Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OD updates

Remember my posting sometime in May about me applying for an additional OD. Well, yesterday I had to make a quick visit to Maybank and have to re-signed a new letter offer because of some mistakes from the bank's part. What an absolute joke!! If I can remember correctly, the previous letter offer was dated on the 12th of May so since the last few weeks or so I've been calling the bank and ask them why wasn't my OD being disbursed.

The answer given was the original offer letter contained a few 'minor' mistakes. The bank apparently didn't noticed that I have an OD account with them so when I applied a new OD application, they thought I was asking for new account (instead of adding the new OD application with the current OD amount that I have). The bank also said that in June, PNB decide to stop any OD application that was pledged via the ASB certificate...

Anyhoos, hopefully, now that everything is settled, they bank can release my money so that I can be orang kaya. Hahahahahahaha. No lah, it's important for me and everyone else to have an alternative back-up cash in hand. It's not that I wanna use it but who knows I might need it to buy my next property or maybe (just maybe) my new bike...heheheheheh

Have a good week ahead...

SNP Signed!!!

After waiting for quite awhile, I finally signed the SNP agreement for my 3rd property yesterday at a lawyer's office in Damansara Intan!!

Wooohooo....enough of buying properties for this year (I think). I am now planning for my next purchase(s)for next year. Hope to get one or two more properties that ranges from RM150k-RM250k. As of now, I've identified few good places and hope all is well when I decide to buy the next time around...

Monday, July 27, 2009


The Star newspaper reported about 100 used to be Malaysians staged a peace march to lobby for British Citizenship...

You can view it here

Well I would like say to them, why would they wanna be british after being born here? Anyhoos, too bad they are stateless, and I hope they remain stateless forever!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, during one of my daily visit to Gleneagles Hospital, myself and some family members went to this rather cool arabian restaurant somewhere near Kelab Aman. It's a little bit pricey but the food was fabulous!!

THe next time I'm going to this place, I'll make sure that I go there with a seriously empty stomach!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Last Saturday, courtesy of my cousin, I received 2 tickets to watch the super-stars of Manyouss playing against the supposedly under-23 National team. Being a Liverpool fan, I'm not going to spend RM98 of my hard earned money to watch them play. As mentioned above, thnx to my cuz, jo for the free tickets. Hehehe

So, I went to the mega stadium at bukit jalil with my sister, together with my little cuz, nazmi (who happens to be jo's brother). Met jo at the Red Gate to send nazmi as they have the RM308 seats. Wow!!

The stadia was full at about fifteen minutes past five in the evening. I then wondered, would it be nice if the stadium is always full whenever the national team plays. Anyway, since it's been awhile that I last saw the national team play, I decided to get myself a nice Malaysian scarf!! It seems odd to see that there were so many Malaysians wearing the Man Utd jerseys/caps/scarf/etc but you can actually count the ones that actually wears the national colours. Talking about worshiping the west eh?

Well, being the current world club champion does have it's advantage eh? Even when the players went out for the warming up session, the fans were screaming as if they've seen God or something. Hahahahaha..

For me though, it was an opportunity to see the players that I've always seen on TV. The last time they were here was back in early 2000 if I'm not mistaken. That time, the national team was hit badly with 6 goals to nothing. Kasihan dehhh...This time, I didn't know what to expect but as the match goes on, I'm kinda impressed with the national players. At least, during the match they play with confidence. Quite different from the style of play that the national team used to adopt in the past. Even though they lost, the team played well in my opinion.

Maybe, this team should face more competitive match like this for them to grow and improve. We've been the laughing stock for so many years and it's about time someone do something about it. (Even our PM were expecting that we were to lose by bigger margin!-come on Dato' Seri, have faith in your own people will ya!!)

I'm not an expert but I do like to see our country do really well in football. Perhaps, FAM must have realistic aims for the national team to achieve. We don't have to qualify for the world cup as yet but qualifying for the ASIA cup is much important. Having said that, we should aim to be the champions of South East Asia and take it from there. The organizing structure must be solid as well as the competition committee must be firm and authoritative.

Have a nice day...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The passing of a great lady

My dearest grandma whom I called atok wok passed away peacefully in her sleep at 6.20am 14th July 2009, Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre. She was 79 years old. Her daughters, Aunty Nah and Aunty Nor were beside her during that time.

She was brought back to Muar at 0900am and being the first grandchildren, I accompanied her throughout the journey in the van jenazah together with my little cousin from ampang, MAT. Reached Muar at about half past 11.

All of her 11 children were there in Muar. Almost all of her grandchildren were there as well (about 36 of us). Her 2 great-grandchildren were there too.

She was buried in Tanah Perkuburan Bakri shortly after zohor and alhamdulillah, everything was very smooth.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the wishes and condolences.

Al-Fatihah & Moga Rohnya di tempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Tok Wok...

Today will mark the 1st week that atok has been warded to Gleneagles hospital in Ampang. Last week on Tuesday, she was admitted to the HDU (High Dependency Unit) and was discharged only on thursday to the normal ward. So for the last few days, myself and the rest of our big family has been going back and forth to the hospital to visit her and spend some time with her.

Atok no longer have the strength to walk or even stand nowadays. If I can remember correctly, atok's health has been severely deteriorating since kecik's cukur jambul in 2007. Then, towards the middle of 2007, the doctor said her kidney is failing and she will have to undergo CAPD (Continous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis) . This CAPD thingy needed to be done every night. Obviously she was quite upset but it needed to be done.

Various discussion among family members were done on where to place her for her nightly treatment. It was agreed that she would spend a few months at my aunt's house in Ampang and a few months in my mom's place in D'sara. It was also agreed that she can go back to her home in Muar for a couple of weeks. During her stay in mom's place, I can see that Ibu was always trying her level best to comfort her. Sometimes, I can see the tiredness from my mom in taking care of atok. During those times, we tried to get ourselves a maid, but unfortunately, the maids buat perangai. One after another.

In my aunt's place in Ampang, which atok preferred to stay for some reason, she was very well taken care off. We would sometimes go and visit her and talk to her but sometimes she gets so moody for no apparent reason. Of course, when you are sick, you're bound to be moody so that what happened to atok I think.

Things took a severe turn for the last month or so. DUring my mom's surprise party, atok decided to tag along and during the 'party', she looked very pale and tired. Then, my sister and my aunt came back from the US for their summer holidays. That was the last time I saw atok walking about. 2 weeks ago she was admitted because she said she can't breathe. She was then discharge the next day as the doctor said she was ok to go home. Just a week after that, this time she was admitted to HDU unit as her blood pressure was very low.

I only got to know the seriousness of her illness recently. I was told that her heart is now 20% functioning. Basically, it's failing. Previously, her kidneys had failed and now her heart. Wifey said, that's one of the reason that she loses weight drastically. IF i'm not mistaken, she only weighs around 29-30kg as yet yesterday.

Last night, was the night when her doctor call for a family meeting. When I was told about it earlier, I felt strange. The doctor finally said that, in terms of medical care, they have done all they can. THere is nothing more that they can do. Atok is now on 10 day anti-biotic medication (due to some fungus infection near her stomach) and once she completes her 10 day anti-biotic medicine, she can go home.

Obviously, I'm sad over it. Like I mentioned, i've be goin to the hospital since day one she was admitted and will continue doing so if time permits. Later on this evening, I'm gonna bring kecik to visit her. Kecik pun asyik tanya 'nenek' mana..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Period Ended 30th June 2009

So, what have we done with our lives for the past 6 months?

Any improvements made?

Mistakes made along the way?

Any regrets on the decisions that you've made?

Did you make any new friends? Or any enemies made?

How often do you update your facebook/twitter account?

Any profits/loss made on your investments?

For me though, I have to admit I've made a few mistakes and fortunately everything went well towards then end. I've also made some tremendous improvements in some aspect of my life and I still hope that it will keep on improving. I can sense that the momentum is there so what I need to do is just to keep my chin up and go with the flow...

Since we are going into the 2nd half of the year 2009, i think it is time to 'boost' up any plans that you might have. For example, for the last couple of months you have saved RM500, so let's try save RM750 per month. AN extra of RM250 of saving per month. (RM1500 for the next 6 months). Possible kan?

I had a small discussion with the wife on our plans for the next 6 months and we have decided that we should save as much as possible to prepare ourselves for our target for next financial year. I am contemplating of tanam cili at the back of my house. Not for business though, but for fun. WHo knows what will happen kan? Let's see how it goes for the next couple of weeks....

Sometimes, it is always good that you take a step back in order for you to move forward. Take out a piece of paper and write down what you have done for the last few months and see for yourself the results. THe best thing is that, you might not be happy with the results but you can always change the plan to suit your needs. First and the most important point is, you just have to decide what you want at the end of the day...

Have a nice day