Sunday, July 31, 2011


Selamat berpuasa to everyone!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Malaysia v Singapore ...after the game

My thoughts:

1. It was brilliant to be part of the 90,000 fans singing Negaraku
2. It was wonderful to see so many Jalur Gemilang being 'flown' by the fans
3. Singaporean players are bunch of weak sissies. They fell down easily. I guess, our players are much more professional in that sense. I don't think Singapore can go far in the World Cup Qualifying
4. I was wondering why we were playing long balls and crossings on so many occassion despite the fact we have limited aerial presence up front. It was very clear to see that we don't have the height and aerial abilities to match those Singaporean defenders.
5. King Raja took a mega risk by playing that Zaquan fella and I think it back-fired.
6. The team depended a wee bit too much on Safee Sali. No doubt, he's a brilliant footballer, but there's only so much he can do.
7. Hope the team can learn something from this 'defeat' and play better the next time
8. Teruskan perjuangan mu Harimau Malaya. Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban!!

Whatever being said, I 'enjoyed' watching the game last night although it can be frustrating at times. I guess, I played a small part in the national football history. I can say that I'm part of the 90,000 people in the stadium. That's a very good crowd to be honest!! Hahahaha....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pikir lagi........

Now that I own several properties, I can no longer take up a housing loan under my name as I have so many loan commitments. Obviously with the recent Bank Negara's instruction and ruling, it makes it harder for me to purchase one or two more properties...

Hence, it got me thinking, how am I going to add a few more with all these restrictions around me. I To be honest, I would love it if I can add up a few more before I reach the age of 35. Hehehe. Anyways, I thought of using my wife's government loan to purchase at least one but decided not to as we want to save it to buy our dream home. Plus, I can have the option of using someone else's name but for me, it doesn't sound right and I yet to have the interest in using someone's name to buy a property for my own gain.

I've spoken to some friends and they say now it's not the right time to buy new properties. I don't know whether to agree or not to agree. For me, it's about having the capital and buying at the right price and right location. Of course property prices in Klang Valley especially have risen to an unbelievable level. At times when I take a look at the property listings in the media, I would shake my head in disbelief. Maybe I'm wrong but it's getting harder and harder to buy properties nowadays. One of the major cause would be the price....

So, the question is, how will I be able to add a few more properties under my belt? I was thinking the other day, should I open up a company and 'transfer' all my properties into that company? Can I do that? Is it permissible? If I'm allowed to that, maybe, just maybe, it can free up some space in my loan commitment, which will then allow me to buy another property. Errr...sounds confusing lah....Am I confusing my self? I doubt whether the bank will allow such things.

I better start putting my thinking cap on. There must be a way out of this. There must be a loophole somewhere and somehow.....

Have a good day


Just thinking about something not-so-important.....

9/11 was said to be committed by some Muslim Terrorist (as claimed by the western media)

What about the attack on Norway?

Malaysia v Singapore

I'm sooo looking forward for tomorrow's game against them.

No doubt, we lost the first game. That defeat was hard to digest to be honest. Seriously though, I do not know what went wrong in the first half especially the young back 4. This was the same back 4 that played in the AFF Cup a couple of months ago.

Anyways, hope the boys can play better tomorrow. We'll be at home and if they believe in themselves and keep a positive mentality, they'll progress.

It's gonna be difficult to score 2 goals but I think they can do it. We don't mind losing but please, at least with dignity lah. Do your best and hopefully we'll succeed.

So go out there, play your hearts out yaa..

Good luck Harimau Malaya!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How I managed to save RM40 a month


I wash my own car. Nowadays, averagely it'll cost about RM10 to wash your car. So, assuming there's 4 weeks in a month, and you wash your car every week, you can save RM40 per month. That's RM480 per year. If you put that amount in your ASB you'll get about RM38 (assuming a div of 8%)....

Another good thing of washing your own car is that, it can be a good exercise for you. It's not easy to be honest. At least 1 hour of 'working out'.... Hahahaha. You'll appreciate your car more if you wash it yourself.....

Have a good day......

Ha?...Max speed of 242km/h?.......

Monday, July 18, 2011

Not another Dive trip


Yup!! It was another great dive trip for me. Again, it was in Tioman. Some might ask why Tioman? my answer will be the cost factor. It's cheaper.........:P

Anyways, the only difference this time was, I dive with Sealantis. It was the first time that I joined em. A good friend of mine wanted to do his Advance Open Water course with Sealantis so that was how I ended up there. Hehehe

I had a great time to be honest. Diving with new people and obviously got to meet new friends along the way. I even managed to talk some serious issues with one of Paya Beach Resort Management team who happens to be a nice Singaporean chap. It was great to hear his ideas on making the place better than what it is now. That's what I call continuous improvement. Obviously, I hope to learn a thing or two from him. We can never stop learning kan?

Anyways, back to diving, I did a total of 7 dives including 1 night dive. I've been to most dive sites bar one, Sawadee Wreck. It's a deep dive of about 30 meters. The vis wasn't great as it reminded me of Pulau Sembilan and we were at the bottom for less than 15 minutes. Not bad lah.

Oh by the way, I tested my recently purchased regulators and I'm deeply happy with the performances. It was a good investment to be honest!! Heheheheh...

Since ramadhan is coming up real soon, I would think that this was the last trip to Tioman this year. It'll be difficult to dive after Raya as most of us will be busy with open house and stuff. Before we know it, it'll be October and that's when the monsoon starts! Perhaps, it's a good time to plan to dive in Sipadan or Raja Ampat or Pulau Weh.....hehehehe

Anyways, enjoy the pics...

Some strange looking fish

Myself and Funny (Sealantis Instructor)

Lion Fish

Some flathead fish I found during the night dive

Yup...yours truly

Have a good week everyone!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

10 Central Midfielders?...

Currently, Liverpool FC has loads of CMs. Names like Raul Meireles, Steven Gerarrd, Lucas, Spearing and Alberto Aquilani should ring a bell. DOn't forget Jonjo Shelvy and that new kid Jordan Henderson as well. That's like 7 top class central midfielders chasing 2 spots in the first eleven (if King Kenny decides to play 4-4-2). Ohh...not to forget that Danish Joe Cole......

And now.....Charlie Adams, seems to be the latest addition to the squad. To be honest, I'm happy that this dude will be coming to the team. So, the team now has 10 CMs in the team. That's something that other team should be envy of....hehehehe..

Kenny will have some mega thinking to do in re-shuffling the midfield areas. Of course, new people brings new ideas and different style of play. Adams for me, can be the 'Vinnie Jones' of Liverpool. The team needs someone to be the hardman. It used to be Mascherano but after he left, the job was left to Lucas & Spearing at times. Obviously I'm not a fan of Blackpool but at times when I got to watch Blackpool plays, this guys seems to be the heart of the team. Not bad for a one time Rangers-reject eh?

Having said that, I'm excited to see the variable options that the team now have. Quite solid on paper though. To be honest, I'm glad to see Aquaman back to Liverpool. I think, he's a better player than Raul. Maybe, 3 of the 9 players will have to go. If it's up to me, then, Poulsen, Cole and Raul should go. At least, these 3 players in my opinion still has some values in them.

Anyways, if Liverpool can put another 2 additions especially a back up striker and a solid left back, I would think that Liverpool can actually compete with the top 5 teams next season. Now that Insua has come back from Turkey, he should be a good back up to Fabio. (Not konchesky though...he's just not good enough to be playing for Liverpool).

I can't wait till the season starts though and obviously, looking forward the boys here in KL in 2 weeks time...Maybe, it's good time to start believing again......and I can't help to say that Roy Hodgson is an idiot...hahaha

Replacing the strap

One of my most trusted diving equipment is my dive comp. It helps me to measure the time of my dives as well as the depth. Almost after every dive, I'll check my dive comp to see my dive profile i.e whether I'm ascending too fast or too slow. Basically, it helps me in improving my diving skills for each dive as each dive is different (even though you've dive the same spot but it'll different experience each time)

Prior March this year, my last dive was at Pulau Sembilan and after that trip, my D4 strap somehow 'broke' or snapped into two. Hence, with the help of cable ties, I managed to tie it back together and use it. Initially, I refuse to buy a new set of strap cause it was expensive in the first place. Hence, I kept on using it for the next couple of trips until the strap keep on snapping from one side to another and can't be used anymore. No amount of cable ties can help in fixing the straps.

So, during the Dive Expo, I managed to grab a replacement strap, which was obviously cheaper than the price available at some stores. I didn't bring the dive comp with me during the expo hence, decided to send the dive comp together with the strap to a scuba shop in hartamas. The dude told me that it'll take them 5-6 days to replace the straps as the tech-man was away in Bali and will only be back next week. I said, I can't afford to wait till next week as I wanna use it this weekend. So, he asks me to check another shop which was about 10 minutes walking distance. Hence, I went there and met the shop rep and he told me, he can't do it as he ain't got the tools. At this time, I was a bit pissed and wondering why bother opening up a shop that can't help a customer's simple and straight forward request.

I then made my way to the office and went to an old-fashion watch shop and bought some tools so that I can replace the strap myself. And guess what, the tools only costs me RM10. HAhahaha. In the end, I spent almost 10 minutes to replace 'em straps. Quite a straight forward thingy to be honest....hahaha. At times, some things you just have to do it

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dive again!!...

I'm looking forward for another dive trip over the weekend....

Can't actually wait to try my new regulator set that I ordered from the States. It took almost 3 weeks before the stuff arrived safely at my home. Prior to this, I've been using a 'beginner-level' set of regulator and I felt the time has come to upgrade to a better regulator.

By the way, over the weekend, I made my way to PWTC to attend the Dive Expo that was held for the 6th time. Obviously met some friends and fellow divers and along the way made new friends as well.

I thought the event was good and there were many booths that were selling discounted products!! I even managed to grab some stuff that I was looking for a long-long time. I did ask wifey to be a diver but due to her time constraint she can only do it after completing her masters.

Anyways, like I said, I can't wait to wake up to a view like this in the morning. With everything that has been going around like crazy nowadays, I need to take a step back and re-charge myself. Who knows, I might change profession and be a professional diver one day. Hahahah. I'm seriously considering of going to Sipadan as I've never been there before. I'm planning to go there before the year ends. Some of my friends has asks me join 'em to dive trip in Bali but I can't make it this year. Maybe some other time lah....

This pic was taken from a friend who bought the same mask as I did....:)

Poseidon X-Stream

Anyways, originally, I planned to take up the EFR & Rescue course by PADI this month, but somehow my instructor has vanished into thin air. Hahaha. Perhaps, it's time for me to look for other instructor or maybe I will talk to the dive centre this week and see how it goes lah...

Have a good day everyone....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bersih ka?

I have a lot of thoughts with regards to this BERSIH thingy.

I'm somewhat confused as to what good does it bring to the country?

I'm still wondering, why do they insist in doing it in KL? I mean, why can't they do it somewhere like Batu Arang or Kota Bharu or Melor or Seberang Jaya or Gajah Mati or any where else except KL. Even worse, they wanna start in Kampung Baru. Mau cari pasal ka apa nih?

For me, we can shout, we can demo all we want until the cows come home. I believe, this country has all the opportunities for those who works hard and knows what he or she wants. It's just a matter of working hard and smart to get it.

Let's not kid ourselves pretending that all of us are living under oppression from the govt. Are we? We've progressed leaps and bounds for the last 30 years and yet some of us are unhappy. Funny at the same time amused. Especially when we talked about a party that supposedly fight for Islam but made a U-turn to be 'in-line' with some other party. I'm sorry and I might sound biased, but I've yet to see any positive developments made by the opposition parties to the betterment of the country as a whole. All I can see was street demo, inflicting hatred and match shouting.

Anyways, not gonna dwell so much about that, but the most important thing is, kalau nak ubah sesuatu benda tu, ubahlah diri sendiri dulu. Majukan diri sendiri dulu. Kalau ilmu tak cukup, pegi belajar lagi. Solat jgn lupa. Doa pun jgn lupa. Usaha pun jgnlah dilupakan.

Have a good day everyone...

Chinese Taipei vs Malaysia

Saw both games and this is what I can sum it all up.


The Malaysian team was lucky to progressed to the next round. These supposedly professionally paid Malaysian players can't even beat a team that consist of amateurish status players.

Well, having said that, there're still room for improvements. Obviously we have a long way to go before we can qualify for the world cup. I guess, the majority of us can accept any defeats but the most important thing is to lose with dignity.

Last night's performances was mixed. The team played well in patches but our backline concentrations were bad and awful. 3 penalties in a game?

King Raja, you've done well for the last couple of years and keep it going ya!!

I'm looking forward for the next game against Singapore. That'll be an interesting game. First of all, we should beat them. By hook or by crook...hehehe..

Anyways, have a nice week ahead...