Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tales of 2 person

During the rather long weekend, I managed to finish a book entitled 'The Magic of Thinking Big'. I think, it was the 3rd or 4th time I finished reading the book. I first had it when I started my job back home. Anyways, it's always good to read something that you've read before especially a book that contains words that can trigger your mind and make you feel that you can move a mountain. errrr...can you actually move a mountain?....

anyhoos, base on the book, I would like to tell a story. A real life story. Hope to make it short and simple. It's about 2 persons whom I know. Let's call the first one Mr A and the other one is a friend that I got to know through a friend. (A friend's friend)

Both guys were born in the same year and both finishes their high school. Mr A is a son of a successful business man and Mr P is a son of an obedient employee. Both came from a loving family. Upon finishing high school, Mr P went to University. Mr A, on the other hand, went to a university but then decided that the course wasn't suitable for him and he quits. He later join a different college and again, call it quits for some strange reason or another. Unfortunately, he went to few other colleges in the next few years when he finally gives up and decided to work.

Mr P, upon graduating, search for a job and he was employed in a good organization. Slowly and surely, he work his way up in the corporate ladder and starts savings from the very first month he started working. when he's had enough savings, he invested some of his savings in investment properties, shares, insurance, etc...(Not in one go though). He got married and this made him a better man as he works harder and became a better 'investor'. He did his job very well and as the year went by, he has a number of investments which has given him some good returns. Ultimately, at only the age of 30, he 'retires' from his job and decided to be a full time investor. He is now doing what he likes best, which is to be an investor. He even has his own small company to help him in doing what he likes doing.

Mr A, on the other hand, was then offered to work in his dad's firm. With just a high school certificate, he was offered a place. Nothing wrong with that I guess. He works of course but not because he likes the job but because he has to. Year after year, doing the same thing again, he once said 'I don't feel 'enthusiastic' going to work'. He comes in at 10 and maybe at 11 sometimes and went home early. For the X number of years that he has worked, he has not made any savings. He even terminated his monthly insurance payment as he claimed that his pay is not enough to pay for his life insurance. His credit cards bills has increased yet, he is just plainly accept the fact that he is not good. He sometimes complain that as he is not a graduate, his words will always fell into deft ears of the management and as long as he does his work and receives his pay at the end of the month, he will be ok. (again...nothing wrong with that).

The big question is, what is the difference between Mr P and Mr A? Is it luck or is it just purely attitude?

In my personal opinion, I think it's all about the attitude. I sense that Mr P is a positive and energetic man who knows what he wants and he is very determined to get there. He will make sure that his efforts bear fruits and his university certificate is of no use if he did nothing about it. Of course, he has paper qualification but what made him better was he uses his brain to think what he wanna do with his life rather than being a small fish in a big pond. What I meant was, instead of just resigned to his fate, Mr P decided to challenge himself and did what he was supposed to be doing....he believe he is better then what he is now....To a certain extent, I admire that guy. I don't worship him though but I do admire his 'struggle' and how focus he is in doing things.

Mr A, on the other hand, blames everything from the sky to the earth that everything connected to him is wrong. Mr A just succumb to what life hits him and do nothing about it. In short, he is resigning to fate. If anything ever go wrong, he will blame to fate. Furthermore, he always makes excuses when things are presented to him. For example, he don't have enough pay, he doesn't have a degree, etc.... Perhaps, he lacks that think called faith in himself. If only I can make some sense to him and to his head. If he is to continue his life doing what he did for the last couple of years, it will be quite difficult for him to handle other major things in life....

All of us were champions once remember. Of all that millions of sperms that our dad had during that faithful night with our mom, it was us that manage to get through our mom's egg. The strongest survived!!! We did it before and we are all here for a reason. And one of the reasons is not to be a failure....

So that's my story.....have a good week ahead

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Being in employment

I read a book by RObert Kyosaki a couple of years ago and I found it interesting. Especially when he wrote about money works for you instead you work for money. Of course, it's a concept that is easy to interpret but a wee bit harder than actually doing it.

So what I did was, I drew some charts based on my understand on some of the principles that he mentioned in his book. It is about being in employment, being self employed, business owner and of course, being an investor. As I have mentioned so many times in my previous postings, what I wrote here is purely based on my understanding and of course, I welcome any feedbacks from your goodselves...

Alrite then, let's take a look at being in employment.

Upon graduating (I hope everyone graduates but that is not the case in the real world), you are so upbeat about looking for a job. YOu search and search and starts submitting your CVs and so forth. After countless of interviews and some travelling, you managed to secure a JOB that you think that matches you. YOu're happy as it seems that your hard work is paying off. After the first month, you get your first pay check and you felt good. Then, it went on and on doing the same stuff till you get bored. You then search for another JOB that you think that can make you happier. So back to the same cycle. Sending CVs, Resumes and the lots. After a number of interviews, you again managed to secure a JOB at a better place and maybe perhaps a better pay.

By then, you may perhaps has purchased a car and you're living on your own renting somewhere in the city. After a few years, you get married and still being employed at the same place. You now have climbed the corporate ladder and you now sits at the managerial level. Being in the managerial level is always great but it comes with great responsibilities. You perhaps now spend lesser time at home but greater time doing work for your company. You now handles a number of employees under you and answer directly to the top management. If your downliner screws up, the top level management will scream at your head. Of course, office politics seems the norms these days and somehow and someone will certainly want your chair. (it's a dog eats dog world kan?) Receiving bonus at the end of the year is always great and for all your work that you have done, you think receiving 3 months bonus is good!!

Before you know it, you realised during your 40th birthday, you start thinking of doin something for your kids. I mean, their educations, their needs and wants, their weddings, etc...etc...Then you realised that with your current paycheck, it is just not possible to save your money. Everything that you earned, you used it to pay off your loans be it cars and houses and maybe personal loans. To make the matter worse, the company that you're working with is not doing well. One by one staff leave the company and the company seems to struggle to pay salaries. At first, the you get your paycheck once in 2 months and then it gets worse, once in 3 months and you decide you had enough. Again, at the age 40, you're back at where you started when you were younger. Sending CVs and Resumes. With all your experience, you expect to be highly paid. Corporations nowadays seems to one thing in mind. Maximum Profits with Minimum COsts. Hence, you will certainly costs them higher and things are not looking so bright. So what do you do? During this period, I'm pretty sure that majority of us has loans to pay and some mouths to be fed.

Ok, another simple scenario, upon graduating, you decided to stick with the same company or organization till the day you retires. Of course, once you retire, you will get some sort of memorablia from the organization. Perhaps a RM1000 worth of watch for all your 25-30 years of good service. Perhaps, you'll get yourself a golden handshake where the company says thank you and bye bye. What do you do after that? Again, by this time, you're already in your mid 50's. You still have to pay for your child's third level educations and what nots....

Let's take a look at the simple chart below:

Let me explain a wee bit on this simple chart.

I assume that you start working at the age 20 somethings where you first paycheck is about RM2k. Then you go to your 30s where you'll get a higher paycheck, perhaps about RM4k. Then into your 40s, another higher paycheck where I assumed to be about RM8k. Perhaps, upon reaching this age group, you'll hit a ''plateau''. Then we'll go into the golden years where you'll get a 5 figures salary (wow!!)Another couple of years then you retires.

What happens after you retires? What will be your income? Or your income suddenly becomes nil? Of course you'll have your EPF savings but will it be enough for you to continue to enjoy your lifestyles?

Anyhoos, that's the basic cycle of being in employment. Wake up, go to work, sleep. The same thing again until you retires. Life must be wonderful eh? Actually, I'm partly on those peeps that are currenty in this 'group'. I think most people are!

I'll do a write up on being self-employed later but for now, think about what I just wrote earlier. I guess, It is cool and alright to be in employment. You have more or less a secured pay and you know at the end of every month that you are gonna get paid. However, there are of course limitations that you can do with your monthly paychecks. Things like investments, educations, insurance, unit trusts, etc, etc...these things need money. And you have only so much that you can do. Think about it. How would a young graduate with a salary of RM2000 a month afford to invest in investments be it properties, unit trusts or whatever else? Taking into account his loan repayment on his car, rentals, phone bills, electricity bills, etc..etc...I guess, it's difficult eh?

Life can hit your hard sometimes and to be frank when reality kicks in, it will smack your face really, REALLY hard before you even notice it. It is sometimes difficult to put some sense in someone else's head about the reality of life but I think, what I just wrote earlier is for us to think really hard what we wanna do with our personal life. Of course, it is always great if you already knew what you want and you already have the necessary knowledge to assist you in getting there.

Of course, it would help if you have start saving when you're young. I wrote somewhere in my previous blogs, you'll need at least a saving of 30% of your monthly incomes. It may sound harsh but it is something that I believe everyone should do.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Looking at life thru a tire hub.....

Yeah....finally...managed to go to PNB and get certified!! This will be my 3rd time doing it. So tomorrow...another short visit the Bank to top-up my current OD facilities. Very nice!!! More things can be done if you have enough dough!!....

I think, I'm gonna pop down to cyberjaya during the weekends to do some 'soul-searching'. Hehehe....thnx for your tips ya Rohaniah!!!

Oh ya...the audit is almost complete. And yes, they did ask me the same lame and stupid questions all over again. The auditors seems so fresh and whenever I raise my voice a little bit, they looked like they wanna cry. Ck ck ck ck ck...very bad of me!!

Btw, the condo in Desa Melawati has yet to be rented out, so if any of you know anyone who's looking for a place to rent, tolong war-warkan yaaa......Tq in advance..
(the sooner the place is rented the better so that more plans can be executed). As Azizi Ali stated somewhere in his books, property investments is not a race. As long as you know where you wanna go and you know how to get there, that's enough. Heheheh. I know I said earlier in my previous blogs that I'm aiming to purchase another 2 this year. I think it's achievable but of course, a lot of other considerations that I need to think of...

Hrmm...over the weekend, i managed to read a couple of blogs with regards to properties, gold, ASB, investments, etc...I thought it was good and certainly I learnt new things and tips from people that I don't know. I think it's a very good way of sharing information and hope that those writers/bloggers keep on sharing ideas with the masses. Like them, I also hope to share my knowledge and stuff that I think that is useful and have some kind of impact to everyone!!

Have a good week...

Thursday, February 18, 2010



I'm no expert in this OD thingy but I was ask by a friend on how to calculate its interest. I'll try to answer as much as I can and forgive me if said anything wrong ya. Don't sue me!! Please....

Ok here goes....

First of all, let's get the correct understanding of an overdraft.

As stated in

''An overdraft facility is a formal arrangement with a bank which allows an account holder to draw on funds in excess of the amount on deposit. Overdraft facility financing is most commonly used by businesses as a way of making their working capital more flexible, although it can also be available to individuals. Banks which offer this service typically have a number of expectations from customers who use it, and it is important to be aware of these expectations before entering an overdraft facility agreement.

The idea behind overdraft facility agreements is that sometimes one needs a bit more money than is available on deposit to deal with various expenses. For example, a business which is always slow in March and April might like to use its overdraft facility to make payroll and keep current with all accounts and creditors. Or, a business might need to make a big one-time expense which exceeds the funds on deposit.

With an overdraft facility, people can repay the funds at their convenience. The bank may charge an overdraft fee for accessing the overdraft facility, and the interest rate can be higher than that for other types of loans. The bank also has the right to demand repayment in full. Balancing an overdraft facility wisely can free up capital and make people more stable financially, but unwise use can lead people into a spiral of debt which may be difficult to escape.

The amount of an overdraft facility is also curbed; people are not allowed to continually take money out and not repay it. The amount of the overdraft is usually pegged to account history and financial information, with the goal of ensuring that people do not end up borrowing more than they can realistically repay through an overdraft facility. The agreed limit can be negotiated with the bank, and some banks are willing to reevaluate if customers feel that their circumstances have changed.

Overdraft facilities provide flexibility and a bit of a buffer which can be used to ride through a period of hard times. However, other lending instruments may be more practical, and it is a good idea to talk about options for accessing lines of credit and loans with a bank staffer or financial advisor before making any firm choices. It is important to avoid making a financial choice which would be problematic later in the hurry to access funds to deal with a current problem''

Faham ka? Tak faham kalu, cuba baca balik........:p

Still, how do you calculate the interest charged dear master? (I'm no master you egget!!!) Ok here comes the million dollar answer..

I have to admit that I'm very bad in answering questions just by writing. Hence, I'm gonna give an example.

Here goes:

Mr Ariff has got about RM50000 of OD facilites from Abe Power bank. All this while he has not got the courage to use the OD facilities for some strange reason or another (strange kan?). So he was wondering what would be his total interest(at the end of the month) if he is to take out RM10k from his OD account. Let's assumed that he will pay the total money used (RM10k) at the end of the 30th day.

The answer is pretty straight forward. Let's do the math.

rm10000 x 5.55%/365 x 30 = RM42.21

In short, Ariff has got to pay RM42.21 at the end of the month for the usage of RM10,000. This Rm42.21 will keep on increasing if Ariff does not do any lodgements for the following days, weeks and months.

faham tak?...

For the second example, please have a look on the table below. A pretty basic calcuation on how the interest is being calculated.

Ok now, from the example above, you can see that Mr A has taken Rm5000 from his OD account on the very first day of the month. On the 3rd day, he took out another RM10,000 from his OD account. Hence, in the end of the 3rd day, his total interest would be about Rm3.80. As you can see from the table, Mr A has also made some lodgements into his account which helped him in lowering his interest charged. The trick here is, always, always put your money in your OD account to help you reduce your interest charged. The earlier the better. (that is if you ever use your OD facilities-having said that, why bother having an OD facilities if you don't use it...dennnggg!!!)

In fact, I have to admit, I managed to settle all my credit cards bills using this method and now I don't have any more headache as to how to settle my credit card bills. Instead of seeing the wording INTEREST CHARGED on the bills, I now see Outstanding Balance: Nil. Hehehe. very nice eh? In fact, I save loads of money using this method rather then paying 5% every month for the CC bills. Anyhoos, that is history and now that I learnt my lesson, I hope that all of you out there won't be in the situation that I was previously. Credit Card is a killer!!! Damn you!!!

Hope I have answer as to how the interest is being calculated. If ada salah dan silap adalah kerna kurangnya ilmu pengetahuan saya dalam bidang nih. This is what I understand for the time being...

By the way, just a point to note, having an od facility helps me a lot especially in terms of expanding my investments. ANd of course, having ready cash with you all the time can always be dangerous unless you're very, very dicipline.

Another subject that I wanna touch is, ways to reduce your OD interest.

Let's take the table calculation example again. We know that Mr A has taken a total of RM15k of his OD facilities. If Mr A doesn't put any lodgements until the end of the month, the total interest charged will be about RM68(+/-).

However, based on the table, you can see that he has made several lodgments during the course of 30 days. Now, instead of paying about RM70 for the interest charged, Mr A now only has to pay about RM44. That's a saving of rm26. Perhaps, RM26 will give you 2 days of good meals....hehehehe

So the trick is, lodge in what ever money that you receive to help lower your montly interest charged.

Masuk Cepat Keluar Lambat. Hehehe. Remember that key word!!

Have a good week ahead...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY weekend

What a weekend!!

I spent my CNY holidays with some friends for a diving trip to Tioman Island (again!!??). I even met Joe Wings during the trip and manage to get some good guitar tips directly from the man himself....

I thought it was a good & quick 'get-away' trip after not taking a holiday for quite a while. It's been six month I think the last time I took a short break.

Anyhoos, like I said, it was a good trip with good bunch of peeps. Nothing much to do as except for and dive and again!! Of course, I took some time at the island to think about what I'm gonna do for the next couple of months....

My 'batteries' are all charged up and some plans will be able to materialize in the next couple of weeks. Hope to be able to go to EPF's office today to enquire about some matters on my Account II. I also need to print my EPF statement.

Alright then, holiday's over and it's time for WORK!!..WORK!!...WORK!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Island Red Cafe...........................

A couple of days ago, I read a news with regards to this Island Red Cafe. Apparently the directors of the company were being charged of cheating a number of investors for an amount of more then RM1 million. (that's a lot of moolahh)..

Actually, this island red cafe is being run like an MLM/franchise kinda business. You eat and you get money. Wow!! You become a member and then you get some friends and families to join and get them to be a member, you can get money!! Wow!! Beautiful!! WOnderful!! Actually, the investors can be the shareholders as well. And then, the benefits seemed to be huge too.

On a personal level, I was once invited once to this cafe somewhere in Damansara by a friend of mine. Initially, I had no idea that this cafe is being run like a MLM/franchise business. Anyhoos, after I've done eating then only my friend started to tell me about the business. Ohh man. Not that I don't like MLM. I think it's one of the vehicle in generating side income, but I don't actually believe in the cafe's business concept. errr....get what i mean? Maybe, just maybe, I just don't understand what is it about anyway.

Anyhoos, like I mentioned earlier, the directors of the company now has pleaded not guilty of taking other people's money. Well, they have since collected the money anyways. God only knows what they do with the money

Talking and writing from a part-time investor's point of view, I thought, to invest in such a business concept which looks good and promising on paper requires a lot more then your normal 'consideration'. The amount involve might be small but it is still money right? You wanna invest, make sure that your investments will give some returns in the future. If no returns, then that's not investments, that's just ignorant. Hehehehe....

Back to the Red Island Cafe, i do not know whether my friend is still involve in the business but I sure wish him well!! In fact, another friend of mine got involve with this business as well but with a different restaurant/name. Never did I thought that the mamak concept kan do a-MLM....hehehe

Wanna do MLM? Go ahead and make sure you pick the right company. There are thousands out there I think but choose wisely. It's not about making your upline richer but it's about having an oppportunity to better yourself.

Have a nice weekend.

Oh by the way...Gong Xi Fa Chai to everyone.....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Last night, I went to visit a tenant. Just a casual visit and some chit-chatting. 'building relationship'' la kata orang. So one of the topics that we chat was about auction.

When I bought this place just over a year ago, there were a lot of units that were empty. I was a little bit surprised when I reached there last night, man...the place is full of people and activities. It reminds me of some place in Bandar Sri Permaisuri. The tenant seemed to enjoy themselves living there (which is good to hear)

When I bought that place via auction lah, I managed to get a reserve price of RM43k. It was ok actually. But now, the tenant has told me, that they saw an ad for an auction at the same building going for RM66k. Mannn...that's like RM20k increase....I was thinking to myself....This is kinda cool. You get it 'cheap', your tenant pays your monthly installments and service charges and you get to bank-in some profits as well. What more do you want? Life is good eh?

And then, I was thinking, if only I could have perhaps 10 more (errr...a bit too much la 10-but still do-able) properties like this, I can shake my leg everyday man. Hahahaha. Nahhh...I was only joking. If you don't work hard, you won't get anything. That's the truth!!

Anyway, coming back to this property of mine in Bndr Sri D'sara, I'm somewhat surprised as to what difference can a year make. What used to be RM40k and now it is RM60k. THat's an auction price. The market value will certainly be slightly higher if not more. Should I refinance ka? Or...Should I sell?...and the re-invest in some place else?

By the way, the tenant has indicated that they want to re-new their tenancy agreement. Which is nice to hear. So, to make them happy, I'll prepare the agreement later and get 'em to sign. Woohoooo....

Have a nice day...

Monday, February 8, 2010


Sometimes we see and hear people talk about the glory days. They really talk with a lot of pride together with a pinch of arrogance. Stating this and that. How much they get, bla bla bla, you get the idea......... but when it matters most, they suddenly frooze like a little cat...they turned if suddenly hulk has turn from green to white....

so...lesson learnt is....always....ALWAYS be humble. Can't actually remember when Tan Sri Syed MOkhtar even said a word about how great he is in making millions in his businesses. Life is funny. Sometimes you're up...and sometimes you'll down in the drain.....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dreadful Part of the year begins...

I somehow hate February.

WHy eh? Partly, it's a short month. This month will be full of holidays. We only have 28 days in February. There are 4 off days in this month. The first being The FT day, the chinese new year (some of us will take a week off) and then there's Prophet Muhammad's birthday. Hence, that's left us with 24 days. Less 8 days of weekends, which left us only 16 working days. That's a minimum of 128 hours of solid work. Talk about being productive eh?

Another part is, the auditors are coming. Damn you eggheads!! Every year they will come with different 'team' and ask a lot of stupid questions. This year, I'm gonna scream my lungs out if they ask more stupid questions agains. psssttt...they kept on asking the same thing all over again, year after year. Egget!!!

Aother's more related to work (again)...being a short month, principals will use the excuse (the short month) that they will be a little late with their payments. urrrggghhhhhhhhhh....another stress!!! People nowadays want good service but not ready to pay for it....We did our job and now pay us our money!!!

Actually kan, nak off topic sikit, is it our nature to pay cheaply for something good? Err...I sense that it is true to a certain extent. We always said we want to have good things in life but in reality we are not prepared to pay for it. Irony eh? (I also learnt that you get what you pay for)...Especially in the industry that I'm involved in. We are charging peanuts and they still wanna chop off some things. Maybe one day if they're on their own, they will understand our position...

here's to the start of the week..yey!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Orang Muda boleh pakai BMW

I saw a status update of my cousin in Facebook. She said something like this in her status updates: just saw an ad: orang muda boleh pakai BMW.

It certainly caught my attention though. The creator of that ad must be somekind of a brilliant egghead. For me, by using BMW as a car when you are young, what does that show? Obviously, it'll show you have loads of money, have a successful business or maybe, it's mama's or papa's car.

What I can't grasp is, why would the author/creator wanna write an ad something like that? Is that what matters? Does that tagline sells? Well, maybe it does to some but certainly not me. Perhaps, owning or driving flashy cars might be the dream for some. I dream of it as well, but I don't dwell on it as I think, flashy cars means money..moolahh...and if you have loads of it and if you don't know what to do with the money, get yourself a nice BMW.

How much does a BMW costs (in MYR) nowadays eh? Since I drive an out-dated Honda, I wouldn't have a clue as to how much it costs. I would assume that it'll cost around RM250,000. Maybe that for the 3 Series lah. Ok...Let's further assumed that you are so eager to get a BMW and you decided to for the 320 Model. The price wud be around RM250k. The downpayment is usually 10%. So it means, you have to pay RM25000 for the downpayment. Let's again assumed the interest charged by the bank is 3% by Abe Power bank and the repayment period is for 7 years (84 months). Hence, the monthly commitment that you have to pay for owning the BMW is about RM3,241. Betul ke?...Maybe interest ada yg lower kot. I don't know....

Huh...banyak tuh..So monthly commitment to your car is RM3,241. Ideally, a car loan shouldn't be more than errr....30% of your total monthly income. It means, that the minimum that you should earn in a month to get you to drive the damn car conmfortably is about RM11,000. Still, you have not taken into consideration the living expenses, the fuel, the rent, astro, phone, etc...dennngg............

Wow....i guess, it's not easy to own of those flashy cars eh. I can only admire for those who can afford such luxury. Of course, sometimes, I do have the urge to buy but, I don't think it's worth the headache.

Plus, although I agree some part of the the tagline: Org muda boleh pakai BM,. Beli boleh but maintaining it would be a problem. (unless you buy it through a company that will be a better idea as your debt exposure is minimised and can be used to build something else) Paying loan of about RM3k per month for a depreciative asset is like throwing money into the fire. You'll never get it back. Hehehe. You can say bye-bye to it.

Again though, I'm just thinking and writing from my point of view. Perhaps, my opinion is taken from what I'm experiencing daily as I have a couple of friends that drives flashy cars (but sometimes complain about paying the monthly installments). If it is me, I wouldn't mind paying thousands of ringgit for my properties as I know, 99% of the time, it will gimme a positive returns at the end of the day (it will better if someone else pays for the loans). I wouldn't wanna do something that I will regret and ending up on the losing side and make the banks richer by a few thousands.

err....have a nice day...and orang muda boleh pakai BM. So what...........?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 it is...

Life as some might say, is not always rosy.

Sometimes, at some point, one of us has gotta take some risk and learn from whatever mistakes that we will make along the way. It sux but it's the reality though.

There are lots of things I wanna do but due to some reason or another, I've been very complacent. 31 days of 2010 has gone and there are things that I should've done but nothing was done. Hahaha.

Perhaps, I'm not the risk-taker type of person. Hence, I thought, it will be good (in my opinion) that I should take a little bit of risk this month and see how far I can go.

I really need to be super discpline from this month onwards. I guess, this will be the month that I'm gonna utilize my Overdraft facilities (which was never fully utilized up till the end of Jan 2010).

These are things that I will get myself involve in the next couple of weeks.

1) 1 property auction (maybe another one depending on Thursday's result. Of course, auction meants, legal fees, outstanding taxes, electrics, water, etc....) Anyway, it's a JV project so this could be fun!!!
2) Furnishing my condo at Ikram...('s been months and I've yet to get hold of my keys)...fully furnished that is....

Not a lot eh? Well, I will assumed that it will involve about RM15k of my money to make sure that these two things are running smoothly...That's a lot of money (for me though!!)

OK, enough of's time for some action....

errr.....I still have not made the visit to PNB as yet....suddenly..i'm re-considering my plans to take some of my OD cash to be put into my ASB.....should i or just scrap it off?....hrmmm....

Monday, February 1, 2010

A new project commences.... the title goes...a new project starts today....

of course it involves the purchase of a property. let's see how it goes...don't know what our chances are though...but again...tak cuba tak tau..



-updated 4th Feb-
unit targeted has been called off...more to come soon