good. It could be better if it had not rained. The guests attendance were about 85% (again...due to the bad weather). I thought it was good and simple akad nikah ceremony!!

The majlis bersanding was held in The Legends Hotel. The turnout was good too. Perhaps about 450 guests!!

Anyhoos, enjoy the pics, will post more later!!

The pelamin by David Khor

The room by David Khor

Canopy by Man Canopy....

Canopy by Man Canopy

David Khor



Some interesting points:

1. It took us, the whole family about 9 months to plan for this event.
2. My parents, especially my mom were all stressed out from the day my sis told her that she wants to get married till Sunday when Kak Uda became Razman's wife
3. Both events, the akad nikah and bersanding went very smoothly
4. David Khor, the wedding planner will get more business after Kak Uda's wedding as a lot of people has been asking my mom who was the wedding planner
5. The family rented about 13 rooms in Legend Hotels for the wedding
6. Kecik and her cousin, Ranya became the stars for both shows as they kept on dancing all night long...

There's more but I can't think of right now as I'm a wee bit tired...hehehe...

Anyways, to Kak Uda and Razman, congratulations again to both of you. May you have a wonderful life together.

Razman, please take good care of my sister!!

Have a good week everyone

more on Unipark Condo

Made a visit to Unipark condo earlier today to settle some outstanding charges and the lot. Didn't manage to get the keys as yet as the bank need to disburse some outstanding payment to the developer. Anyhoos, during the short visit to the Sales Office, I did enquire about the developer's plan on Block B. I was quite shocked to hear when they told me all units in Block B has been sold out. Check out the pictures below as the same unit as mine in Block B costs RM292k. Dennnnggggg.......I 'made' more then RM50k within 2 years!! Heheheheh. Need to find more apartments/conds like this so that I can be in millionaire's planet sooner....

The completed Block A Unipark Condo

My unit is A-12-5. Check out the price for B-12-5!!

The developer's plan for the future. It seems that more condos will be built in the next couple of years. Hrmmmm.....

They should put 'SOLD OUT' in Block B as well!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Unipark Condo....finally...

I bought this particular apartment in May 2008. This was a very significant purchase for me and wifey to be frank. It was our first ever property purchase in both of our lives. Hehehehe. After waiting for about 2 years and 2 months, the property now is ready and of course, I'm going to rent it out. Bought the place for about RM215k in 2008 and the value now is significantly higher.

Hence, I will collect the keys on Monday. I will also inspect the property properly before I call up the contractor to do some fittings. Obviously, I'm planning to rent it out even though I've not decided on the rental value as yet. Perhaps, I'm gonna partly furnised the unit. It'll be nice if i can fully furnised the place but then again, I won't decide until I inspect the unit.

HAving said that, a couple of weeks back I received a call from someone claiming to work for Ikram. This guy apparently asks me whether I want to rent out my unit as he is willing to be the agent and will take care of the unit for me. (of course with a fee). I could take this route if I can't find a suitable tenants but as for now, I think I will do it on my own.

I hope to be able to rent it out as soon as possible and perhaps, once everything is in order, when my cashflow is good, I'll be ready for my next purchase!!!

Have a good weeked everyone!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

akibat makan durian & kambing...

''Di sebabkan makan kambing & durian di satu majlis yang di anjurkan oleh Kementerian Pertanian & Industri Asas Tani, seorang ahli parlimen terpaksa dikejarkan ke hospital untuk rawatan susulan''

-Kosmo, 8th July 2010
-Berita Harian

So the moral of the story is:

Eat moderately..........It's been aeons since I last ate Durian. I can't even remember when was the last time I makan kambing....

World Cup 2010-Pre Final

Spain scored 66% of their matches so far with a 1 nil victories. Only twice that they were able to score 2 goals in a match, which was against Chile & Honduras. They must be very efficient to go to the final with a constant score lines of 1 nils. Hehehe

Holland is more or less about the same. Most of their matches were won with a close fight (and...with a 1 goal difference)

Whatever being said, I think the final would be a good, close and tactical game. Spain with their accurate passes and Holland with their flairs on the wings, these two teams would provide and show billions of fans around the world on how football should be played!!

Another plus point is, both teams have liverpool players. Kuyt and Babel in Holland as well as Torres and Pepe in Spain. Either of them will surely be world champions and their value would certainly increases after the world cup. Damn you Hicks & Gillet for seriously messing up the team. Damn you Rafa for not being able to get us to where we belong in the Premier League (certainly not 7th). Where do we go with Roy? I seriously don't know and all I can wish is for Liverpool to have a decent season with a good run in cup competions, a respectable finish in the league, a champion's league spot for 2011-2012 and play attacking football. Heheh

Enjoy the final everyone!!!

Being a good businessman......

Any tips on how to be a good businessman anyone?

We've heard of things like: passion, trust, hard work, believe, yada yada yada....but there must be something else that separates Bill Gates and John Doe right? There must be something else that separates Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay and En Azwan....

Is it luck? Communication? Focus? Big pockets?

I admire Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar alot but I would love to know how did he start building his wealth. There comes a time that I was thinking to myself that I felt that I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Of course, I'm so grateful of the things that I have and the life that I'm enjoying now. But, there's a part of me that still needed to find that 'x' factor in my life in general.

During my visit to Bogor recently, came across a very big mansion situated in Rancamaya golf Course. I was made to understand that the mansion belong to a guy who owned Olympic Furniture. Of course, the name doesn't ring a bell for those in Malaysia. But Olympic Furniture is so huge in Indonesia. I then wikied 'olympic furniture' and got to know the owner, Mr Au Bintoro. I somewhat admired what he has done so far. I even found an article about him saying this : “Jangan habiskan waktu hidupmu hanya untuk dirimu! Paling tidak, berikanlah sisa usiamu untuk Bangsamu, untuk Negerimu, untuk Indonesia Raya.”

Wow...If only we had more people like him here we could be a better country. hahaha.

Well...whatever being said, Malaysia is a land of opportunity. It's a place that you'll get what you want if you work hard enough. Only the lazy won't be able to survive in Malaysia.

To be frank, I read somewhere, that we need to constantly search for new things in our life to better ourselves. I for one, will keep on searching for it.

Having said that, I'm quite glad that part of my plans for this year 2010 has already been done except for the purchase of properties. WEll, I guess, that can wait. Maybe next year, maybe the end of the year. Hehehe. Who knows... Perhaps, need to do something else..............apa ya??

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Papan tanda for Nikah....

Yeap, my sister is getting married this Saturday. She has all grown up and set becoming a wife. How time flies eh? I was ask to do a speech during her wedding this Sunday but nothing's concrete as yet. I wouldn't mind giving a speech anyways. Hehehe...

Anyway, earlier today, I excuse myself from work and did something for her wedding. Since I can't contribute much financially, I decided to help her by organizing the ''signages'' for her wedding. It's all done within 2 hours. Hahaha. Well, actually my wife did the printing and laminating and all I did was gather the planks, nails and whatever to make it nicer....

I enjoy doing it though. never thought I would enjoy doing it in the first place....

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jakarta/Bogor Golf Tour 2010-Part 1

THe last time I went for a golfing trip in Indonesia was in November 2008. That time I went to Bandung and had a good time.

Why play golf in INdonesia instead of playing in courses back home? I could only answer this....

- The courses that we played were very well maintained.
- The greens were super-fast & consistent
- Beautiful landscaped courses!
- For the amount of money we pay, we can't even get a fraction of what the courses in Bogor offered to us if we were to pay the same amount of money in KL!!
- The bunkers were like sands imported from Pebble Beach....hahahaha....
- The cooling weather....
- The reasonable green fees
- top notch customer service
- good locker rooms (they even clean your shoes....heheh)

There are other reasons obviously...but...those were some points that I think are important to me....

ANyhoos...I went there last Sunday (27th June 2010) together with my other golf kakis that I met thru Unfortunately, I had to fly alone as the 3 of them were already there since the previous day. My day started at about 4.00am. Left the house at 4.30am and reached LCCT at about 530am due to heavy rain along the way. Upon reaching LCCT, there was bad traffic. Especially at the drop-off point near Departure Hall. Denggg. So I gotta walked. I knew and realised that I was late. Hahahaha. I wanted to checked in and I only saw 4 check-in counter for all Indonesia bound flights. Imagine that. My flight is at 7 and at 6am I've yet to checked-in. I only managed to checked at about 20 minutes past six and I have to practically run/jog to the gate. Yep!! I didn't manage to get any breakfast as I was late. Next time, I gotta make sure that I'll leave the house at 4am!!

Managed to get in the plane in time as I was the last one in!! Hehehe. Uneventful flight I must say. Reached Jakarta airport at about 930am local time. Straight away get a cab and head towards Ibis Slipi Hotel where all my friends stayed for the night...After a quick breakfast....all of us head towards Bumi Serpong Damai to play at the Damai Indah Golf club. We were supposed to play at Royale Jakarta but was cancelled at the last minute. It took us at about an hour plus to reach the place.

Upon reaching the place, we head straight to the locker rooms to change and then head straight to the starter. For me, I think this is the loveliest course I ever seen especially when you stand at the Starter. It's a good course. I enjoyed it although I've never play here before. My score wasn't great but I really liked the course. Very well maintained and the greens were consistent!! I scored 94 for the first game for the tour. Too many double boogies and I guess I have a serious problem in teeing off!! Denngggg

After game, we unwind at the club house and had dinner. THe spaghetti tastes good and after all, although I played badly, I did win some money!! Hahahaha.

We then had our shower and left the club towards Bogor. Guess what, it took us almost 3 bloody hours to reach a place that is only 60kms away. It's crazy lah. The traffic here is a madness, I must say!! On this part alone, I am very thankful that I live in KL. Heheheh

I think, we reached our hotel in Bogor close to 8pm local time. Have to be frank though, all of us were quite tired so upon reaching the place, we checked in and met again at the bar in the hotel to watch the Germany vs England game. Ingurrlund lost and what a way to end a fantastic in Bogor.

end of part 1