Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yum yum

During my run around Bangi for some reasonable furniture shops yesterday, I stumbled upon this nice restaurant called Yati Ayam Percik.

So decided to have my lunch there. I thought the restaurant had a very nice interior deco and assumed that the food must be nice.

In fact, the food was delicious!! Sedap weiiiiiiiii!!!

Not that pricey and the portion was just nice....

I had nasi kerabu with ayam percik & air mata kucing!!

I'll make sure I'll visit the place again the next time I'm in Bangi....

Next step

Pheeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww........Finally, the condo has been rented out!! YEy!!!..Woooohooooooooooo

I'm a relieved man!!....

So to the boys who will be staying at my place in Ikram, welcome on board and have a nice stay!!!

Initially things were a bit slow as I only got the keys during Ramadhan. And then comes the Raya holidays. Let's see the 'chronology of events' for the condo..

25 May 2008: Payment of Deposit for the purchase of Unipark Condo

9 June 08: LO Signed

20 June 08: S & P Signed

5 July 2010: CF issued

17 Aug: Received the keys/access card from the Management

18 Aug: Inspection of the unit

19 Aug: Inspection checklist returned to the management with a few minor defects on the finishing

25 Aug: Installation of fans & lights.

30 Aug: Fans & Lights installation completed

3 Sept: Installation of grilles

16 Sept: Curtains rails installed. Condo mega clean up!!

20 Sept: Installation of kitchen cabinet

26 Sept: Potential tenant viewed the unit

27 Sept: Tenants confirmed

28 Sept: Furnitures & Electrical appliances purchased
: Received deposits & keys handover.

Ok, let's now look at the cost for furnishing up the unit

1. Fans & Lightings installation RM1500
2. Grilles RM1000
3. Curtains/Rails RM 550
4. Kitchen Cabinet RM1700
5. Electrical appliances (Fridge/Washing Machine/Stove) RM1300
6. Furnitures
-Double Decker (2)
-Single Bed (4)
-2 Door Cupboard (8)
-Mattress (8)
-Dining set (1)
-Pillow (8)
-Kitchen Table RM4100

Hence the total cost is: RM10,150
Experience gained: Priceless

I wrote about this topic when I first received a quotation from an agent in furnishing the condo. If I'm not mistaken, the quote was RM20,000. This excludes the installation of the grilles. Well, to be honest, they've included air conditioners, TV racks, study tables & 2 tier kitchen cabinet in their quotes so I guess, the difference between their figures and mine were the stuff that I've not included in my unit.

Different owners would have different preference kan, so this is how furnish my unit. If I were to be given this type of accomodation when I was a student back then, I'll be a prime minister by now. Hahahahahahaha.

Later on, I'll be meeting the tenants again for some small briefing on house rules and some other matters. Alhamdulillah, everything now is more settled down and I'm looking for my next investment..

To be frank, the said property means a lot to me & wifey as this was our first ever investment that we bought. Obviously, we'll hope for a good return in the future lah. Heheheheh.....As some always said...you must learn to walk before you can run. So I'm beginning to be a lot wiser in investment properties. Obviously, it was hard initially. It was more difficult when I had no clue in property at all when I first started. But I guess, things happened for a reason eh.....? Pelan2 kayuh maaa.....heheheh

So what's next eh?.

Have a nice day

Lawyer claimed assaulted by the police

The main suspect of the gruesome 4 murders claimed that the police assaulted him. You can read it here

My thoughts/Comments:

Suits you right you damn murderer!!

What do you expect?

You expect the police to hug and kiss you?

Or you're expecting a royal treatment?

Hope justice will be duly served on you!!!..........

P/s: Can't explain why I'm so bloody pissed today.....hehehe

Monday, September 27, 2010


I remembered a few years ago when I first started working, I was asked about this question by an insurance agent, how much do I think I would need for retirement? Seriously, I can't find an answer for such question. For me, the question is rather vague and the answer differs from one person to another....

Obviously, for some, it's not an important issue to even think about retirement. For the rest, they have made the necessary plans for enjoying life after retirement.

I for one, would love to have some good plans for my retirement. For the last couple of years, I hope that I've done all the necessary things that I should be doing in ensuring my retirement.

So back to the question, how much do I think I would need to retire comfortably after the age of 55 (assuming I'm retiring at the age of 55 lah)-damn...that's another 22 years of working....huhu....Without thinking too much into this thing, I would say, I'll need to have about RM5,000 per month. That'll work out to RM60k per year. The dreaded question that I hate, what about life expectancy?...Well, nobody knows how long they will live, so just for the sake of answering the question, I'll just assume that my life expectancy is 85 years. That's another 30 years of living after retirement. Hence, RM60k per year X 30 years= RM1,800,000. It means, the least amount of money/savings that I need after retirement is RM1,800,000.

RM1.8m eh...that's lot of dough don't you think. So how and what am I going to do to achieve that RM1.8m? Hrmmm...........time for some home work for me to calculate then eh?...

Have a nice day..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

September ends.........

What a week I had...

First my daughter was admitted to the hospital. She was only discharged 5 days later.
Imagine how much I would have to pay if I don't have any medical insurance plans for my baby. Let me be frank, the total cost of her 5 day stay, together with the medications, surcharge and what nots in the hospital comes up to about RM3.5k. Thank God that I have the medical insurance plan. Before discharging, I had to pay about RM400. Of which, I'll be receiving RM100 per day by the insurer in 2-3 weeks time. So, in the end, I only have to pay RM100 for her treatment. So guys, if you don't have medical plans for yourself, your spouse or your children, please do so. Find yourself a good agent who can guide you well...

Doing her physios....

Later on Saturday, we had a small Hari Raya get together with the family. After few days of sleeping at the hospital, ( I was sick as well) I thought it was a good way to end the rather 'stressful' week. To make the matters worse, Liverpool (oh dear.... oh dear) did it again. For god's sake, play football lah idiots!! Damnit!!!

Btw, during the get together, a cousin of mine decided to 'straightened up' my daughter's rather disasterous hair. Hahahahah...

On Sunday, I had the opportunity of meeting up a potential tenant. He is very interested in renting the place in Unipark...If he decides to rent the place, so it could be another busy week for me in getting the furnitures done up to the place.

If everything goes according to plan, the next thing to do is to make sure that my cashflow returns to the normal level again. Well, it's not that I'm in dire need of cash at the moment, but after looking at my spending activies for the last month or so, I noticed that if I don't have the OD facility, I'll be a dead meat by now....hehehe

Actually, I'm eager to start up with the education plan by Public Mutual. In fact, since my eyes are now wide open to the world of investments (although I'm relatively green in investments), I may try to be an investment consultant myself...hehehe...See how it goes lah....

Have a good week ahead....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A call.....

I received a call from an ex-colleague/ex-employee earlier today.

Was quite surprised to actually received his call in the first place.

He told me now that he has quit his job and now running his own insurance agency. I thought that was a great move and I'm pretty happy that a person that I've worked together before has gone to be on his own independently.

I will certainly help and assist him in any way I can. He is actually a living prove that when you are strong and determined enough, you can do the impossible...

To Kwan, keep up the good wook bro!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Little princess...

My lil princess & sweet buttercup has been admitted to the hospital again due to acute exacerbation of asthma.

Get well soon sayang......

No more ice creams & watermelon yaaaaaaaa.....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back to work...........

After almost 2 weeks of 'holidays'...now it's time for some real work!!

Need to complete the 'furnishing' project of the Condo...Few potential tenants has called and viewed the place but obviously it's empty now....hehehehe

For the last 2 months, I've been spending quite a lot. Can't dwell about it actually but that's how life goes....Rather unfortunate that I can't use the money to be put into something like investment or some sort...If I were to put the amount of money that I've spent, I could get a dividend of almost RM2000...byk tuh..sapa nak kasik duit free kan?....Like I said...it's ok lah.....to make it worse, I still need to spend a bit more before the end of the month.....

Seriously, I felt some what lucky that I have the 'minimal' OD facilities that I can use for these trying period...I do wonder what would happen if I don't have such facilities....Perhaps, applying for a personal loan might be the answer but then I again, I have to say thank you to everyone that opened my eyes about this facility 2 years ago....

At this moment, I still don't have a clue whether we can still use the ASB savings as a collateral for the OD....Hopefully they (whoever they are) will relax the rules a bit in the near future as I have some great plans to top-up my current OD facility...It'll certainly help me in getting closer to my initial aim.....

Anyway...back to reality, I hope, come the end of Oct, my cashflow will return to a healthier state and perhaps, I could then proceed with the education fund plan that my cousin spoke to me about a month ago...I found it interesting and necessary to have such plans...

By the way.....I'm just wondering...can we actually use the money gained through the 'education plan' or ASB to perform the hajj eh?? I need to talk to someone or an expert about this lah....During raya, I had a thought about this and believed I need to make some plans as to when I wanna perform my hajj. Another 7 years perhaps...hahahah. I have to be honest here...I've yet to register with Tabung Haji but wifey has done it years ago....Maybe it's time to register lah....

Alright then...have a good week everyone....btw, Liverpool lost to the bloody Mancs last nite...which I half expected anyway....damnitt!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

16th September 2010

I'm very disappointed and sad today.

What would you do if someone that you admire, suddenly did something that you least expected?

What would you do if that someone that you trust, someone you 'worshiped' and 'idolized' throughout your life, betray your trust?

Why is it hard for someone to admit his mistakes?

You may talk about how good you were in the past but what matters now is today and the future. You're not as great as you think you are...as..nobody are....

Have you ever thought about how people around felt on the things that you've done for the last couple of years?

Do you even think about the consequences of your actions?

I'm too young to advise but I believe when you treat people with respect, people will treat you with respect too...

Is it wrong for some people around you to feel happy to be where we are?

Or, are you happy with the way you are living your life now?..or are you not?

I'm just sad, disappointed and wondering......

Happy Malaysia Day!!!

p/s: Treat people with respect they deserves and you will earn your respect

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The brutal killings of the unfortunate 4

I hope the killers of Datuk Sosilawati, Kamaruddin Shamsudin, Noorhisham Mohamad & Ahmad Kamil Abd Karim will be brought to justice.

I sincerely hope and pray that the authorities will parade them in Dataran Merdeka upon proven guilty of the murders and let the rakyat stoned them to death!!! The rakyat may then burn their bodies and throw their ashes at Sg Klang.

Having said that, a lot of noise were made during the death of certain individuals by certain political parties a few months or years back. But...none of 'em seemed to be making any noise now, let alone make any statements regarding the brutal killings of these 4 unfortunate individuals...I also wonder why malaysiakini kept silence till today...

I'm not trying to be political.... just merely stating the obvious facts....

What sort of a place has our country become?

Allah selamatkan Malaysia....

Monday, September 13, 2010


During the raya holidays, I had the opportunity to talk to my wife's uncle. It started with the normal casual chat...and as the time goes, it gets interesting. Especially when he started talking about land and developing it. Of course, I had zero knowledge in terms of land....even more so developing it...

Initially we spoke about the properties market and obviously the importance of having assets for investments. He liked what I do and I told him what my plans are for the next one year. He mentioned, he would do the same if he is younger. But since retiring, he now spends most of his time taking care of his school going childrens and of course, some land that he leased and bought about 2-3 years back.

One of the topics that came out that night was buying some lands and developing it into a small palm oil estates. He mentioned something about koperasi keluarga (of which I had no clue about)....He also mentioned that there are acres and acres of available land to developed surrounding the kampung and suggested that I should consider in buying a few acres for my family. The returns are reasonably huge according to him. Like I mentioned earlier, I have zero knowledge about land, how to buy, where to buy, bla bla bla...lagi2 kalau cerita nak tanam kelapa sawit....

I told him, it could take sometime before plunging myself into this 'purchasing land' thingy. I need to find more infos about it. Of course, I'm interested as I think it's about time I need to purchase a land for myself and the family. My dad for some strange reason doesn't have any land so I thought, maybe it's just right for me to own one. Hehehehehe.

Don't know lah. I need to think this very thoroughly and properly. Even during a conversation that I had with a friend who is into this 'land developing' industry earlier this morning said that such investments would require at least 5 years before we can see any returns. He did that with his father and now they are reaping huge rewards for it.

As far as I'm concerned, having a land is as important as having a property. It could be included in my plan for 2011. At least, susah2 nanti boleh jual kan?

Suddenly, that saying 'Don't put all your investments in one basket' seemed very true....

I guess, sometimes the window of opportunity would come at a time that you least expect. Hehehehe. Like I said...it's still all very blurry to me but something tells me that it's worthwhile to be looked at....and of course...do something about it....

Have a nice day....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dah raya dah....

Selesai sudah solat raya....time flies so fast eh?

At this point of time, me and wifey are waiting for some members to arrive from Simpang Pulai for our customary 'salam-salam minta maaf' ceremony. And of course, mau kasi angpow kat cousin2 yg belum bekerja....sedekah sikit di Hari Raya nih...

Anyways, it's been more then a month since I last jog or did any exercise....so, starting from Sunday, it's back to my exercise routine. For the last 1 month, my weight has been constantly kept at 72-73kg. Phewww....I know that I should aim to reduce it further till 69kg. It remains to be seen I guess....hehehe

Anyways, I'm off to Muar later in the evening. That's like 4 to 5 hours from here.... Too much to be done for the next week or so especially in terms of furnishing the condo as well as get involve with my sister-in-law's wedding in October....

Have a nice raya to all....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Helicopter at PLUS highway and an Idiotic Driver

Managed to snap a picture of a helicopter attempting to land at PLUS highway near to the Sg Besi toll plaza recently. I guess, it's not everyday you see a chopper landing on a highway. Hehehe.

I guess, it's part of the training by the authorities for the Hari Raya rush.......

Anyway, while I was queing up at the Touch & Go lane a few days ago, this idiot who was driving a Volvo decided to be smart and jump the 'Q'. See...this is the root of the problem of traffic madness in KL.

The van in-front of me decided not to give way. Me too, I decided not to give way. This type of driver needed to be taught some lesson or two about driving responsibly. Why should we give way to such idiots? We are both in the same circumstances. We both know where we are heading. So, what's the rush? Myself and the other drivers who took the trouble to queue can wait. Why can't you? Learn to have some manners lah!!! Tak pegi sekolah ke? Actually, it's not so much about the education lah. It's about the upbringing. Hahahah. Maybe his or her parents wasn't able to teach him about having some common sense and respect in his head. So, you can imagine lah, if he is driving like that, what sort of example is he showing to his kids?

Bodoh punya orang....

Maybe we should start a driving project around KL to deter this type of drivers. Whenever we see drives who wants to jump the 'Q' we honk! Honk so loud and long until he/she gets irritated....If he or she gets out of a car and confronts you, that's when we should give 'em some lectures about responsible driving....hehehehehe

During this holiday season, I'm pretty sure that I'll be meeting few idiotic drivers...Some might use the EMERGENCY lane (just because they want to reach their destination faster), some might road hogging on the fast lane...all and above that, especially at the toll booths, some might jump the que expecting to save a few minutes by irritating other good mannered drivers!!

Driving schools can play a role or two in educating new drivers something about manners & respect. That's my opinion lah but this is Bolehland, so everything's possible....hehehehe

Selamat Hari Raya

Saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin kepada semua muslimin & muslimat sama ada yang mengenali diri ini ataupun yang belom. Jikalau saya ada terkasar bahasa, maafkan diriku yg jahil ini kerana apa yg baik itu datang dari-Nya dan yg tak baik itu datang dari diriku yg serba kekurangan ini. Huh...ayat formal la plak.......

Anyhoos, drive carefully brothers and sisters. Enjoy your holidays and take a break from our current hectic lifestyles in chasing material wealth..:p. Take some time off to visit our families & friends. It's the time for us to share and give at the same time. Ohhh...please eat responsibly.....

May this Aidilfitri brings all of us much Joy & Happiness!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

S & P Villa Tropika Signed

Last Saturday, I made a quick dash to Bangi to sign the S & P for Villa Tropika.

The sales gallery where we had to sign and initial the documents was full with home owners of Taman Tropika. The guy infront of me was signing for his loan documents for a landed property that he bought for RM890k!!! Bila la aku nak sign property macam tu ek?....Dennnggg....

Anyways, I'm happy that now everything is kinda settled with VT. Now, I'll just have to wait for the request to service the monthy interest lah. Heheh. The project is expected to complete in 2012. Maybe should be ready for rental in the middle of 2013.

Current progress of the apartment project...

80% mortgage cap on housing loan......

PETALING JAYA: Several groups are up in arms over a proposal to cut housing loans by 10% from the current cap of 90%, saying that the move will only discourage Malaysians from buying houses.

National House Buyer’s Association (HBA) and Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (Fomca) cautioned that the proposed home loan reduction to 80% would only be a burden to potential house buyers.

HBA honorary secretary-general Chang Kim Loong said the proposal would go against the Government’s plans to encourage home ownership.

“Young professionals who are just starting out will be deprived of buying a home for themselves. How are they going to get the 20% upfront payment?

“That does not include the legal fees and stamp duties house buyers have to pay,” said Chang when contacted yesterday.

He said the move would only be good if it targeted high-end buyers, as an effort to deter speculation.

On Sept 2, StarBiz reported that Bank Negara was engaging with banks on possible measures to curb excessive speculation on property prices.

One of the measures discussed was whether the central bank will be capping the loan-to-value ratio (LVR) for mortgages at 80% in order to avert the risk of a potential property bubble.

Currently, most banks provide loans of up to 90% of the value of the property.

Fomca secretary-general Muhd Sha’ani Abdullah urged the Govern­ment to ensure there was enough affordable housing available first before implementing such proposals.

“40% of the workforce earn up to RM1,500 a month. If this proposal were to be implemented across the board, how are they going to afford houses?” he asked.

Gerakan vice-president Datuk Mah Siew Keong said that if the proposal was applied across the board, the property market, construction industry, housing and real estate industry, and economic growth would slow down.

“Bank Negara must study the plan carefully, as the present limit of home loans of 90% has helped the housing and real estate industry,” said Mah, who is also the party’s economic development bureau chairman in a statement.

Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Chor Chee Heung, however, said the measure would not dampen the housing market as in the long-term, it would actually be a healthy growth for the industry.

Banking sources said Bank Negara might consider discontinuing the 5:95 and 10:90 housing loan packages and impose higher downpayment for property purchasers.

This was due to a surge of between 10% and 30% in the price of landed properties in some parts of the Klang Valley and Penang.


Taken from THE STAR recently.

My initial thoughts, it will be more difficult to own properties for some if this is to be implemented. Some couldn't even manage to pay the 10% downpayment and now they want us to pay 20%? How could a young, recently graduated person afford to have such amount? Not everybody were born with silver spoon in their mouth. However, I heard that such cap is only for properties that are more then RM500k and above. Perhaps, it's a good move as not everyone in Malaysia can afford to buy a property that's worth more then RM500k.

In fact, buying a property in Klang Valley is a monumental task for some. Only the selected few are managed to do that especially buying landed properties. To be honest, I would love to buy a landed property but the prices of such properties has gone way beyond what my wife and I can afford....Of course, I'm writing based on what I read in the news. Maybe, there's a strong reason why Bank Negara would want to impose such conditions. Perhaps, one of the reasons is to reduce property prices speculations.

Anyhoos, everything seemed to be on the discussion stage. The authorities, whoever they are, please put the rakyat first and foremost. We don't want to be part of a generation that has no assets to be passed on to our children in the future.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just rants........

This incident happened to me a year ago. I kept it to myself when it happened but only tonight I had the urge and courage to write about.

It happened when I sent my daughter to Pantai Hospital for a medical check up. After seeing the doctor, we waited at the counter to pay for the medicine and the consultancy charges. While we were there, in front of us was a good looking couple. The husband looked very professional and presumably holding an important position in a big company. The husband was then requested by the hospital staff to fill in the form for his children. When he was filling up the form, he suddenly ask this question to the hospital staff:

If I put the race as bumi, I get special price ahh? I get discount ah? What so special?

Me and my wife were shocked when we heard at such statement. We were gobsmacked that left both of us speechless. The girl at the counter just sat there looking numb...

In fact, thinking back about that incident, I could've replied something like this : Sir, if you are not able to afford to pay the medical fees here, perhaps you could try and bring your kid to the government hospital...eheheh

To be frank, I'm a bit worried as to what's happening in Malaysia these days. Something doesn't seemed right. In fact, some of us are unable to converse in our national language. (Read it here). To me, it is very simple, if you call yourself a Malaysian, you are required to be able to converse in the national language.

Which points me to another incident when I had a brief chat with my ex-colleague. We were talking about war or something when I asked him a question.

Me: If ever, we are going to war, would you participate?'.

Colleague: No lahh...I will migrate to Australia.

Me: Why would you that?

Colleague: I gotta save myself first laaah....

My reaction....Utter disbelief. You know what happened to him now? He was asked to leave the company due to his inability to perform his job at the standards required by the company. He's even divorced and his filipo girlfriend has taken his savings away. Sad but suits him right.....

Anyway, I don't know why I'm writing all these tonight but I felt that I need to let some of my feelings out in the open. It is not my intention to belittle any race but it's just something that I wanna tell just for the sake of telling.....

Some are questioning the little privileged left to the bumis. In fact, with all the privileges that the bumis might have, they seemed to be the one whose making the all the millions. There are some of us, unfortunately are pointing finger at each other on trivial issues. Issues that are so immaterial that it shouldn't be talked about in the first place. I hope that things will get better for the benefit of our children in the future.

For now, I guess, it's about focusing on the issue that matters to us individually, which is to be a better person. For yourself, your family, your religion, your race and your country.

Allah Selamatkan Malaysia

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Scene 1
Contractor A gave me a quotation of about RM1.8k for the installation of kitchen cabinet. He would require about RM500 for the deposit. The job will take about 4 weeks to complete

Contractor B gave me a quotation of slightly cheaper for the installation of kitchen cabinet. The deposit? He said, RM50 pun tarak apa maaaa.......Time taken to complete the job : maximum 10 days

Scene 2
Bought my own electrical appliances (fans/lights). The contractor charges RM700 for the installation of those electrical goods. Total Cost : (Installation of goods + Purchase of goods) More then RM1500

Contractor B quote gave me a quote of RM1500 for everything (inclusive of the purchase of the electrical appliances, external wiring & installation of the goods)

Scene 3:
Contractor B, as part of his value added services, charges me only RM50 for the installation of curtain rails...

Contractor A, quoted me RM700 for the curtain rails & the curtains.

So, the question is, which contractor would you choose?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lepak @ Rasta

Last night, I had the opportunity to lepak with a couple of friends that I know from my school days. We lepak at a place called Rasta in Taman Tun. Nice & cosy place I must say...

Anyway, while we were talking about food, cars & golf (again!!), we saw a Lamborghini gallardo parked nearby the place. It's orange in colour. Very striking. I was admiring the car when my friend said....'I think this car belongs to a friend of his'. So we continued lepaking and chit chatting the night away. My eyes still stucked at that car. A few minutes later, a guy came over to our table and greeted my friend. I was introduced to the guy but actually I've seen him somewhere....Anyways, we talked until my friend said, that lambo belongs to the guy that I've just met....

WTF?? This guy is barely 30 years old and owns a Lamborgini Gallardo? Not just a Lamborgini, he owns an M5 BMW as well....

So we continued talking and talking. Apparently, this guy is kinda cool and very down to earth. Well, it's kinda cool to actually lepak with a guy who drives a Lamborghini to Rasta. Hahahaha. When he left, all of us were wondering just how the hell he became a multi-millionaire before the age of 30. When I was his age, I think I was still driving my Satria and was struggling to pay my phone bills...

I was told the he is a self-made multi-millionaire dealing with the marine & oil & gas industry. Dennggg...for the last couple of weeks, I've met some really interesting people lah....especially when talking about having really expensive cars!! A former classmate of mine is waiting for his Ferrari to arrive by the end of the year.... Let's not talk about the number of high profile properties that they have lah.

When I went back last night, I was thinking to myself, the path of glory 'may' seemed easy to some but for the rest, it's filled with challenges & potholes...To be frank, I really admire the guy that I met last night. Obviously, I don't know him that well, but I'm pretty sure he has done something right especially in his business that he could afford to pay almost RM20k for the road tax of the car alone.

When I woke up this morning, I felt somehow inspired. I really don't know whether it was the car or the guy that I met but something tells me that if you work hard enough, you'll be where you wanna be. I spoke about this with wifey and she told me, that we should be thankful where we are now and always strive to be a better person...(that's why I love her you know...always keep me on my toes!!...haha)

I am indeed thankful for where I am now and of course, as normal human beings, our wants are unlimited. Perhaps, it's time to get away from that 'little' comfort zone that I'm in and start exploring....

Have a nice day