Saturday, January 31, 2009

My little princess...

Today, we celebrated the 2nd birthday of our little princess. She actually turned two last week but since I was away with the boys, the celebration was postponed to today.

Earlier in the morning, I had a quick visit to my flat in Kota Damansara to meet a contractor to re-connect the water supply then head back to Sg Buloh for some last minute preparation. Unlike last year, this year's celebration was celebrated among close family members. Perhaps, next year, we'll do in a bigger scale and more fun!!

Anyway, the menus for Alya's celebration were:

Bihun Goreng
Pulut Kuning
Pulut Panggang
Mushroom Soup
Pulut Durian (wow!!..)
Garlic Bread (huh!!!)
Teh O

All of the above were home-cooked...

We were expecting about 50 close families but I think the attendance was a lot more than 50 people. It was nice and tiring at the same time!!!

Alya received lots of nice gifts and money (about RM500) from her atuks/neneks/uncles and aunts. She seemed to enjoy herself today which is always nice to see.

Anyway, Happy Birthday my princess!! Daddy loves you so much!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Hari Mengular....

I had a very busy day today. With the audit coming up, things are pretty hot and buzzing at the office. Plus, today I had to settle a few things for my properties.

Yesterday evening I received an email from Pie. He requested me to settle the outstanding maintenance and water bills for both properties so that he can start repairing both flats. So the first thing in the morning I made way to Desa Satu flat to settle the outstanding bills. I reached the maintenance office shortly after 9am and the girl at the office showed me a total of about RM3k of outstanding bills since 2005. However, I forgot to bring my cheque book!! Damn!!! So decided to make another trip here later after Friday prayers.

After the short dissappointment, I drove to Kota Damansara to settle the same thing. A quick chat with the maintenance office proved worthwhile as there's no outstanding maintenance bill (RM20 per month!!!) but I need to go to Syabas in Jalan Tandang, PJ to reconnect the water supply as well as pay any outstanding balances.

Hence, I drove straight to Jalan Tandang and settle the outstanding bill which is only less than RM200. The process is rather simple as the office told that as the water supply has not been connected for the last 6 months, I would need to call up a contractor to reconnect the meter and the supply. Luckily, she gave me a list of names of contractors for me to call and I managed to set up an appointment tomorrow with one.

Phewww....lots of driving for a Friday. Anyway, after all that is settled, I head back to the office for a quick discussion with the manager with regards to one particular staff that has been causing 'problems' at the office. Will write about that if I have the mood...hehehehe

After Friday prayers (together with Qunut Nazillah) and quick stop at the office, I head to Desa flat again to pay the outstanding bills. This time, I made sure that I brought along the cheque book with me. Hence, after settling the bills, I had to make the appoiment with the maintenance office to make a visit to my flat to reinstall the water meter. Hope everything can be settled by next monday.

Pie texted me saying that he wants to start repairing both properties the earliest during the weekends. So this is good news and I need to pay him some cash to buy some stuff....

By the way, I can finally use my OD money!! Hahahaha...feckerzzz....

Have a nice weekend

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ride to KL-25th January

I had a bad dream that morning. I dreamt something about my friend throwing stones at me. Huh!!...pelik... But fortunately I was awaken by bro BakTR's thundering pipes. Apalah pagi2 ni memekak jer. Hehehe. I remembered that we had to be at Bro jimmy's place for breakfast. Jimmy had specially catered nasi kerabu for all of us. Waahhh...rezeki nih!! So after a quick sms to eddie who stayed in Wakaf Che yeh, all of us head to Bro Jimmy's place which is about 5 minutes ride from where we stayed. His house is quite big and it was very nice of him to belanja us the tasty nasi kerabu.

Looks delicious eh?

After spending close to about 2 hours at Jimmy's place, we've been invited by our member, payet, to visit his house in Pasir Mas for lunch. Wow!!...Langkah kanan lagi!! Another free food. So we said our goodbyes and thanks to Jimmy, we head off to Pasir Mas following the same road to Rantau Panjang. The traffic was a little bit heavy as I think a lot of people are using the road to head to Rantau Panjang for shopping. I'm pretty sure my missus would love to visit here one day.

Anyway, about 20 minutes of riding, we reached Payet's place at Pasir Mas. We were there quite earlier as the lunch wasn't fully prepared as yet. So, here we go again, chatting/NOS/kutuk2 until payet gave us the signal that lunch is ready. Thank you payet for the nice tomyam, daging goreng, udang, etc....Lovely....

It was almost 2pm before we decided we should be on our way out of Kelantan as we do not wanna ride the Jeli-Grik highway at night. So, we said thanks to Payet's family and we head straight to Rantau Panjang's petrol station for a quick refuel.

Our next stop would be at Jeli's petrol station. The ride to Jeli was smooth at first but towards reaching Jeli, it started to rain. Some of us decided to stop while myself and few other decided to continue our journey. HOwever, our heroic acts were stopped as the rain was too heavy to continue. So we decided to stop nearby a muslim cemetary in front of MRSM Jeli. Luckily the rain stops after 10 minutes and we managed to continue our journey to Jeli smoothly.

Upon reaching Jeli, after a quick refuel and prayers, we continued our journey to Gerik via Tasik Banding. This is the most testing road for all of us as the road is full with twists, turns and blind corners. And plus, the rain was falling heavily and kabus tebal along the way till we reached the banjaran titiwangsa look out point. It wasn't a pleasant way to enjoy the ride as we had to go 'really' slow in navigating the wet roads. Back in 2007, a friend of mine fell at a corner somewhere along this road as it was slippery.

Upon reaching Tasik Banding, we noticed that the Petronas station has been closed so we decided to stop to empty our bladder and of course, to help in increasing Tasik Banding level of water.. Hehehe.

After some photo and smoko session, we hit the road again to Gerik. It was about half past 4 or maybe 5pm during this time. Luckily for us, the rain has stopped and we were blessed with some fine weather all the way till Gerik town. In fact, I used this opportunity to really hit the throttle hard even-though I was among the last in the pack. Sometimes I managed to reach 120km/h. Bad huh? But the road was nicely paved and the corners are manageable.

We arrived Gerik town safely and made a stop at the Petronas station. Another refuel and smoko session and about 630pm we hit the road again. A friend suggested to stop at Sg Perak so we said ok. It was an uneventful ride with big, wide roads ahead of us. The weather was something erratic as at certain places it was raining heavily and at times, it was dry. At one point, the pack was separated into 2 as some of us decided to pay a visit to the loo. Hehehehe

After the rather quicky stop, we head to Kuala Kangsar. We were speading when we saw the first group has made a stop at roadside stall. So we had to make a U-Turn to go to that stall to meet the others.

We had our dinner there and most of us had the rather sweet char kuay teow (is this how you spell it?). I'm serious. It's sweet. Hahahah

I do not know how many times I spent going to the loo for the ride, but after eating the sweet kuay teow, some of us when decided to throw some excess baggage. Then, we were on the road again heading to Sg Perak for the 2nd last refuel for the ride. I do not know why I was happy when I saw the PLUS highway signboard. ANyway, we head to Sg Perak RnR stop via the PLUS highway. Finally, I can push the bike a little bit harder. Hehehehe.

After refueling at Sg Perak RnR, we to head off to Tapah's RnR for another refuel stop. Again, an uneventful ride as all of us reach safely at Tapah's RnR for the last refuel stop. This time, the stop was a bit longer. We talked about the ride that we had, and it was agreed that all of us had the time of our lives during the ride. Something about the ride that makes it special and it's hard to put into words.....

It's about 12am before I decided to head home. I had this 'going-home' syndrome as I missed my little princess and my missus. About 4 of my friends decided to stay a little bit longer but for the rest of us, it's time to head home. However, before anything else, we decided to have another smoke/chit-chat/kutuk2 session at Ulu Bernam's RnR. Hahahaha...

Anyway, I reached home that day at about 2.30am. I can't sum it all in words but to be frank, I'm thinking twice whether I should sell-off the bike or not. I had fun riding it. And the ride to KB showed how strong and sturdy the bike is. Let's see how it goes for the next couple of weeks but for the time being, I smiled everytime I think about the Ride to KB. It's certainly one of the best rides of my life. In short, it's one hell of a ride................

To all my brothers in BMG...I salute you!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ride to Kota Bharu

During the long weekend, myself and 16 other friends had a nice ride to Kota Bharu, Kelantan. The ride was planned in Nov 08, after our ride to Cameron Highlands. The preparation for this ride has been frantic as we had a good 2 months or so to prepare ourselves (mentally) for the ride. I for one, actually looking forward for the ride as it's been awhile since I last had a very, long ride (more than 600kms).

We started our journey from BP Petrol station right after the Gombak Toll Plaza at about 0730am last Saturday. Thank God that almost everyone arrived on time except for 3 other riders who rode from Johor earlier. We were supposed to start our journey at 735am but due to some technical matters, we only managed to shoot-off at 745am.

It was quite a sight to see 16 other big bikes on the Lebuh-Raya Pantai Timur and everyone was very discpline and maintained our speed according to the speed limit. Hehehehe.

Our first stop was at the RnR Temerluh. We reached there rather early so almost every took the opportunity to have a quick bite, smoko & the customary visit to the loo.

After a quick refuel, we were on the road again to Gambang. Another quick stop at the Gambang petrol station then we continued our journey to Kemaman town.

At Petronas Kemaman, we met a biker group who called themselves as Reaper MG. We had a quick chat with them and about 15 minutes later we continued our journey to have our lunch stop at Pantai Kemasik for sotong goreng tepung!! Yum Yum!!

After lunch and Zohor Prayers, we continued our journey for the next stop, which is Kuala Terengganu. Unfortunately, a fellow biker's bike ran into a minor problem(cable clutch putus!!) so I had to turn back to Dungun town to buy 2 vespa's cable clutch (which costs RM5). He was lucky that I managed to find one workshop that was opened that day. Hahaha.

We were there for about an hour so I sent an SMS to the rest of the guys to wait for us somewhere. We continued our journey and made a stop at Pantai Kelulut for a nice air kelapa and fresh keropok lekoR!!! Yum Yum!!!

We were at Pantai Kelulut for about an hour or so as we were not be able to continue our journey as we received the news that the rain is falling heavily at KT. So we took the time to have a quick nap, kutuk2 session and name-calling session. Hahahaha. That was fun. I think we ordered RM10 worth of keropok lekor (which was a lot) and I can't remember the amount of teh tarik we ordered that day.

Anyhoos, we continued our journey to the next petronas station at KT and proceeded to Penarik via KT town. KT was a bit packed that day as I think everyone took the time off from the long weekend to head back to their hometowns. I found that there are a lot of traffic lights in KT town. Urghhhh!! I hate it as I can't squeeze through during heavy traffic!! Hahahahah

From there (Penarik), we had to wait for a friend to come to fetch us. Again, another stop/smoko/kutuk2 session. Hahaha. We waited for about half an hour then he came with his naked bike. AFter few cigarettes and laughter, we continued our journey with Jimmy as the lead man. He took us through jalan kampung which was very dark and it was raining as hell! At one point most of us decided to give up and had to make a quick stop at a nearby petrol station. He said that the place we are going is about an hour's away. An hour's away? Damn!! It was freezing cold and the rain was falling heavily!!

Anyway, when the rain stops, we continued our journey through the back roads of Kelantan. I swear, if was to be left alone on that road, I will never be able to get out!! Hahahahah I saw a woman with red top and green sarung during our journey through the jalan kampung but luckily few other guys saw the girl too!! Hahaha.

We finally managed to reached our final stop for the day at Pasir Tumboh, Kelantan. It's a nice cosy guesthouse and it's about RM80 per room. One room can accomodate 4 person! So that's like RM20 per person! Very cheap! We arrived there shortly after 930pm!! Imagine, we started our journey at 0745am and reached KB at 0930pm. That's like 14 hours on the road!! Hahahaha

After a quick visit to the loo at the guesthouse, all of us decided to head straight to a siamise restaurant nearby. THe food was excellent I must say as we ordered various kinds of foods. Padprik belut, ikan 3 rasa, padrpik ayam, tomyam yang best sekali, telur dadar, kengsom, mee goreng basah, etc...I had to tambah my nasik as the food was soooo good. Maybe because all of us were hungry after what we had to endured during our ride from Penarik to KB.

After dinner, it was time for us to hit the bed!! Unfortunately, due to some mixed and some minute problems, about 7 of us stayed at Pasir Tumboh guesthouse and the other 9 need to have another short ride to Wakaf Che Yeh guesthouse. Luckily the ride was only 20 minutes or so. Anyway, for us at Pasir Tumboh, after a nice shower, we had a quick chat before hitting the bed. Damn!!...It was one hell of ride!!!

Have a nice day

Note: The pictures are taken by my good friend Dodi.

CNY 09

I had a quite interesting Chinese New Year break this year.

I started the long weekend with a quick drive to Ramal Junction in Kajang to pass both contracts of my recently bought flats to a fellow biker friend. Well, it's not a quick drive actually as I made a mistake using the MRR2 from Sg Buloh to Bangi. It took me about an hour's drive perhaps more to reach Kajang. Anyway, this friend of mine can be considered an expert in investment properties and I need his services in repairing my two flats so that I can rent it out soon as possible.

I was made to understand that both flats need to have some sort of a major repair. For example, the flat in Kota Damansara need to install the grills, wiring, fan, lights, etc...Kind of a major repair but that's ok. A quick chat with some of the tenants that stayed there, level 5's rental rate should be about RM350-RM380. I think, the place should be ready for rental earliest middle of February.

For the flat in Bandar Sri Damansara, it's even worse. There are no doors, no wiring, sockets gone, etc...etc....Hrmm...not to worry, I'll repair it untill it looks like a newly built unit.

So what I need to do is call the bank tomorrow for the loan as well as look for a suitable law firm to transfer the flats under my name. Then perhaps, I will for my friend's advise for the reconnection of the water and electricity for both flats.

For the time being maybe perhaps for the next 3 months or so, I will monitor the development closely and if everything goes well, maybe, just maybe, I'll continue getting another or maybe 2 flats before the end of the year.

Have a nice day.......

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another auction-22-1-09

Another auction-22 Jan 09.

This time I bid for a property located in Bandar Sri Damansara. To be precised, the name of the property is Desa Satu Apartment, Bdr Sri Damansara. A friend of mine gotta a flat nearby at Desa Dua Apartment. So before I decided to enter a bid for this property, I had a long chat with him. He mentioned that I shouldn't face any difficulties in getting a tenant over there. The rate would be around RM400-RM500. In addition, the market value for the place is about RM60k.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I went to Megan Avenue II about 2pm today for the auction and I was given the number 203. The lot given for the property was number 55. That's a long wait but due to a lot of late withdrawals, my turn came up pretty fast. To my surprised, nobody else bid for the flat so I got it at a RP of RM43k. Not bad huh? Two days, two flats!!

So my next move is to get both contracted sorted out, shop for some good loans available (I think I'll go with CIMB for both properties) and at the same time, I'll get someone to open up the doors for both properties and see how much repair needed to be done.... my earlier blogs, I said that I would like to get at least 2-3 properties before Dec 09. ALhamdulillah, I've achieved it on the 22nd day of 2009. I think, looking at my current situation, a lot more can be done and earlier today while chatting to my fellow biker, we came up with an interesting idea. Perhaps, it's an idea that's worth to look into and we'll see how it goes on the 10th of February....hehehehehe

On the other side, my OD issue is still pending. I'm just wondering why they are taking aeons to process /release it. For heaven's sake it's only bloody less than RM20k you 'freaking' idiot!! It's not that I'm asking for RM1m or RM100m. Geezzzzz....

Have a nice day....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Auction-21st January

Today marked an historical day for me! Unexpectedly I won a bid that shouldn't taken place at all. Well, the story is like this, I had targeted this flat in Tmn Segar Cheras. The RP was about RM37.8k..So, with all the bank draft done and about 2km of walking, upon reaching the auction place at Jalan Yap Ah Syak, I saw on the notice board that the auction for the said flat has been called off!! Bugger!! I said to myself...Perhaps I could be unlucky for the 2nd time. Anyway, I spent a few minutes looking at the notice board and saw one particular property located in Kota Damansara. The RP for the said property is about RM35k. So I ask one of the staff, whether I can register for the property and pay using my CC. After a few discussion with her boss, apparently she said ok. So I used my credit card to pay for the downpayment and registration and I was given the number 76.

When the bidding starts, my lot was number 4. I did not expect anything at all but to my surprised, I was the only bidder. Hahahaha. Automatically, the auctioneer said the flat is sold to me. Yeap, I'm still surprised as I've not seen the property at all. To be frank, I don't even know where exactly the place is.

Anyway, I was told by the staff to proceed at the bank to sign some agreement and pay a stamp fee of RM30. When I was walking back, this guy came to me and said congratulations. I was stunned as he said, he has been eyeing this place for the past two weeks. He was rather late for the registration for a mere 5 minutes. He mentioned that he knows the place very well and the said property that I won is in reasonable condition as nobody has ever stayed that house since it was built! I kept on smiling as I don't have a clue about the property but perhaps, later tonight I'll make a visit there.

Phewww....I've just made a call to a friend of mine as to what to do next. To be frank, this is my first property that I bought via auction so, perhaps, it's a learning process for me. I need to collect the contract tomorrow before any minor renovation can start.

Tomorrow, I'm attending another auction for a flat in bandar sri damansara. Let's see how it goes....

I'm a happy camper!!!....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Big Plate...& Properties....

On Sunday night, my missus and I together with two cousins went to this place called Big Plate Western Food. I heard about this place before but never had the chance to go there. So last Sunday night, during our way to send my bro in law to his college in Shah Alam, we made a quick stop at this place. For a first-timer like myself, it was a wee-bit difficult for me to find the place, but after a few calls to my friend who went there a couple of times himself, I managed to find my way. When I first saw the menu, I was thinking to myself that it seems that foods are rather over-priced a bit. Well, for a beef burger, please expect to pay RM18. Hehehehe. However, the burger is not like your everyday burger (like OTAI burger for example), the Big Plate burger is rather huge, with lots of various vegs and salads & home-made fries. So, it's no wonder that the price is set at RM18. The burger is not excellent but it's comparable to Chilli's burger. My missus had the Grilled Chicken Salad (the salad was a lot that it covers almost the whole plate!!). A quick browse to the internet shows that somebody else has made a review on this restaurant. You may perhaps wanna go there.

Anyway, after the disappointments last Saturday, I had a quick look at lelong tips with regards to properties for auction again. As usual, I found some properties that are worthwhile to look at. After gathering all the necessary infos and stuff, I went to Cheras to have a look at the property. It's not that difficult to go there but I still lost my way to go to Taman Segar. Upon reaching the place, I can see that the place is quite buzzing with activities even though it's only 3pm. I was told that the market value for this place is about RM50k. So I decided to register myself and perhaps, see how it goes this Wednesday. Wish me luck...

Last night, I had the opportunity to look at another property located at Bandar Sri Damansara. It's just 15 minutes away from Sg Buloh so it's not that far. Upon reaching the place, I noticed that the area looks a bit gloomy and lots of foreigners. The nearest block of shops is perhaps about 150-200 metres away and there is a bus stand about 30 metres from the entrance gate. So I went to the 6th Floor and looked at the property which was an end lot flat. After looking at the surrounding area, my missus and I decided to head back home. On our way back in the lift, we had the opportunity to 'interview' a current residence who hailed from Beaufort, Sabah. He said, the demand for this place is quite high and it's easy to find tenants. I do not know whether I want to register myself as yet but let's see how it goes as the auction date for this property is on the 22nd January....

By the way, prior in attending an auction, one will need to prepare at least 5% of the reserve price of the property that you wish to bid. For example, if the reserve price is RM50,000 then you'll need to prepare a bank draft of RM2,500. Do you know that in order for the bank to prepare a bank draft, you'll be charged RM2.15 per bank draft (with CIMB)?. In addition, if you lost the bid, you need to 'cash' the bank draft at the bank that you did the bank draft earlier. And for cashing it, you'll be charged a further RM2. Banks.....huh...they are the biggest ah longs eh??....

Just to add.....earlier this morning, I went to Maybank to make a bank draft. Guess how much they are charging for it? Freaking RM5!!! Idiots!!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Auction...and 98!!

Had an interesting day today. Earlier this morning, I went to the auction day at a hotel somewhere in KL. I had my sight on particular properties both located in Cheras. I was there very early about 9am and to be frank, this was my first time attending an auction. Anyway, since I arrived early, I had the opportunity to register early and wait for the time to bid. The bidding starts at 10.30am and I was given a number (74) and I'm bidding for Lot 10 and Lot 12. The reserve price for both properties is Rm60,000. So when the auctioner called out the lot 10 property, I was ready but I never expected that there were few other bidders who were trying to bid for the property. I told myself that I would only bid till RM65k. Hence, I lost the bid as someone bid for about RM72k. Well, that's ok. I just have to wait for Lot 12 as the location for this property is superb. Anyway, for this particular property, there were only 3 bidders including myself. Unfortunately, again, I lost the bid cause I bid till RM70k but somebody else bid till RM74k. So, that was my first experience attending an auction. I'm quite sure that I'll win a bid one of these days but for the time being, I'm going to focus on looking for good properties to buy.

Later in the afternoon, I had a game of golf with my uncles in Bukit Beruntung. My game totally sucks today as my score was almost 100. It's been quite awhile since I had this kind of score. Geeesshhh...............

In all, I don't know whether to call it a bad day or not but perhaps, I'll be a little bit luckier the next time....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Today I got a call from someone from that auction house stating that they no longer accept credit card payments. You know, to enter into a bid, you need to prepare a bank-draft about 10% of the reserve price of the property that you want to bid. I thought of using my credit card for the payment as my OD application has been approved but being delayed due to some technical matters that only the bank knows. So, it's only fair to say that I have to pull-out from the bid this Saturday. Yeap. I'm disappointed but at the back of my mind, I kinda expected it to happened. The fact that I have the money but I can't use it. Sux isn't it? It's not the case that I don't have any money but the fact that the bank is so slow in releasing it makes it harder for me to accept. As the saying goes, takde rezeki la tuh. Maybe takde rezeki la kot. Anyway, it's ok. It'll take time. Perhaps, God wants me to look for better properties out there.

Having said that, I hope to enter a bid for one instead for two properties. Let's just see how it goes.

I do not know why I'm a bit stressed up today. I'm looking forward to receive some payments from a client but unfortunately, the client is having some sort of collection problems. So, I won't be expecting to receive anything after the Chinese New Year holidays. I was made to understand that even after CNY holidays, the company needs to pay the staff's salaries and so forth. I'm beginning to wonder will I ever receive the payments. The amount is close to about RM15k. I hope with that money I can pay-off my new mobile phone that I bought a month ago and hope to finish off my bike's loan. Everything seems to point to that payment. If I don't get the payment, then, everything gotta put on hold. It sux isn't it?

In addition, I just received a statement from my company secretary that I own them about RM800 for the secretarial fees. Damn. I now wonder whether it's even worthwhile to continue operating the small business that I'm having now. Perhaps, I will take out all the money that's left and just stop operating for the moment.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

activities and jutawan internet.....

I had an interesting weekend the other day. It was full with activities, ideas, knowledge and so forth.

Well, my weekend started with healthy dinner with the missus, kecik, my mom and my sister at a place called Groupbase in Bandar Sri Damansara. It's been my fourth or fifth visit here for the past few months. I loved the foods so much. If you have the opportunity to go there. Try the buttered chicken. Man, it's really out of this world. You can get the add here. Oh by the way, the foods are reasonably priced and the portion for a small side dish can accomodate at least 3 people. Hahaha. Thumbs up!!!!

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to meet up with my cousins in Bukit Jelutong. We had a frank discussion on the homestay idea and everyone kinda agreed with the idea. However, a good idea was presented when my cousin suggested we should start with his apartment in PD., which is nearer and easier to go from KL. I did say to them that we shouldn't think about making money in the 1st place. This will be our training ground to manage a property and perhaps, in the long run, we could do something similar, but in a bigger scale. So we decided to make a visit to PD perhaps at the end of the month to view the apartment and to make decisions on what will be our next step. Perhaps, we could then discuss, on how we are going to manage it, maintaining it, what are our marketing efforts will be and the rates per day and so forth. Good. At least, the first step is done and move on to the second step.

Yesterday, Sunday was an interesting day for me. I attended the workshop organize by Irfan Khari and he shared with all of us some good tips on how he made his millions through the internet. Like I said, it's interesting to know that he can generate a lot of money through the internet. From attending his workshop, I gain a lot of knowledge as to how to do a business via the internet. Perhaps, in a month or two, I will embark on this project and see how it goes. I have about 4-5 things that I think I can do via the net. Let's KIV this project for the moment. Or has it started? Hehehehe.

This week will be an interesting week for me. I hope to receive my OD offer letter today and perhaps either on Wednesday or Thursday I can prepare the necessary documents for the auction day this Saturday. Hope everything goes well.....

Have a nice day

Friday, January 9, 2009

Saturday morning......

Late yesterday evening, about 5pm, just before I head out from the office, I received a call from ZU who works in Maybank. She was the one who handles my OD application the other day. So she rang me up and told me that my OD application has been approved. That's I cool as I was expecting a week or so for such application to be approved. Perhaps, the amount that I requested was small, so that's why it was approved rather fast. So on monday, I will have to meet her and pass her my original ASB certificate for the bank's safekeeping. I'm grateful that the OD has been approved actually. So I have ample time to prepare the 2 bank drafts required for me to go to the auction sale next week.

Later on today, there'll be a short discussion between myself and my cousins with regards to the homestay idea. I've not really give it a serious thought but like I mentioned earlier in the other blogs, it's an idea and we'll see how it goes later on.

Tomorrow, should be an interesting day for as I'm attending a workshop organize by Irfan Khairi. Again, I'm not expecting anything but I hope to learn a thing or two on how he became a millionaire through the internet.

As of now, I'm a bit tight-up as the missus is having her study group and I have to take care of kecik this morning. Thank God that she behaved quite well and I managed to clean my bike and my golf clubs as well. Hehehehehe.

Have a nice day...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Night golfing and options....

Last night, during the game of golf with two of my childhood friends, we talked a bit of how to make more money with the resources that we have now. We talked a lot about unit trusts, stocks, ASB, OD and so forth. To cut a long story short, this friend of mine, Mat, asks me about ways he could increase his savings. In saying that, earlier, I've given him this blog address for Mat to read and perhaps, take a tip or two to help him manage his finances. I'm not an expert per se, but certainly I can only give my opinion based on what I know with the limited knowledge that I have.

Hence, in my opinion, it is always good to start with an aim or an objective. For example, what do you wanna achieve at the end of the year. The objective must be achievable and of course doable. Mat said to me, if I can remember correctly, he would like to have RM100,000 in his ASB before he turns 40. He is now, 32 so we have about 8 more years to go. A RM100k in 8 years. That's like saving an average of RM12,500 per year, which comes to about saving RM1042 per month constantly for the next 8 years. This calculation is done if you have zero balance in your ASB. If you have let's say RM20k as your available ASB balance, obviously you another RM80k to go. Spread it to 8 years, you need to save about RM833 per month consistently for the next 8 years. That could be option 1.

Option 2.

You could top up your ASB by refinancing your house. Let's say, you refinance your house partly for about RM200,000. I do not know what will be the refinancing rate will be, so I'll just take a figure of 6.75%(refer to public bank's website at and you refinance it for 25 years. If you calculate it correctly, you have to pay about RM1,382 per month for the next 25 years. (Total you have to pay including the interest at the end of year 25 is RM414,600). Let's say, out of that RM200,000, you take out RM50k and dump it inside ASB. Then, you'll have RM70k as your ASB balance with RM30k to go. RM30k in 8 years is easy in my opinion. (A mere savings of RM313 per month is enough to get you there).-Pls bear in my that I've not taken the dividend received at the end of each year as yet. For example, if you have RM70k in your ASB balance, at the end of your 1st year of saving, you'll get at least RM7k. Wow....sapa nak kasi bro? hehehehehe....RM70k+RM7k=RM77k. You are left with only RM23k in 8 years. addition, I think this method is workable if the monthly payments are properly managed. If you could sustain the monthly payments, than this way could work.

Option 3.

With your ASB balance of RM20,000, perhaps, if you are a risk taker, you could pledge it to the bank and of course, you can get the OD facilities of about RM18,000. Then, perhaps, you could refer to my earlier blog with regards to this method of maximizing your ASB through overdraft. However, a question was ask to me about the OD interest. Hrrmm,....again, I'm not well versed on this interest thingy but I'll try to explain what I understand. OD interest is based on daily rest and will be charged for the amount that you actually used. For example, the rate of OD interest from RHB is about 6.75% (I think). Ok, now let's take an example that you have about RM18,000 of OD facilities from the bank. You take RM5,000 from that OD facilities to be transfered to your ASB account. Now, for that RM5,000 that you've used from that OD account, the interest would be RM337.50(RM5000x6.75%). However, there are tricks available for you to use to lessen your OD interest. Hehehehehe. Perhaps....I will write about these tricks when the time comes....

Have a nice day

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ASB Certificate...and OD'd

Perhaps, some of us don't have any clue as to how and why we want to transfer or replace our ASB book to a ASB certificate. One of the reasons might be for you to be able to pledge the certificate to the bank and with that certificate, entitles you to receive at least 90% OD facilities of the amount that you pledge. For example, you transfer RM10k from your ASB book to the ASB cert, you will get around RM9k worth of OD facilities. Why do you need OD facilities anyway? Well, again, there a lot of reasons, for capital investments, to pay up your credit cards, to make downpayment for the purchase of a new vehicle, etc..etc...

How do I transfer from my book to the certificate?
It's a very simple process actually, go to menara PNB at Jln Tun Razak (Tips: Go early in the morning where the will be little crowd)-don't forget to bring along your blue ASB book. Go to the counter on your left once you enter and ask the receptionist that you wanna make a certificate. He or she will give you a red form for you to fill in and then, take your number (press A) and wait for your turn. Make sure you fill in the amount that you want to transfer to the certificate. Once your number is up, go to the counter, and pass your book to the officer and he or she will ask you to pay RM10 for the cert. Wallaaaa....there's that. Simple process isn't it? With that certificate, take your time to look around the banks that offers the lowest OD rate available. It might be RHB, Maybank, Public Bank, etc..etc....


Ok, now we've got our certificate. What do we do? For me, I'm a bit lucky cause I know someone in Maybank that could help me in going through the OD application process. What I did was, I prepared 3 months of my salary slips together with the photocopy of the ASB certificate, I forwarded to my contact in Maybank and she will do the processing for me. I do not know as to how long the process will take but I do hope it can be settled before the 16th of January. As the next day, 17th of January is kinda of a big day for me as I'm going to bid for two properties that are up for auction. Let's just hope everything can be ready before that day.....


Savings? Why do we need to save? Well, there are various reasons why we need to save but to me personally, is to be able to retire peacefully. To a certain extent, I just wanna enjoy my retirement when the time comes i.e go holiday, play golf, etc...etc.... In addition, some of us would want to save some cash to start some business or perhaps to invest into something that is worthwhile investing. There are some of us, unfortunately don't save enough for rainy days. Those 'days' might come when we least expected it. Hence, it is very important for us to have savings. In short, no savings=no investment and no investment=no return on investment. Sux isn't it?

So boys and girls, learn to start saving now!! You must at least save 10% of your monthly income. If your income is RM3000, then you'll need to save RM300. Imagine if save RM300 per month in your ASB. That'll be RM3600 per year and the dividend you might will be about RM360. Almost RM4000 for year 1 of savings. In addition, put aside about 2% for your contribution to the mosque or rumah anak yatim. Imagine, how many hungry and parent-less children you help to feed from your small contribution. You'll be surprised with the return. Believe me.

There are so many tools nowadays for us to use in saving our money. For example, education policy for our children, life insurance, medical policies for ourselves, ASB, etc..etc.... a lot actually but are we taking advantage of all the opportunities that are given to us? Those things that were mentioned are not expenses per say. It is an investment for your future. You might feel the pinch now, but at the end of the day, you won't regret it.

Again, if you have not start saving, it is time to start. It doesn't matter if you have peanuts salary or a big pay-cheque at the end of the month. But the measure of a great man is how he manage his income and let his income grow instead working hard to get the money.

Monday, January 5, 2009


I'm a wee bit disappointed this morning. My ASB opening balance was not the amount that I expected. But, it's ok I guess. I more determined than ever to ensure I can achieve my aim. Actually, for the last couple of days, I've not started properly what I intend to do. Perhaps, my eagerness to start might be detrimental to me in the long run. I've always had this urge when I wanna do something, I wanna do it fast. Perhaps, this time around, I'll take it easy and just enjoy the journey as I go through. I spoke to the missus about my 'sadness' and disappointments, and the feedback that I get was, she said, you always speak about money. Everything is money. Bla bla bla. HEhehe. You know, the normal blabber. I'm kinda getting used to it. Perhaps, I wanted to improve myself so much that sometimes it affects other people. In saying that, I pressumed, if you wanna do something, you just have to do it in one way or another. I have a plan, and I will stick to it no matter what.

The fact that my ASB balance is not that great, some tinkering of the plan must be done. Hahahaha. The plan might consist of selling the bike. That's the biggest available capital that I have with me now. So, it's a trump card that I'll be using to increase my bank balance and at the same time increase my OD balance in order for me to have sufficient funds for my capital. I heard people say, to get involve in the investment of properties, you need time. Well, the fact that I'm gonna be 32 this year, I still don't have enough achievements that I can be proud off. I've been browsing few blogs for the last couple of days, and to be frank, I'm a wee bit jealous and at the same time proud that some of us have lots of investments, together with a healthy bank accounts. And then, I compare them to myself, it's like 'langit dan bumi' as the saying goes. Well, I guess, it's better for me to start now rather than later eh? It's ok. Some are born as a great starter and I think I can consider myself as a later bloomer. If my intention of making my first RM1million before the age of 35, then perhaps, I'm on the right track. The plan is there and what I need to do now is to work the plan.


I've just ended my meeting with my unit trust advisers. Well, I've made my first unit trust investment which is less than RM10,000 through my EPF account 1. I'm not very well versed on unit trust actually but I do know that my 'investments' are placed in a PIDF fund. What ever that means eh?'s a 25 over years kind of investment so at the end of the 25th year (which will be my retirement year), I hope to have a fund of about RM1.8-2 Million. That should be ok I think and I hope my agent would help me in keeping tabs on the management of such funds. In saying that, the agents also gave myself and my dad a good presentation of certain ways in investing our company's funds in unit trust. They gave quite a few options on how we can maximize our returns on our investments and of course, the elements of risk that are involved. If I can make the decision now, I would certainly like to invest RM300,000 now and keep it the ittikal funds for the next 3 or 5 years and the return is much more higher than what we are getting from Hong Leong's fixed deposit, which is around 3.2%-3.5%. Perhaps, the table below could help the readers in getting the clearer picture of what I'm talking about. Heheheh

Ittikal 10% Balance FD @3.5 Balance
Yr1 300,000 30,000 330,000 300,000 10,500 310,500
Yr2 330,000 33,000 363,000 310,500 10,868 321,368
Yr3 363,000 36,300 399,300 321,368 11,248 332,615
Yr4 399,300 39,930 439,230 332,615 11,642 344,257
Yr5 439,230 43,923 483,153 344,257 12,049 356,306



% Return


Opportunity Cost

Opportunity Cost %

The table is confusing you eh? Hahahaha. Well, it's a wee bit to explain but in summary, if we decide to invest in unit trust, for a RM300,000 investment, we should be expecting a return of RM183,153 of profit. On the other hand, if we keep the RM300,000 in FD, the expected return that we should be expecting would be around RM56,000. Hrmmm....interesting isn't it? Unfortunately, as we are not a big company, we do not have that big amount of money to be invested. However, we are keeping our options open on this kind of investment as the profit and the return is quite impressive. Perhaps, we could start with an initial amount of RM10,000 and keep on 'pumping' RM10,000 every month for the next three years. Hrmmm..........................

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Homestay ideas....home documents.....millionnaires....

My grandma, atok wok, has a house in Muar. Well, she got two actually. One is where she is residing now and the other one is somewhere along the way to Batu Pahat. This morning, while I was driving after sending the missus to work, a brilliant idea spring to my mind. Hhahaha. More ideas? Well, ideas are left to be just that if you don't write it down right? Well, I was just thinking about using the other house, we call it TDI, as a homestay or guesthouse. Can it be done? Hrmmm, well for a start, I've already contacted my cousins, Jo & Alan, and spoke to them about it and the response were quite positive I must say. We have not discussed it in details as yet as everything is blurry as to who owns the place and whatever else pertaining to the idea. So, we will sit down perhaps at the end of the week and discuss. What prompted me to suggest such a thing is because, the house is only occupied during the raya holidays. Apart from that, I think it's left vacant. Instead of being left just like that, I think, it would be better if someone to manage it in such away so that the property can be used to generate income or perhaps, a training ground in managing a remains to be seen whether it's gonna work out or not....

I just came back from Subang collecting some documents from our lawyer pertaining to my property in Ikram. I think the property now is in it's 70% stage so we should be expecting the property to be fully completed by Sept 09. Long way to go ehh....

By the way, I've enrolled myself to this Rahsia Jutawan Internet workshop which is going to be held this Sunday at JW Marriot. The speaker's name is Irfan Kairi and you may visit his website at, i'm not expecting anything but I hope to learn or maybe practice a thing or two stuff that I might get from the workshop. It's not cheap though but I look at it as an investment for me to explore various alternatives in achieving my goals for this year. Who knows, it might open my eyes to a bigger opportunities out there. So, like I mentioned earlier, I'm going there with an open mind and see how it goes....


A new year and a new car? Huh? What? A new car? Well, for some, a new year brings new resolutions. For some of us, some of the resolutions might consists the urge to buy a new car. To be frank, I have this urge or replacing my car to a better one. But, something deep inside me stopped me from doing so. Based on my financial standing as of now, I could afford to a better car than what I'm having now but unfortunately, a car is a depreciative asset. A depreciative asset means, the value drops even after 2 seconds it rolls out from the showroom. A RM80,000 car in 2005 is valued at RM60,000 at the end of 2008. That's Rm20,000 drop in value. Plus, you have the insurance you gotta pay and the quarterly service that you have to make which may costs you around RM250-RM1000 per service. Not easy having a car eh? Buying one is easy, but maintaining it is not. Believe me. First of all, there's the 10% deposit to be paid, that'll be about RM8,000 if the car's price is RM80,000. Obviously, you need to top up for the insurance, the v-cool and whatever other hidden costs that might be. And of course, the loan that you have to take and that will cost you probably around RM1200 per month. Imagine if you' re monthly income is about RM3,000. That's like almost 40% of your salary goes to service the loan. What about your other expenses? Think about it....So if you really wanna get yourself a car, think wisely and be practical. Get something that is economically viable. Well, that's for you to decide.

Anyway, I just came back from meeting my good friend 'ippo'. We had a good chat and of course, we talked about our project. I talked to him about my plan in selling the bike and he was a bit surprised. Plus, he even suggested that I can continue paying the bank rakyat's loan and put the whole RM46k or RM48k that I will be receiving in selling the bike in my ASB. Well, I'm still thinking but hope everything can be settle after my KB ride with the boys first. So we went to Cheras to view some properties and from the outside, it looks good. Might be a worthwhile investment. All in all, most of the properties we viewed are situated very close to a school, banks, food courts as well as LRT station and a commuter station. In other words, the location is good. Good is an understatement actually. The location of those properties are impressive. I'm impressed with the facilities the place offered so I might be thinking in getting a unit or two when the time comes. Let's just see how it goes in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow, it's gonna be quite a hectic day for me. Hope I can get my ASB book back and perhaps, if time permits, I'll go to PNB to make the certificate. Then I can pledge it to the bank and in turn, I hope I can get the overdraft facilities for me to start off my properties investment project. I may also need to make some calls to enquire with regards to some of the properties that I'm interested in. It seems to me, some interesting things are about to begin. It's just a matter of time and of course, there'll be some sacrifices to be made.

Till the next time...

Have a nice day....

Friday, January 2, 2009

200 balls and sand wedge....

I had the opportunity to go the driving range today. You know, one of my passion in life is golf. I love the game but at times, golf can be a frustrating game to me. So earlier today, with the missus off to do her study group, I took the opportunity to hit the range and meet a friend of mine, Kelv, whom I consider a pro (but he is not, heheheh). I need to improve on my short game. I mean, really improve. I have the tendency to play very bad short games everytime I hit the fairway. Especially within the 100 meters distance. So today, I hit about 200 balls of short game and use my sand wedge to fine tune my game. With the help of Kelv, I hope to improve a little by little. Just like any other things in life, my golf need to improve a little by little. Well, the fact that I started playing in 2007, I consider myself a beginner of the game. So I can't expect much, can I?

By the way, since I broke my 8-Iron the other day, I need Kelv to help me to fix it. I was thinking of replacing the 8-iron shaft but decided to change all the iron clubs (the shafts) that I have. Hah!!!....So I spent RM400 for the shafts today. Huhu....But it's ok. To be good at something, there must be an element of sacrifice eh? Am I right? So that Rm400 I consider to be an investment for me to improve my game further. In my earlier blogs, I did say that I want to play as a 12-handicapper consistently. So, I guess, I'm working the plan that I planned earlier. In other words, once you planned something, it is important that you stick to it. It doesn't matter if you achieve it at the end of the day, but what matters is you try. Trying is much better than doing nothing.

Hrmmm...during my way back from Sunway extreme park, there was quite a traffic near the Sunway junction. So, there I was wondering again. Hehehe. What did I wonder this time? Well, it's just a simple thing really. I was just thinking about the money in my wallet. I think, I have about RM300 in my wallet. I'm thinking, what will happen to that RM300 if I don't spend it. Hrmmm...will it grow in value? Or will it lose its value overtime? Does RM1 today carries the same value as RM1 in a month's time? Or does RM1 todays carries the same value as last month's RM1? What if, that RM300 that I have with me now, were to be bank-in into my ASB accounts. Will it grow in value? I don't know really, but what I do know is, at the end of the year, there's a dividend waiting to be given on that RM300. Maybe RM30 worth of dividend, am I right? But, on the other hand, if stays in my wallet, what will happen to it? Obviously, I will spend it to buy foods or whatsoever. Perhaps, just maybe, I will put half of this RM300 in my ASB and spend another half. Sounds good eh?

On my way back, I saw a lot of low cost flats that is situated parallel with the NPE. Perhaps, one of these days, I will go there and see if there's any units up for sale or auction. Anyway, later tonight, myself and ippo will start our 'Step 2' project. Myself and ippo, we have a common goal? Our goal is to maximize our ASB mark towards RM100,000 before Dec 09. Can it be done? Errrrmmm......What is my 'Step 2' project anyway?......

Have a nice day.....

I'm thinking of....

Ok here goes, I have a big bike. It's a Royal Star Tour Deluxe and I have about RM13k of outstanding loan more to be paid up. Currently, I'm paying about RM500 plus for the loans and perhaps, I have another two more years of constantly paying up the installments. Plus, I have about RM22,000 of outstanding personal loan that I took from Bank Rakyat a few years ago. I took RM30,000 in 2005 and now is 2009 and I still have RM22,000 to be paid up(even after 3 years of constantly paying). I'm paying the bank about Rm500 plus per month for the loans. Then I was thinking to myself, Bank Rakyat is really good in eating up people's money via their interest rates huh? So, what if, I decide to finish off my bike's installment. Then, perhaps, sold it off. The market value of the bike now is about RM48k and it can go up till the RM50k range. So, if I decide to sell it off for RM48k, obviously I'll be bikeless and I'll be sacrificing one of my passions. Having said that, I'll save about RM1100, perhaps more if I decide to finish off those two 'loans'. That also means, I can put an additional RM1100 to my ASB. Currently, my monthly contributions to ASB is about RM500. So, if these two things go, my ASB will have a better and positive effect in the long run....(about RM1700 of monthly contributions) For illustrations purposes, RM1700x12=RM20,400. Plus dividend which is about 10%, the total will be RM22,400. Wow. Imagine how much I will earn and safe if these two things will go...

Having said that, upon receiving the RM48k, would it be wise if I could use that money to pay off my bank rakyat instead? I mean, literally finish off my bank loan to Bank Rakyat. So, I will have a cash balance of RM26k (more or less). So, what do I do with that RM26k? Take it as it is and get myself a smaller CC bike (a kawasaki ER6 would costs around that amount) or, be a little patience and put the whole lot (RM26k) to ASB which will ultimately increase the balance as well as the OD facilities. In addition, an increase in the ASB means I will have much more capital to play around with my '2nd step'....

So...what shall I do?...

Have a nice day...

Is it true?

Let's say there is an auction for a low cost flat auction priced at RM45k and nobody bids for the flat and I got it. So the flat is mine and the market value for such low cost flat is RM65k. I take a home loan for about RM40k and then I apply the home loan Extra according to the market value. The difference of RM20k (RM65k-RM40k), will I get it?....hrrmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My 1st step

Yeap!!...It's 2009. What we do today will certainly have some kind of impact for tomorrow. Huhu. What is done is done and people always said that we should forget the past for the past is history and what matters is today (now). We can't change the past yet we have the ability and certainly the capability to change tomorrow. Be it small changes or big massive changes, that's entirely up to ourselves to decide. Hence, for once, I wanna do something different for this year starting now till forever I hope. I've always heard this phrase 'let your money work you instead you work for the money'. This phrase has been used time and time again but I can't seem to get it 'right' into my head. However, a pretty simple conversation towards the end of last year change my perspective of 'making money work for you'. Kudos to my friend, 'ippo' for opening my eyes a bit. From that conversation onwards, I took a step back and think what I really want to do for 2009. Slowly and surely, by reading some books, blogs as well as asking opinions from some friends, I've found what I need to do to achieve my goals for 2009.

Today is Jan 02, Friday. For some of us in Malaysia, today is the day we'll update our ASB book to see how much dividend we will receive for the past year. If I'm not mistaken, the dividend given for 08 was 8.75%. So let's take a pretty simple calculation, If you have RM10,000, you'll get about RM850 without even lifting your eye lid. Imagine if you have RM100,000 in your ASB account, that's like RM8750. Wow. That's a lot of money (to me anyways). In addition, what will be your dividend be if your money in ASB is RM200,000? About RM17k perhaps?. So, what can you do with that RM17k? A lot I pressumed. You can pay your car installment for the next one year with such amount without even 'disturbing' your monthly salary (provided your installment should be less than RM1500 per month). Ok, enough of dreaming. The simple question is, how on earth do I get RM200,000 in my ASB? That's a long shot. For me, it is a long shot but let's put a 5 year plan together. That's like saving RM40,000 per year. Another question is, how do I save RM40,000 per year? In order to save RM40,000, you'll have to put at least RM3,333.33 per month for the next 5 years. Hrrrmmm. Putting RM3.3k a month is a lot for a middle-income earner like me. The most I can will be about RM600 which comes about to RM7200 per year. Hahahaha. RM200,000 in the next 5 years? Dream on boyo!!

But wait, let's us take a step back. Perhaps, there's a way (or maybe a lot of other ways) to grow my money. Hrmmm....What if, I take a portion of my ASB savings now, let's say, RM10,000, 'pledge' it to the bank for RM10k of which I'm entitled to receive 90% of overdraft facilities. So, in other words, I will receive RM9,000 of OD facilities from the bank. Am I writing this right? Well, I'm sure am and so what will I do with this cash of RM9k? Be stupid and buy LCD TVs? Hahahaha, of course not. As that RM9k is 'my' hard earned cash (remember, we have pledged some of our savings at the bank), I'll need to use it as wisely as I can. So what I'm thinking of doing is, I'll take a portion of that money, let's say RM2000 and put in my ASB. Is that a good thing to do? Well, theoratically, it is a wise thing to do as you will increase your ASB to a further RM2000k. Let's say your balance of your savings in your ASB is RM20,000. So you add RM2000 and you'll have RM22,000. Now, let's say your monthly ASB savings that you take from your salary is RM500, that will come up to about RM6000 for the year. Correct? Add that to your current balance of RM22,000 and you will get, RM28,000. Hence, for having RM28000 in your savings, let's kid ourselves and start dreaming that dividend receive is at 10%. That's like RM2,800 of dividend. Not bad for a 1st year eh? So, the total amout I will have at the end of the day is RM30,800. Hrrmm.....What about the OD interest? Well, what's the rate of the OD interest like nowadays? 6.75% perhaps? I'm not that well versed about OD, but I'm pretty sure, if at the end of the day, just put some amount from the dividend received into the OD account to pay less interest. A good friend of mine, told me that for a RM10,000 OD facilities used for 20days, you'll have to fork out about RM38 of interest. I might be wrong and perhaps you would wanna check it yourselves. When the time comes, I will write something about OD interest in my future postings

(Note: I wrote in my earlier blog that I would want to maximise my ASB towards RM100,000 mark. Hence, I will write on how can i achieve it later)

Ok, now we have RM30,800 for the first year. Let's take out RM2000 from the balance and put it in the OD account to lessen our OD interest. I'll still have about RM29k right? Perhaps, I repeat the same cycle for Year 2. For this year, I'm gonna take RM3k from my OD accounts and put in my ASB. So, I'll have RM32000 and add another RM6k, I will have about RM38K by the end of the year. Is my money growing? Technically yes. But wait, with RM38k, you'll get about 10% of dividend, which is RM3.8k. So, at the end of year 2, I'll have about RM42k. Not bad huh? What about year the 3rd year, 4th year, 5th year and so on? Well, the basic calculation is there so perhaps, you could try and calculate it yourselves. Hehehehe

Hrmmm........hang on a minute, what about the balance of the OD for the first year? I took about RM2000 from the example right? So, I'm left with a balance of RM7000 in my OD account. What I can do with RM7000? Can I invest with RM7000? Sure you can. That's my 2nd Step.

Till then...
Have a nice day