Thursday, June 23, 2011

Olympic Qualifying....

Went to the stadium to watch the young tigers against Lebanon last night.

Alhamdulillah we won the game by the scruff of the neck. Pretty lucky too to be honest.

It was good to see so many people at the stadium despite the fact it wasn't the national team was playing. Nevertheless, I thought, it was a good turnout...

I'm looking forward to go watch the national team next week against Taiwan. Hope we can play well enough to meet Singapore in the next round....

Have a good weekend....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Zulkifli Nordin....I salute you

I like this guy. I really do.....

Been following his blogs and speeches for quite awhile now....His blog posting yesterday pretty sums up what I felt about what's going on in the country for the past few days.'s what he wrote....


Kalau benar tak bersih
bagaimana mereka menang 5 negeri
nafikan dua pertiga majoriti
boleh jadi montori besau laie!

Kalau benar tak bersih
letak lah jawatan
bubarkan dewan
biar rakyat tentukan!

Diberi stadium tidak mahu
appointment dengan Istana
langsung tiada yang tahu
SPR ajak bincang ditolak tanpa malu

Apa niat mereka?
Mahu berhimpun dijalanraya
mereka tidak berminat dengan pilihanraya
tetapi politik rimba dijalanraya

biar berlaku rusuhan
lagi bagus ada tangkapan
dan tembakan
lalu mereka akan melaung melolong
ini kerajaan zalim perlu dijatuhkan
dataran tahrir mahu di ulangkan
taktik rusuhan mahu diciplakkan

agar hanyir DNA bisa tenggelam
agar jam Omega tidak kedengaran
agar China-doll dilupakan
karung kunyit Saiful dikambuskan
mahu saja Eskay dihapuskan
dan videoklip dipadamkan
agar belalai terus bisa memuntahkan!

Kita menentang bukan kerana mereka Hindu!
Kita menentang bukan kerana mereka Melayu!
Kita menentang bukan kerana mereka Cina, Kadazan atau Bidayuh!
Kita menentang bukan kerana keagamaan,
atau api-api perkauman

Tetapi kita menentang mereka
kerana mereka pengkhianat & petualang
yang mahu memporak-perandakan negara
meliwat keamanan kaum berbilang
merakus Putrajaya secara haram!

bila rusuhan Melayu pasti kesusahan
bila kekacauan Cina pasti keperitan
bila gangguan India pasti kedukaan
ini bukan soal agama
atau perkauman
tetapi soal keamanan & keselamatan

bangkitlah rakyat tentanglah petualang
bangunlah umat cegah kemungkaran
bangunlah Melayu suarakan bantahan
bangunlah Cina pertahankan keharmonian
bangunlah India pastikan keamanan
jangan dibiar para petualang
jangan dibenar politikus jalang
menyepak terajang
tamadun yang cemerlang
negara yang terbilang

Bersatu rakyat
berpadu umat
menghapuskan maksiat
menentang politik lalat
jangan biar diri diperalat
oleh pendendam kesumat
politikus musibat!

taken from Zulkifli Nordin

Monday, June 20, 2011


Do you know what's the meaning of the word plateau?

It has a few meanings and one of 'em is 'a level of attainment or achievement'

I have a strange feeling that I've reached a plateau. To be honest, I'm not. I'm not even half way in getting where I want to be.

I need to start doing different things to speed up my journey to my aims. Obviously, things that I've planned for 2011 is still going on but I felt I could do things better.

It's already June and 6 months of 2011 has passed, I've yet to purchase a property. It seems every time I had the funds, the money is being used to pay something else. Strange but as the saying goes..ada saja halangannya.....

Time for some thinking, re-organizing my method of doing things....

Graduated after all these years....

My younger brother just graduated from OUM!!


Congrats bro!!

All of us are proud with your efforts and dedication for the past few years in getting yourself a degree!!

Now you know that everything's possible in life provided we are willing to work towards it, go and seek new adventures and dreams!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another maid?

Just got ourselves a maid the other day.

Paid few thousand to the agent. I'm few thousand poorer this week. :(. In fact, I've paid another few thousand for kecik's school fees.....huhu......Funny how you struggled to save money for months but you can actually finish it within 10 seconds with a stroke of pen!!

Anyways, I've had so many bad experience with these maids. Most of 'em ran away. If I recall, I've spent almost RM21k to get these maids all these years.

They worked for about 6 months before they decided to run away. Identical cases most of the time.

Anyways, it's kinda difficutl that i'm working and wifey's working, so there's no one to mend the house as well as taking care of kecik after school. Mom's getting old and obviously she need someone to help her doing the house chores.

I really pray to Allah that she will be a good maid. At least, stick with us for 2 years at least.

Amin Ya Rabb

Just a chat....

I was with a friend last night chatting about our glorious post high-school days.

It's funny to think about those wonderful memories when you were 17-18 years old. No problems and nothing to think about. Life for me at that time was, empty. I woke up at 10am, lepak, play football and then lepak again till 3-4am in the morning at Uptown, Damansara. Nothing better to do. Work? Why work I thought to myself. I was waiting for my SPM result at that time, so I just wanna do nothing at all. Like I was wonderful.

Money? Who needs money when you're 17 years old. I don't need to spend RM10 to play football like most kids nowadays are paying. I played in a proper field with real grass and stones. Not in a hall. I don't have fancy boots. At that time, if I can remember correctly, I wore a Patrick Cosmos and boot Fung Keong. I thought they were brilliant pair of football boots.

Handphones? I don't even know what it was at that time. How times have changed eh? My daughter now likes to play games on my phone as well as the missus. I'm thinking of getting her an Ipod so that she won't touch our phones ever!!

Anyway, back to the topic, this friend told me, life's getting complicated. With the bills to pay, children's education, bla bla bla....Stuff that a normal human being should be worried about. I said, yeah.....I agree with everything he said. Nothing is easy nowadays but at least, we can control our lives. He was asking me, what shall he do if he has RM20k in his wallet.

Well, being a good fried, my reply was....put RM15k in ASB lah. The other RM5k, you can buy urself, your wife or kid a good insurance coverage. You might even have extra cash to be invested in Unit Trust. Hehehehe.

Basically, my answer was very simple. It all depends on what you want in the future. It's kinda hard to help if you don't know what you want, but at least, have an aim. Then work towards it.

Life's never been easy and never will. But, if you can control your life, you can make it a wee bit easier. hehehee

Have a good day

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The roads to Kota Bharu and back

I was in Kota Bharu a week ago to attend to my wife's cousin's akad nikah.

Just like any other akad nikah that i've attended, things went pretty well....

But I must say, driving to Kota Bharu was indeed an experience for me. I've ridden my bike to KB a couple of times before, but I've never driven on a car before. I guess, riding on a bike gives me a better 'pleasure' in enjoying the journey to KB

I do wonder, how does some of these Kelantanese in KL folks can afford to spend at least 7 hours drive to go back to their hometown each year...

To be honest, I didn't enjoy the journey. The roads from Bentong leading up to Kuala Lipis at times, can be a life threatening journey with all the lori balaks and not to forget the express buses. Huhu...Not a good experience at all.

From Lipis to Gua Musang is another long winding road with full of twist and turns. No wonder the road is so famous with the record number of accidents in the country. Imagine if there's an accident, you'll be stucked there for hours and hours (which actually happened during our journey back from Tanah Merah)

Anyways, I made a mistake (yes I did) in following the GPS that was installed in my car. It was supposedly to be up-to-date but for some strange reason or another, it lead me from Bentong to Cameron Highland instead to Lipis. But I enjoyed that road to be honest as the scenery can be beautiful at times, plus, it was wide and not as dangerous as the Bentong-Lipis road.

Wifey was obviously pissed, but we decided to have some tea up in Cameron anyways. It's not everyday you got 'lost' and end up in Cameron. Hehehehehe. We were stucked up the in Cameron for about 2 hours as the place was full of cars and people. At times, I was stucked behind the lori sayur and can't seem to overtake 'em due to the winding roads and blank corners.....

The road from Cameron to Gua Musang is nice. Good big roads I must say. Suddenly I felt, this could be a wonderful ride if I still have my Royal Star with me. Hehehehehhe. It took us about an hour and a half to reach Gua Musang town. During the short stop, I made a quick call to a friend asking him how long it would take us to KB from Gua Musang. He said, it could 2 or 3 hours drive.......WTF??

ANyways, Gua Musang-KBroad is another challenge (for me anyways). With all the cars, trucks and lorries, it makes the drive interesting and uninteresting, nerve-wrecking at times. Hahahahaha.....There are some areas that I can hit the accelerator, but at times, you are only driving at 50km/h. Seriously though, these places need a nice highway like PLUS or LPT.

We reached KB right after maghrib, and I was glad to be able to reach KB in one piece. Hehehehe. That's how I felt anyways. We stayed at a place near Wakaf Che Yeh and that place is all action when the night comes. Luckily we didn't have to drive to go to WCY. It took us about 5 minutes walk and spent both nights walking around the pasar malam. I do find it strange when 1 in 3 of the stalls in WCY sells the exact same things.

The akad nikah and bersanding ceremony was ok and the food was good too. I wish the newly weds to have a very successful and happy life together...

So, on Sunday, we left Tanah Merah at a bout 2.30pm and reached Gua Musang at about 5pm. It was raining quite heavily at that time. I took a quick look at my twitter account for some traffic update and true enough, there was an accident at the Gua Musang-Lipis road. I then decided to use the Gua Musang-Simpang pulai highway to 'bypass' the accident hoping to escape the traffic madness at Lipis. Not forgetting, I made the assumption that Karak will be super-chocked with traffic by the time we arrive there. Hehehehe

So, after spending about 2 and half hours in Gua Musang-Simpang Pulai road, after witnessing 2 accidents where both cars went inside the drains, we arrived at the Simpang Pulai PLUS toll. I thought everything was hunky-dory but to my suprised, the traffic was heavy. We haven't reached Tapah as yet and we were moving at 40km/h. To be honest, this traffic thingy was driving me mad and I managed to look at the traffic update in my twitter stating PLUS highway traffic is bad from Tapah to Slim River. HUH!!! Gilakah? I do wonder, why am I paying ridiculous amount of my hard earned money to pay the toll just to be stucked on the highway for hours and hours.

I then ask wifey to call her uncle in Kampung Gajah whether he's at home or not. Luckily he's at home and I then exited the highway at Tapah. After a short stop for dinner at Tapah little town, we arrived at her uncle's place slightly before 10pm. I was wrecked to be honest. I just wanna have a nice bath and sleep....I can't help thinking, the traffic is getting worse and worse in the country...there's no solution I think....the only solution is just to stay at home and watch TV....hahahhaha

Anyways, we woke quite early and had some wonderful capati for breakfast. We were on the road at 9am and reached home at 11am on Monday.

That was some journey for me. An experience experience I wished to not experience again...ever!!....hahaha

Have a good day

Monday, June 6, 2011

Tioman 27-30th May

Yup...Went to Tioman again for a nice and leisurely diving trip with the family this time around.

Initially, my brother in law was supposed to follow but since his fiance decided to be in the city for the weekend, he bailed out and a good friend of mine followed us instead...

I'm so happy that finally wifey and my daughter decided to tag along with me to Tioman. I've always wanted to bring them along so that they can see the beauty of the island.

Obviously, both of them were very impressed with the crystal clear waters and cheap foods and accomodation. My daughter can't believed when she swam among the fish so near to the beach. Hahahaha...

Anyways, we enjoyed the trip very much. Obviously, we will be heading there again sometime soon. Plus, puasa month is coming up thick and fast so, we'll have about a month and a half of diving time. Huhuhu...

Enjoy the pics

Kecik with her new found friend, nacho libre

wifey and kecik enjoying the sea

me looking frustrated of not being able to dive later that night......

wonderful vis down there

me playing around...

During SI at teluk bakau...

Have a good day


I've been on the road for the past 2 weeks..

First it was a trip down south to Mersing and Tioman with wifey and my daughter...

Then, last weekend, again with the missus, we went to Kota Bharu to attend to her cousin's wedding....

I'm a wee bit tired with all the traveling to be honest. Will write about the Tioman trip later..

Anyways, I've been reading a few blogs regarding our political scenario for the last 2 days. I've said it before and I'm gonna say it again, these politicians need to shut their mouths and start working for the people. Enough of name-calling, bad mouthing stuff lah....Please be a little bit more matured..

anyhoos...have a good week everyone...