Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Futbol's alive in Malaysia??

The Malaysia cup final is this Saturday.

Just like last year, it's Kelantan against Negeri Sembilan again. (NS won the cup last year)

As at yesterday, the 30,000 tickets allocated to the NS supporters were sold in one hour.

The 10,000 seats allocated to the Kelantanese were also sold within an hour. That's like 40,000 tickets sold within an hour. One ticket costs RM30. That's RM1.2m.

A balance of about 40,000 tickets will be on sale on matchday. (betul ka?)

The match will be in Bukit Jalil which can accomodate 100,000 people. IF, all the tickets were to be sold, FAM may reap RM3million on that day alone. (If everyone pays RM30 per ticket lah)

Last year, the same team faced each other at Bukit Jalil stadium which were attanded by 95000 fans, I thought the Kelantanese fans outnumbered their NS counterpart at least by 3:1.

Kelantan especially has tremendously improved in terms of being a team with solid fanbase...just like what Selangor used to have in the 90s.'s alive in Malaysia eh?

p/s: TO FAM, Police & Security guards,

Pls check & inspect everyone entering the stadium before the game. Please take away all the firecrackers & summon them on the spot. It's strange when Man Utd came here last year, the security guards checked everyone entering the stadium. Why can't you do it at a local derby? Jgn double standard ok?

Will I go to the match? I might actually...I'm a fan of football and always like to see good games like this one. BUt...i'm a bit worried with some of the fans from both sides as they can be rowdy & vulgar at the same time. If I can remember correctly during the M'sia Cup between Selangor & Perlis, there were fans smoking hashish at the stand....How is that possible eh? Nyways...let's see la how it goes...

It's gonna be a another great sporting week here in Malaysia. CIMB Asia Pacific Classic golf tournament is on this weekend. ANother great opportunity to see some of the world's best golfers in action in the country!!

Maybe the best team win!!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Watching the pros in action at Sime Darby LPGA...

Finally get to see those LPGA pro golfers up close and personal.

Obviously, it's a rare treat for golfers like myself to see these remarkable players playing in Malaysia...

I was there on the first day and managed to follow Ai Miyazato for a couple of holes before I decided to head home due to the heat. I learn a few tips from watching these pros mainly their pre-shot routines and their effortless swings. Obviously, their level of focus in taking those shots is something that I admire....

Anyways...didn't manage to snap lots of photos...only a few to be are some pics:

The Entrance

Shin Ji Yai-World No 2 (With the lovely Michelle Wie at the back)

Yani Tseng-World No 5

Suzann Pettersen-World No 4

View of the 1st Tee

Ai Miyazato taking her Tee Shot (She is so small that u can barely see her...hahaha)

And lastly...a pic of myself and the local actor, Zul Yahya at a recent golf tournament at Kemuning...:p

Monday, October 25, 2010

Balance Transfer

I read a blog titled 'Bodohnya Cuma Bayar Minimum Kad Kredit' written by a fellow blogger. I thought the title was a bit odd but the message is quite clear. One will end up paying more than what was initially 'borrow'.

Of course, there are some of us out there who are always short on cash and sometimes needed money to pay for the necessary & unnessary things...

While saying things is easy...sometimes, to be actually doing it can be a huge task. I'm pretty sure that everyone doesn't want have any bad debts...even more so credit card debts.

At times....we can only spend a certain amount but our needs & wants at certain times would require us to spend. Of course, we can always say that we should control our spending habits but in'll take a strong discipline to make it happen.

Having a credit card has its advantages....and just like every other things in life, there are disadvantages. I wouldn't wanna dwell to much on it as at times, I need to use it to pay for certain things.

I make it a point to pay all my cc bills every month and I'll make sure that I have zero balance every time. However, as much as I want to control my spending, there are times when I was required to spend a bit more especially when furnishing my condos, school fees for kecik, PDRM summons (errrkk), LHDN....etc...hahaha...

Anyways...I think...for some people who has this problem of paying the minimum 5% as required by the could be a better option to have a balance transfer to another bank. At least, there are some savings can be made in terms of time and obviously money lah. I'm pretty sure that some of us wouldn't want to let the bank have all the joy in reaping our hard earned money....

I'm not that familiar with this balance transfer thingy as I do not have any experience in it...but theoratically, I think it'll lessen the burden a bit.....A bit of everything is always good kan?....You may read more about balance transfer here

Have a nice day

Sunday, October 24, 2010

too much...

At times...too much of something is not good....a step at a time....

......yeahh...a step at a time.......

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Retirement plan....are u ready for it?

Some points to ponder....

1. EPF funds on average may last only 3 to 4 years after retirement.
2. About 90% of the current EPF contributors in the country have savings between RM150,000 and below.
3. In 2009, EPF gave 5.65% as dividend to its contributors. In 2008, EPF gave 4.5%.
4.According to ReMark Malaysia, most urban Malaysian would require between RM500k and RM5million to retire.
5. EPF dividend will be gradually scaled down (decrease??) to encourage contributors to save their money in Private Pension Fund (PPF)

Source: Eva Young from The Sun, 21-10-2010

Question: Are we well-prepared to face our golden years?

Start planning your retirement now if you have not done it.....Seriously though...Mega important....

One of those fews things u can do now is set up your own personal retirement account. ASB is a good way to start. Or an education or retirement fund account. Try to save at least 10% of your monthly income in that fund. Do it for the next 15 or 25 years, or maybe more. You'll be surprised with the amount that you have when see it later....

All of us has our very own targets and priorities, so plan your finances well and try as much as possible get rid of those debts....hehehe

Having said that, I'm looking forward to learn more about the Private Pension Funds as tabled by the PM during the budget last week. I know that it focuses for the benefit of private sector employees and the self-employed...It could be another source of retirement savings. Perhaps, it's another way of diversifying....Wow...more tools (baskets) for investing ehh? Maybe I should take advantage of this PPF fund and see how it goes....

Whatever being boils down to our very own priority and whether we like it or not, it is very important that we start saving.

'' Sediakan payung sebelum hujan'

Have a nice day....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some of us.......

Some of us likes to see the negative side of things about other people eh?

Grow up lah please.....

The Almighty has given everyone a brain to why use it negatively? No wonder there are a lot of unhappy people in the country nowadays....

Learn to look at the positive side of things for a start...........

Weight Gained..............again???

To be honest....I've been slacking in my quest to achieve my ideal weight of 70kgs. I almost did it before August 2010. Then came the puasa month. Practically nothing was done in terms of exercising during puasa month. My weight was constantly kept at 72-73kg for the whole of puasa month.

Then came the Hari Raya. Have to be frank though, I ate like there's no tomorrow. Lemang, ketupat, rendang and the lots. I ate all of 'em...hehehehe. Again, no exercise was done......wonder what happened to me....

Then...came my sister-in-law's wedding. Eat again....Then...came my cousin's pyshical activities...

And only up till last week I managed to re-start my 'training'. I don't know whether it is a good or a bad thing but my current weight is 75.5kg. Damnn!!!!!!

I have to start everything all over again. My diet & my exercises.....Need to watch what I eat from now on.

One thing that I realized though, the increase in weight that I experienced for the last couple of months is due to my food intake and of course, lack of exercise. Damnitt!!!

That shows, I'm not discipline enough to stick with my initial aim after all. Anyways, since I'm being self-critical...I will start again...Let's see how it goes....

No more rice for me for the next 1 month....hahahaha. aims targeted...I just wanna take one day at a time....One step at a time.....

Monday, October 18, 2010

Budget thoughts....

Below are my thoughts on the recently tabled budget 2011 by our dearest PM & top CEO for our beloved country....

The budget was themed 'Trasformation towards a developed and High Income Nation'. It was based/guided by four main strategies:

1. Reinvigorating private investment
It seems that the govt seeks the private sector to boost the country's economy. According to some reports, the govt plans to promote investments in the services sector such as financial services, tourism, health and business in general.

2. Enhancing the quality of life
In its effort to improving the life of Malaysians as a whole, again, the govt will again work with the private sector. Areas such as empowerment of women, housing programmes, public transportation as well as green technology will be focussed upon.

3. Intensifying human capital development
Education is a priority in creating a skilled and knowledgeable rakyat. Every malaysian deserve an education. Emphasizing on the quality of the lecturers, teachers should be prioritize. On the other hand, it's about time we should have a minimum wage policy in the country.

4. Strengthening Public Sector Delivery
Apart from the delivery system of the imigration department, there's really nothing to shout about the govt's delivery system. It'll be difficult but it can be done IF training & development are done and communicated properly throughout the 2-million-odd govt servants.

Now...let's see the budget highlights...

1. RM40bil for MRT project to start next year.
It's about time. Our transportation situation in KL need fast solution as more & more people has relocated to the capital.

2. Warisan Merdeka tower. RM5b.
To be honest, this will boost the construction industry. However, I just wonder, why do we need the tower after all. We could have use that RM5billion for education, training & development for our rakyat.

3. Service Tax - Increase from 5%-6%?
I'm just wondering, why are we paying the service tax for when the services (at some areas) are so bad?

4. Sales tax be exempted on all types of mobile phones?
Does this mean that everyone will start queing up at Maxis to get the latest Iphone for RM500?? Heheheh

5. Govt Servant to get RM500 allowance.
Yey!!! What about those govt servants who clocks in at 9am, then went down for a cup of tea at 11am, then lunch at 1pm, comes back at half past 2. Went down again at 4pm and clocks out at 5pm? He gets RM500 as well kah?? What happened to the KPI?

6. No downpayment for anyone earns below RM3000 if he or she is a first time house buyer. It means...100% home loan for houses priced below RM220k and the bank gets richer!! Wooohooooo. For govt servant, the maximum loan eligibility has increased from RM360k to RM450k...wooohoooo again!!!!

7. Err.....what about the issue of raising medical costs in the country? Nothing kah?

8. RM857million to local companies to invest in high value added activities..
That's a lot of money for investing in getting 'high value added activities' eh?

9. NO toll price increased for the next 5 years.
Is that a good news or bad news? They should lower the price instead lah!!

10. BUdget deficit again. What does that say in lay-man's term? It means, the expenditure spent is more then the revenue earned. Just like a huge company operating at a loss. Barely survived.....hehehe

11. Import duties things will be a bit cheaper lah. Eh...betul ka?

12. RM411million for R&D and commercialisation activities.
Errrr.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

13. Beer & Stout excise duty stays. SO it means, some of us can keep on drinking till the cows comes home.....heheh

14. The Malaysian Technology Development Corp will be provided a start up fund of RM100mil. Hrmmm.................that's a load of cash ehh....just wondering who will get the share of RM100million....

Anyways, those are my thoughts and there are still areas that I need to read again n again to have a better understanding of the budget.

In short, I personally think the budget won't have any big impact on a normal person like myself. I just hope that our economy as a whole stabilizes, inflation & interest rates kept at minimum, jobs available for everyone, living cost kept at a reasonable rate, equal opportunities to everyone so that all of us can enjoy a decent and happy life.

Having said that, I believe, we can also have our very own individual budgets. At least, by doing that, we know and we can plan to do with what we have in our 'pockets'. The most important thing is..........we should start live within our means.....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Quote for today....18/10/10

'' A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new''

-Albert Einstein

Proton Inspira......are u inspired now????

Guess...everyone knows about the 'latest' Proton model by now.

To be honest with you, when I look at the car... I know that the car is actually a Mitsubishi Lancer. It looks exactly like Lancer.

For all those money spent (God Knows How much lah), all Proton can do is to re-badge a 2007 model of a Mitsubishi Lancer? I'm no expert in the car industry but I'm just wondering with all those million ringgit (I safely assumed it could be multi million ringgit worth of R&D expenditure) spent on R&D, is that the best decision i.e Re-badging a Japanese car??

Of course lah, the price will be cheaper then the real thing but, the question remains, why?? Is it because of stiff competition from the other Japanese Car makers? Well-informed car owners? Trend? .........

Proton Inspira?....Good name ....but please, be more original. Emphasize on quality instead of quantity.......

Budget 2011....

Have you read the budget report 2011?

If you haven't, please do so...and try as much as possible to understand the said report...

My views & thoughts...........will write about it a wee bit later.....

ohh...liverpool did it again....

Oh man.....

Last night against Everton, liverpool looked clueless. I wonder why did I even bother to see the match although I somehow predicted that the team would loose. I don't mind if they loose but the manner that they lost to Everton gives me some heartache. Hehehehhee.....

I pray and really hope that the team won't be relegated this season. I think, for the last few games, Roy Hodgson has got his tactics all wrong. So wrong that even Blackpool can play & win at Anfield. That's how shite Liverpool is at the current moment...

Not a good way to start the week ehhhh........


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

They are the heroes of today......

33 miners were trapped 700 hundred metres underground. Finally, after 70 days, all of 'em were finally rescued. Kudos to the Chilean government for a well-planned and well-thought rescue plan!!

To the 33 miners.... all of you are my heroes!! Your perseverance, your faith, your dedication, your hope, your prayers and your patience gave me the inspiration that I need....!!!

Below are the names of the Chilean miners:

1. Florencio Avalos Silva, 31, video operator for the underground miner communications. Expected to be the first up.

2. Mario Sepulveda Espinace, 39, the 'journalist' commentator who moderated the video broadcasts. Possibly second one up.

3. Juan Illanes Palma, 52, served in Chilean army, possibly the third up.

4. Carlos Mamani Solis, 23, of Bolivia, the only non-Chilean trapped, possibly number four up.

5. Renan Avalos Silva, 29, brother of Florencio Avalos.

6. Mario Gomez Heredia, 63, the oldest of the group who sent the first report to the surface that they were alive.

7. Jimmy Sanchez Lagues, 19, the youngest.

8. Ariel Ticona Yanez, 29, became a father during the ordeal. His daughter was named Esperanza, for Hope.

9. Edison Pena Villarroel, 34, ran 10 kilometres every day in the underground mine shafts.

10. Víctor Zamora Bugueno, 33, wrote poetry underground.

11. Raul Bustos Ibanez, 40, survived the Chilean earthquake earlier this year, which destroyed his job as a mechanic. Found new job at mine, where he thought he would find more peace.

12. Claudio Yanez Lagos, 34, promised he will marry his partner of 25 years and mother of his children when he emerges. The pair have grandchildren.

13. Víctor Segovia Rojas, 48, kept a journal in the underground.

14. Jorge Galleguillos Orellana, 56, suffers high blood pressure and is one of the complicated medical cases.

15. Jose Henriquez Gonzalez, 54. The number 33 is his fate: married for 33 years, working at the mine for 33 years, and one of the 33 trapped men.

16. Samuel Avalos Acuna, 43, had been a street seller of wares and had hoped for a better life in the mine.

17. Claudio Acuna Cortes, 34, football fan who plans to greet his wife wearing his team's shirt.

18. Franklin Lobos Ramirez, 53, avid football player who received greetings from Spain's David Villa.

19. Osman Araya Araya, 30, experienced a nervous collapse underground.

20. Yonni Barrios Rojas, 50, played nurse to his comrades in the mine.

21. Alex Vega Salazar, 31 , his father is an emergency doctor and changed his name in order to help in the rescue. Family members were not supposed to be part of the rescue team.

22. Richard Villarroel Godoy, 27
23. Daniel Herrera Campos, 27
24. José Ojeda Vidal, 46
25. Luis Urzúa Iribarren, 54
26. Carlos Barrios Contreras, 27
27. Omar Reygada Rojas, 56
28. Juan Carlos Aguilar Gaete, 49
29. Carlos Bugueño Alfaro, 27
30. Pedro Cortés Contreras, 25
31. Pablo Rojas Villacorta, 45
32. Darío Segovia Rojo, 48
33. Esteban Rojas Carrizo, 44

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

investment mode : ON

Alright....this is an area (Investments) that I'll be focusing on for the next couple of months.

I've spoke about the importance of having an education plan for everyone sometime back in August.

Of course, when we talk about investments, there are various types of investments. Just to share with you, the following are the types of investments that I've made and currently involved in...

- Insurance-Investment Link
- Education-Investment Link
- Properties

Of course, one must never feel satisfied with he or she currently have. Same goes to me, I felt that I need to push myself a little bit more. I felt that I've not done enough justice to myself and to my family. I've felt that I need to diversify my investments more then before....

To be frank, my investments 'exercise' has been a little bit stale for the last couple of months. Of course, life isn't a bed of roses but I'm glad at least, I've done something now rather doing in it later....

Anyways, like I said, my focus now will be more on the ASB & education fund for kecik...November will be a good month to start.....

Monday, October 11, 2010

3 months...

Another 3 months or less, we'll be celebrating a new year. Hehehe. How time flies eh?

I'm pretty happy with what I've done for the last 9 months so far. To be frank, there's a lot more I can do if I were to be a little bit more focused. Anyways, just a thought that crossed my mind earlier today...

Perhaps, it's a good time to prepare or to plan what needs to be done before the year end. I'm praying that I can purchase another property before the year end but it's gonna be a wee bit difficult....

I'm attending a course about investment tomorrow and I'm really looking forward for it...

Have a nice week everyone....

Friday, October 8, 2010

New bank account.....

Today, I open up a new savings account with Public Bank.

To be frank, I can't actually remember how many bank accounts I have under my name. Perhaps, it's a good exercise to compile all those accounts that I have and put it all in one spreadsheet for easy reference for the future.

Let's see....savings accounts..overdraft accounts, credit cards accounts, home loans loans accounts....dennnngggggggggggg.....

Alright then...time to do this exercise...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

a call from citibank

Caller: Hallo....

Me: Hello...

Caller: Hallo...Boleh saya cakap dgn Encik Joe Bloggs?...:P

Me: Ya saya bercakap..

Caller: Ya saya John Terry dari Citibank. Encik ada masa 5 minit tak utk saya explain offer baru dari Citibank

Me: Carry on...

Caller: Mengikut rekod kami, encik adalah pemegang kad visa Citibank. Terima Kasih kerana menggunakan perkhidmatan kami...

Me: .........

Caller: Mengikut rekod kami juga, bayaran bulanan terhadap penggunaan kad kredit encik juga 'up-to-date'. Jadi, kami dari Citibank ingin memberi Encik khidmat cash advance. Encik ada memerlukan wang di masa sekarang?

Me: Saya memang sentiasa memerlukan wang tapi saya tak berminat utk menerima offer cash advance yg diberikan.

Caller: Oh. Kenapa Encik?

Me: Saya tak perlu wang sekarang nih......(gila poyo ayat)

Caller: Bagaimana pula dgn Kredit Transfer?

Me: Saya takde credit yg saya nak transfer.

Caller: oh...betul encik tak nak terima offer cash advance dari kami?

Me: Tak. Terima kasih...

Caller: Terima Kasih encik.......

-=conversation ends=-

Why I didn't take up the offer? Well...I don't see any concrete reasons as to why I should take it. Plus, I'm pretty sure that if I ever take up the offer, I'll ended up paying more & more money that I what I initially borrow...

I'm still paying for the personal loan that I took from Bank Rakyat. Bloody hell!! Bank Rakyat will be making more then RM15000 for giving me a bank loan of RM30,000. Blood suckers!!!

The point is, don't dig your own grave by getting a personal loan or a cash advance. Live within your means......

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Top 5 Tips to Build Wealth and Success

Warren Buffett is worth $45 billion. That wealth isn't only a factor of savvy investing and good business — the "Oracle of Omaha" is also known as a penny pincher. Buffett still lives in the same Omaha, Neb., home he bought in 1958 for $31,500.

Follow his frugal formula, and you too may wind up with a lot more money than you ever dreamed.

This week Financially Fit covers five tips to build wealth and success.

1. Live Below Your Means.
Being wealthy isn't just a product of your salary or investment prowess; it's learning how to save.

"We can make a lot of money, you can make a little bit of money, but the second you spend all the money is when people get into trouble. Saving is the key to preserving your wealth," says Ed Butowsky, managing partner of Chapwood Capital Investment Management, a firm that manages money for wealthy individuals.

As many Americans realized during the booming real estate market, just because you think you can afford something doesn't mean you should buy it. Keeping an eye on your bottom line will pay dividends over the long term.

2. Bounce Back From Defeat
With nearly 15 million workers unemployed right now in the U.S., it's easy to get discouraged. Don't! Most successful and wealthy people have overcome obstacles and failure along the way. Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple when he was 30. Today, he's a billionaire and a legend. Plus, after getting fired, he created another billion-dollar media company, Pixar.

"Bouncing back from defeat is something all great achievers have. They have this undying belief good things will happen and will continue to happen," says Butowsky.

Take Michael Jordan. "His airness" was cut from his high school basketball team. Motivated by the rejection, Jordan became a star the next season. The rest is history.

3. Self-Promote
Regardless of the profession, the rich and successful tend to have a strong sense of self-worth — key to skillfully navigating an upward career path. Mark Hurd, who was ousted as CEO of Hewlett-Packard in August, couldn't be kept down for long. Using his business skills and connections, in September, Hurd was named president of Oracle. (Hurd and Oracle founder Larry Ellison are known to be close friends.)

4. Have Street Smarts
Bernie Madoff lived the high life for decades, scamming unsuspecting clients, with a money-making formula that proved too good to be true. Only afterward did we learn that with a little due diligence, most clients could have easily uncovered the fraud.

But it's not only the swindlers and the con men you have to watch out for. Many times, friends and family take advantage of the rich. Whether it's a handout or an investment idea, Butowsky advises his high net worth clients that in most cases, it's wisest to just say "no." The best way to do that: have someone else do it for you.

"You need to really set up a wall between you and your family," he advises. "If you don't want to give them (family or friends) money ... saying no is probably a good idea."

5. Buy Cheap
The rich can afford to splurge, but that doesn't mean they do.

John Paulson, a billionaire hedge fund manager, bought his Hamptons "dream house at a bargain basement price," according to Greg Zuckerman, author of the Paulson-based book, "The Greatest Trade Ever." The story has it that Paulson eyed the home while it was in foreclosure. Finally, on a rain-soaked day, he purchased the home on the Southampton town hall steps. He was the only bidder.

On New York City's Upper East Side, Michael's— The Consignment Shop for Women— has been a bargain-hunting destination for more than 60 years. "We have a good percentage of women who can afford to shop on Madison Avenue but really like the idea of saving that money," says proprietor Tammy Gates.

From Chanel to Gucci and Louis Vuitton, the store specializes in high-end designer merchandise for a reasonable price. Speaking of her clientele, Gates says, "they're wealthy for a reason. They recognize that bargains keep people wealthy. Paying top dollar when you don't have to doesn't make sense."

Peter Gorenstein and Farnoosh Torabi
Tuesday, October 5, 2010

taken from: Financially Fit @ yahoo

A note to Pejabat Tenaga Kerja Sg Petani

Hoi.....takde keja lain ka nak cari salah org jer!!

Bloody hell.....Camana la local company nak maju? Instead of looking for business....we have to use our working time looking for historical infos for your needs!!!

Seriously tgh marah nihhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................!!!!!!!!

Birthday Party.....Planner??

I went to my cousin's crib last Sunday to attend his son's first birthday.

Have to say that I'm very impressed with how they organized their son's birthday.

The birthday was themed 'Super Hero' and everyone was encouraged to come to the event complete with their superhero's costumes...

My daugther came with a fancy dress. When someone asks me, Kecik is not a superhero as she isn't dressed like one. I said, this is how catwoman would dress before she became a catwoman....hahahahaha

As you can see from the pic above, the birthday boy...or baby rather was dressed as spiderman and his sister as Bat girl. Rather cute... ehh?...

Anyway, just like everything in life, I learnt something new that day. I didn't know and realised that there are some of us out there who make a living in organizing birthday parties. Their fees ranges up till RM13000 I was

Happy birthday little Qiqib.....!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

attitude...part 2

Last night I read a blog titled : The One & Only Problem in Malaysia written by Syed Akhbar Ali.

I found that his writings in that blog is spot on to what I'm experiencing and what I felt for the last couple of months. I found it very true.

The problem is basically, wrong attitude.

I have my fair share of stories about this attitude thingy.

1. It happened recently, a local contractor said it will take them 4 weeks to install a kitchen cabinet and it'll cost me about RM1700. A chinese contractor told me that for the same price, they can install it tomorrow and will complete the exercise in 2 days.

2. A local graduate with a degree in business administration came to us for an interview. During the interview, I gave her 5 minutes to talk about herself and her future aims. I actually stressed that she should answer in English. What happened next, well...she stuttered and unable to answer such a simple question. It's very difficult to help someone who doesn't even know on how to communicate properly...

3. I had the opportunity to travel overseas during the recent years. One thing that I noticed during my travels was that, people in Indonesia are very passionate about their work. No matter whether they are employed as a guard, a waitress, a salesman, a golf manager or anything. THey took their job seriously and always with a smile. It's very different from here. There's no customer relationship. It's all about 'I- have-to-work-so-I-earn-some-income' Perhaps, it's more about 'I-have-to-do instead of I-want-to-do it.

Take for example, when I was in Cambodia 2 years ago, the restaurant that we were in ran out of Coke. The waiter told me politely ' Sorry sir, we ran out of coke. WOuld you like something else? Pepsi?' A similar situation happened to me 2 weeks ago at a restaurant in Bangsar. I ordered a coke and the waiter said ......'Coke habis bang!!' That was it. No suggestion being offered. To make matters worse, barely 10 minutes after that, the table next to us were served with not one can of coke but 3. Idiotss.......The waiter didn't even bother to go and check whether there are any left....

4. I called up MARA to enquire about an application for a study loan for my sister. Rang them up a few times with no answer. IN fact, when I did get an answer, the person in charged was either at a meeting or not at his table. My call was passed around from the reception to the 3rd floor, then to the 5th floor was endless. In the end, I just made the assumption that perhaps, nobody knows the answer.....

5. During my student days in Ireland, I had the opportunity to meet some very bright medical students. Some of them were sponsored by the government to complete their studies in Medical. Unfortunately, some of them went there for the wrong reasons. Instead of studying, they join the tabligh movement. They didn't attend their classes. In the end, they failed and came back.

6. A local golf pro recently state in a golf magazine that he doesn't require a coach. He felt that he shouldn't listen to anyone who he thinks are no better then him. Of course he has won tournaments before but that was years ago. And now, he is still struggling with his game and still continue to train alone. Let's be honest here, just like everything in life, to be successful, to be good in something, we need to have a mentor. HOw do you expect to be good in what you do without guidance? If he change his attitude, he'll be a good golfer. He has the talent but waste it all with his attitude....

7. We sometimes feel angry when we talk about the lack of jobs for our citizens. There are jobs. Thousands of them. But we gave em all to the foreigners. Who are we to blame?

8. Let's not get started with our driver's attitude on the road. Almost everyone turns into a maniac whenever we put our hands on the steering wheel. Sometimes, I felt scared to even drive nowadays.......That's one of the reasons I don't ride anymore.....

9. In the working environment, we are bound to come to the office at the stipulated time and are expected to perform our job till 5 or 6pm. Unfortunately, from I what I saw, if some of us can't come to the office before 830am and left the office at exactly 530pm, how are we going to be competitive? It is even worse when a portion of our working time is being used to surf the internet.....

10. We do like to question, why is A is better then me? Why is he driving a larger car? Why is he living a bigger house? Why...why ....why?'s because he works harder. It's because his or her parents gave their support. It could be many reasons and one of it I'm pretty sure is due to his or her positive attitude in life....We always see the end result but we do not see the progress that he or she has made in reaching his or her goal....

Those are just a few experiences I had when we are talking about some of our attitude. I kinda agree with Syed Akhbar when he mentioned the issue is not related to race, religion or education. It's all about the attitude...

If we can change our attitude just a little bit, who knows, we might a better person then we think we are....

Monday, October 4, 2010

how strange.....ehh...

Isn't it funny whenever I spoke about having assets or make some savings, you're not interested...You just said...'my salary is too low..that's the reason I can't buy a property'...'wait till I get my raise'....

You then said....My friends bought a condo for RM200k. Another friend bought a condo for RM300k. So I said...why don't you buy a flat and take it from there....always the conversation just ended with silence....

To be's not THAT difficult to buy a property. But, in a order to buy a property, you must have a little bit of capital. To have a capital, you need to have some savings. See...all these things are need to have something to achieve something....

First and foremost, please, please save your money. Do it now. That's the very basic that you have to do....

You complained that your pay is too low...which I doubt very much. A friend of mine who's earning just below RM1500 has got 2 flats that he rented out for investment are telling me that with you current salary of almost RM3k is too low?

Perhaps, take a look back at your monthly commitments. You should cut all your unnecessary expenditures. If you can't afford to pay your monthly car installments, then perhaps, you gotta do something about it. Change to a smaller car. Learn to be a little bit more discipline. I know the fact that you have lots of credit cards debt as a result from buying unneccesary things.

There are help available around you but people can't help you if you don't help youself first. Change your attitude for a start. Learn to be a more responsible person.

You always spoke about your friends have this and that. My question is, what's stopping you from doing it yourself? Blaming it on others won't help.....

Take control of your life man........

Investment : Questions .....

What would be the percentage of your monthly income that you think that you have to put aside for your savings & investments?

How do you allocate your monthly earnings to different types of investments?

How do you choose the right investments to invest?

How strong are you in dealing with risks?

What kind of returns are you expecting from your investments?

Does bad investments exist?

How do you diversify your investments?

Do I need to diversify?

Who you should talk to especially when you are talking about investments?

What kind of advice would you seek in becoming an investor?

Why is it important for one to invest?

Where would you wanna be in 10 years time?

HOw much do you really need in 15 years time?

How do you financially secure your children's future?

Any savings on the children's education fund set up yet?

Does RM1 today gives you the same value in 2 years time?

Any concrete retirement plans especially for yourself yet?

How many good debts are you having?

How many bad debts are you carrying?

Heard of the saying 'I'm stuck in the RAT RACE'

Should you even bothered to think about these questions?

If you are concerned about these questions, take a few minutes and answer the questions in your own way, then decide what's best for you...

Wake up & smell the coffee eh..............

Have a nice day....

P/S: I'm currently reading a book by Robert Kiyosaki entitled 'Retire Rich, Retire Young'. I guess, most people has read the book at one point or another.

The questions that were asked in the book were good and it helps me (especially) in seeking answers to my questions....'s all about leveraging...................

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting Tired...

I'm getting tired of having to 'quarell' with idiots who doesn't know how to drive & park their cars at the designated spaces.

Every single day for the last couple of years, I have to put up with all these attitude of drivers who are unable to pay for their carpark....

I'm thinking of getting a bike....maybe a scoot....hehehe....

Should I?.......

I'm thinking of getting this .......a Taiwan made scoot....

See lah, maybe the end of the year.....

Kenduri Kahwin lagi...........

Last Saturday was my sister-inlaw's wedding. The preparation for the wedding was done about a few months ago.

I really admire my wfie's family for organizing the wedding all by themselves. Not just organizing, but actually cooking all the foods for 1000 odd people by themselves. That's not an easy thing to do eh? With the majority of people will opt for hiring a caterer to prepare the foods, but they actually do it themselves. Even up to the point of washing the dishes!!! It takes a mega effort man.......thumbs up to 'em.

It was an experienced for me actually. During my sister's wedding a couple of months ago, my parents decided that only the nikah ceremony to be held at our house and the majlis bersanding to be held at a hotel. It sounded easy but it caused a lot of stress & headache to my parents. To a certain point, to me & my wife as well. Heheheh

So, I couldn't imagine what would be the stress like for Mak & ayah (my parents in law) for organizing the wedding all by themselves....

Anyway, the nikah was done on Friday night. It was attended by close family members only. I thought it was a simple ceremony. So to Asman, welcome to the family!!!

The bersanding was held on Saturday afternoon. The weather was very kind to us actually. Not too hot. It was very cloudy to be honest..The guest started coming in from 12pm and it lasts till about 5ish. Man....I can't remember how many hands I shook or the faces that I met that day. This is how a malay wedding should be. Actually, it was a totally different 'concept' from my sister's 'modern' themed a few months ago....Of course, this is where all the families would come together to not just to celebrate but to help out the organizers...hehehehehe....To all the families, thank you for helping!!

Anyways, enjoy the pics...

Rendang Tok

Anjang (Ketua ke?)

(The pelamin)

(Pasangan Pengantin.....)

Dear...oh Dear...

What happened to Liverpool last night eh? They were pissed poor. So poor that even a team like Blackpool can win at Anfield!!!!

That was a bad performance. A very bad performance. There were only 2 'pool players who looked like they care about the club last night and it was the big greek fella & pepe. The rest, Gerard included were a disgraced...

Don't get started with that 18-million pound world class defender, Glen Johnson. He can't defend at all!! Both goals were resulted of his mistakes........

Pouslen, what were you doing laddie? You've actually made Lucas a better player then he thought (he still sux anyways)

What was hodgson thinking went he decided to play that portugis boy out on the right when everybody knows that he is far more comfortable playing in the middle? Why does the recent liverpool managers likes to play their players out of their 'original' posistions? For example, Gerard Houlier plays Kewell on the right wing instead of the left, Rafa Benitez plays Kuyt on the right instead of being a striker??...That jovanovic guy is a striker la weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

Oh my god, Kuyt, what were you doing last night lah bro? can't even stop the ball correctly kah? There were too many times that your passes didn't even reach its intended ck ck ck ck

Can't really blame N'gog for not scoring as he had to come down and help the midfielders instead...........

Damn you Liverpool....Damn You!!!

At least, if you played your hearts out, with pride & passion, the fans wouldn't mind accepting the defeat. But last night epitomizes everything that went wrong with the club now....

If the team continue to play like last night, we can say bye-bye to the premiership! The team deserves to be relegated!! The current league table doesn't lie. We are at we are supposed to be based on our recent performances. 6 points from 7 games?

Jeeeeeeeezz....never before I felt so sick watching my fav team played so bad like last night. ...

Rant over....