Thursday, April 29, 2010

Golf Malaysia

1. We have more then 200 golf courses in the country. It includes numerous number of 'world-class' type golf club around the country

2. But, we have yet to produce world-class golfers. Not even in the Asian standards.

3. Malaysian golfers generally buy or purchase good equipments either brand new or used. Some of us change our Drivers every 6 months and a good Driver may cost more then RM1k. (I bought mine for RM400 only...hehehehe.

4. These golfers also purchase fancy clothes and shoes from brands like Titleist, Callaway, Puma J. Lindberg, Footjoy etc which are not cheap.

5. Companies like Transview, MST, RGT and the rest I would assume made huge profits from Malaysian golfers.

6. Despite all these, we still can't produce even one really good & world class golfers.

7. The Thais & Philipinos produces a lot more touring golf pros than us. What did they do that we didn't? I'm sure the Thai people felt super proud to see Thongchai at the Masters recently.

8. What happened to the Junior Program? Any investment done? An investment must involve returns right? So what are the returns?

9. Perhaps, some of us are just happy flashing our fancy golf clothes & equipment to other people at the fairway

10. We have 27 million people and we can't even find one fella that's really good in golf? Vijay Singh is from Fiji and he is a damn good player, Villegas is from Colombia-another smashing player. (well, in footballing terms, we can't even find 22 good players to even qualify for the Asia Cup)

11. We can't even win in our own 'Masters' i.e Malaysian Open since aeons. I thought, since we are playing at home, it'll be a wee bit easier. But this year, it needs an 18 year old boy from Korea to show to the Malaysians on how to win the Malaysian Open.

12. How is it possible to compete with the best when one of our so-called pro decided not to have a coach to assist him in improving his game? Bullocks!!!!

So, where do we go from here?

What are the plans?

Do we want to make a champion or just wait until the cows come home?

Actually, we can relate this topic to our current footballing standards. We used to be good (not great) but now we have gone so low that we are so bloody proud to win a gold medal in SEA games. Japan & Korea have gone leaps and bounds in footballing standards but we still have players dying to eat nasi lemak for breakfast everyday. Ck ck ck ck . Kasihan dehhh....Do you know the Slovenia, a young country with a population of only 2.1 million people have qualified for the 2010 World Cup. Well, Indonesia with their 200 million plus people couldn't find 22 players to play in the world cup as well, but they've been there before ages ago....

Anyways, that's the reality. I guess, we Malaysians are not as serious and enthusiastic about sports as compared to other countries. It's rather unfortunate that we seemed to have the facilities and some of them can be considered top class but we still can't find good sportsmen apart from Badminton, Squash and some other 2nd or 3rd rated sports. Well, at least these guys are good in their respective sports.

Ohh, i totally forgot, we Malaysians(not all lah), we like spending time watching TV or lepak at the malls or mamak stalls, perhaps go clubbing. For some, we spend our times busy politicking on issues that are so immaterials. I don't know lah. We can spend hours and hours and we still can talk about this.

Nyways, Malaysia might not be perfect but it is my home and I love it. Hehehehe.....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TO whom it may concerned........

1. People changed and when they changed they refused to admit that they've changed

2. Even if they've admitted, they'll say, I found something better.

3. Some people, does not value the meaning of friendship at all. Even worse, they don't understand the concept of friendship

4. Should we classify people based on what he or she has? Should we be friends with people that likes to join a certain group?

6. Are we too proud that we can't accept people who doesn't have what we have that we just ignore them?

7. Can we ignore our friends when we've achieved something that our friends or our families doesn't have?

8. What are our priorities in life? To have something that we can be proud of and be able to join a special club that only the few can have the privilage?

9. By stating you have this and that, does that make you special?

10. Sometimes, when we are so high up in the air, we tend to forget how does it feel to be on the ground.....

errr.......something is not right in my head.....rant over......

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shot & GBS

Read the news earlier this week when a police shot a 15 year old boy. Apparently this boy was driving in the early hours of the morning. The question here is, how come a 15 year old school boy could be driving at all? What was he doing at 2am in the morning? As a schoolboy, he should be in bed instead of driving. Even a normal working man would spend time sleeping at that time of the day. I'm pretty sure that his parents don't have a clue that he's driving late at night....

Why was he shot? Well, I'm not a cop so I wouldn't know. But I must confess, for a 15 year old boy to drive a car is totally wrong. He doesn't have a driving license to begin with.

I felt sorry to whatever happened to arwah and his family but on the other side of the coin, the boy shouldn't do what he did in the first place..

Anyways, a friend of mine is suspected to have a Gullaine Barre Syndrome. To have a general understanding of the syndrome you could read here. I went to visit him last night and I was a wee bit shocked to look at him like that. He couldn't even talk and eat properly. He mentioned that his actions and response were slow and he is feeling numbness all over his body. I pray that he will recover as soon as possible. I was made to understand that he is to undergo a medical test to rule out the syndrome very soon. Anyhoos, get well soon blackie boy!! We need in you in The Sentels!!!

Have a nice day

Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Tioman Dive Trip

Just got back from a diving trip at Tioman Island. It was a good trip I supposed. Managed to do 7 dives although had to abort the night dive due to tiredness.

I do enjoy diving actually but I don't particularly like the travel. Imagine yaa...we have to take about 5-6 hours driving time to reach the jetty and then another 2-3 hours of ferry ride to the island..Phewwww....

Anyhoos, will post the pics of the trip later as of now, I'm feeling not so well. Macam nak demam pun ada. Perhaps, I'm just tired of all the travelling. Hehehehe

Btw, I didn't manage to weigh myself today. I think, my weight should increased as I ate alot during the trip. Anyways, I'll do it tomorrow lah...

Have a good week ahead...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weigh-In...wk 6

Another week has gone by. It's been 6 weeks of seriously sweating and shredding those extra fats!! Muehehehe. Anyhoos, I've changed my schedules a wee bit. One day of cardio exercises (walk, golf, crunches, leg raises, jogs, etc) and one day of weight training. To be frank, I did not notice any significant changes but I have to be frank that crunches & weight training is tough!! In terms of weight training, I have to build some muscles first before I can actually tone it. Huhuh. I was told it would take about 3 months to build it. Denngg!!...that's a long time!!!

Anyways, my weight this week as at this morning was 76.8kg. A mere 400gms difference from last week. Hrrmmm...I was actually hoping to reduce at least 1kg for the last week. Perhaps, I've been eating the wrong foods or the change in my exercise habits could be the main cause. I received few comments from families and friends that I looked different now. A friend also told me that if I were to continue doing what I was doing for the last couple of weeks, I could lose the weights but I would look sick. I don't wanna look sick as I wanna look healty & fit.

I might sound a little bit frustrated, maybe I am. Perhaps, this week, I'm gonna intensify my efforts to reduce 2kg before next Tuesday.

Have a nice day!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Finally....after weeks of waiting, the bank finally disbursed my OD money!! Wooohoooooooooooo!!!




Can't actually remember how long it took. If I'm not mistaken, the offer letter was signed on the 22nd of April 2010. And it took them more then 20 days to disbursed!!! Hoooraaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Anyhoos, after last week, I had my fourth attempt0 in buying a lelong property and for the fourth time the property that I intend to bid was called off. Huhuhuhuhu....No luck but it's ok.....It'll come sooner or later....Sometimes it goes your way and sometimes it won't. Just like life eh?...

Alright then, have a good weekend ahead.............

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Earlier today I received an SMS from a good friend of mine stating that he is not well as he felt numbness on his hands and legs. So, I asked, ''what is wrong with you?''

His reply gave me the shivers down my spine. Never would I thought a guy who is the same age as me would have to go through all these. I noticed he hasn't been himself for the last 2 weeks or so. We met usually once a week and I can actually noticed the difference. The first time he was very lethargic and just keeps his head down. Perhaps, he was tired or lack of sleep something to that nature. Last weekend, he looked ok but different. And only today he told me that something is not right about him..

Obviously he went to the doctor and the good doctor said he suspects that my friend is suffering from various illnesses i.e. from kidney, diabetese, minor stroke, blockage, etc. Erkkkk....My friend said he doesn't believe what the doctor said and wants to have a second opinion. I really hope and pray he is not suffering from any of the above illnesses. I think, he's rather too young to have all that. Obviously he's having some weigh issue but who doesn't?

Anyways, the point is, we really have to take good care of our body. We must really watch what we eat and what we put in our mouth. And, at least, exercise a little bit and lead a healthy lifestyle. I'm not saying this just for the sake of saying but I guess, everyone knows the importance of having a balanced lifestyle. It took me almost 34 years before I realised that I've not been taking good care of my body. I'm glad I decided to change, not much, but to say the least, it's a change.

Of course, when we talk about change, there'll be obstacles. There will be a million reasons as to why you shouldn't do this or that. But, whatever being said, the most important thing is you gotta do it for the sake of your health and general being. At times, people that are closest to you will say something that makes you think twice in doing it.... Sometimes, you will feel bored or lazy but you just have to do it. One hour per day. That's about it. Nothing more!! Just bloody walk around your neighbourhood for just 1 hour. I'm not talking about being super-fit here, but just general health.

I really hope that he's gonna be alright at the end of the day and when he's ok I'm gonna force him to do some work out with me. Heeheh. It's tough but when you're sick, life's gonna be a whole lot tougher. With the high cost of medicine and check up nowadays, it's better to have a reasonably good health!!!

Have a good day!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Earlier in the week, I was told by my bro that there's a gym behind our place which is barely 5 minutes walk away. I said, you must be kidding. Then he replied, go and see for yourself.

So earlier today, I went to the community hall and guess what, I saw the gym. It was empty but the equipments are all fairly new. Not too bad. So I went to the counter and paid RM5 to use the gym. No time limit!!!

This is so bloody good I said to myself. Now I can go there everytime I want and pay just RM5 per entry.Instead of paying RM100 per month perhaps more to Fitness First or celebrity Fitness, might as well I spend RM75 for 15 days usage of the place. I'm not going there everyday....

Anyhoos...took some pics of the place. I never knew that the gym existed although it is just barely 5 minutes from home!!!

So, today what I did was, spent 20 minutes doing cardio and 40 minutes of weight training. was tough!! But it's all worth it!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weigh-In...wk 5

phewww.....couldn't believe it when I was writing this. It's been 5 weeks since I started seriously exercising. The momentum is there and now it's all about doing it consistently. Well, I tried to do it every day though. As long as I sweat everyday, I think it's alright.

Anyhoos, I now weighing at 77.2kg. I'm very proud & happy at the same that all my efforts so far has bear some fruit. Although the tummy & the love handles is still there, I think it's only a matter of time before all of that will go away. Of course, I have another 7kgs to go. That's not impossible I believe.

I now can fit into my old trousers. All my size 38 trousers have been kept somewhere in the closet during the weekend. I've also received some comments from my friends that I looked a little bit different. Hahahaha. Perhaps, that's the sign of a change for the better for me.

I was 'instructed' by my good friend that I have to start lifting weights to tone up my body a wee bit. I've started doing it from last Thursday. So from now on, I'm gonna do weight training every alternate day and cardio for the rest of the days. It's good isn't it. But weight training is tough I have to confess. I need to build some muscles first....

Actually, what I wanted the most is for the belly to go away. But, what do you expect la kan. A belly with 33 years in the making and you can't make it go away with just 5 weeks of walking/jogging around your neighbourhood. It's gonna take a little bit of time and I'm gonna keep on doing it till it's gone.

Well, no weight training today but of course, there's at least 5kms of roads to be covered before the end of today...

by the way, what in the world has happened to Thailand???. FIrst the yellow shirts, then the red shirts. Then the red shirts again....I pray we will not have that kind of problems in our own backyard!!! Whoever up there that sits in the government, please, please do your job and ensure that all of us Malaysians could live peacefully and make sure we don't be like Thailand....

Enjoy your week.....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why I wanna shred the pounds??

Weekend's coming again!! Woohoooo. What does it mean? For some, it means more time for the family and leisure. Lepaking at the mall or somewhere. For some, it also means an opportunity to hang out with friends at mamak stalls and what have you.

For me though, it's the time to increase the intensity of my own customize 'weight-loss' program. Perhaps, some of us has gotten a wee bit bored with what I'm trying to say about losing weight but perhaps this time I'll write the reasons as to why I decided to do it anyway.

Perhaps, all this while, I have to confess, I ate everything that was in front of me. Name it, pizzas, spaghettis, nasi beriyani, teh tarik, etc. Do you know for the last couple of years, I was so hooked on teh tarik that I need to drink at least 3 cups of teh tarik per day. Furthermore, after dinner, I would smoke and drink coffee.

On some very good days, I can wallop the whole pizza that I ordered from Domino's. That includes the chicken wings and garlic bread as well-I do miss it sometimes. hehehehe

Sometimes for breakfast, I ate 2 pieces of roti canai. If I'm bored with roti canai, I'll order roti planta and telur separuh masak-together with teh tarik of course. The best part was, I don't even exercise. I don't even bother to think about gaining on weights.

In short, I'm not living my life the correct way in a certain extent. My daily food intake consists of oily and fatty foods. Vegetables and fruits, I don't even bother touching them cause I hate the tastes.

My dad, had a heart problem. He went for a bypass at the age of 47 and if I were to continue my present lifestyle, I'll might get it sooner than him.

I did realised this problem that I had for quite awhile but the urge of eating nasi beriyani together with ayam madu was very difficult to refuse. Heheheh. Sometimes, we human, we love all the bad things and just plainly despise things that are good to us.

In terms of exercising, I depended a lot on golf. Well, I was actually kidding myself as playing golf does not help me with reducing any weight at all. What it did was it helped gained more weights as after the game, we would hang out at the cafe and eat mee goreng mamak till we are full..In addition, we ordered soya cincau gelas besar to make our thirst go away....hahaha....after spending a couple of hours under the hot sun, we decided to get our stomach full with those ck ck ck ck....

Earlier this year, a friend of mine, he is of the same age as me, was diagnosed with diabetes. Huh??...a diabetic at the age of 33? Then it struck me, but still, I don't make any efforts in changing my lifestyle. I still eat those roti canai, burgers, pizzas, nasi beriyani and so forth. To make it worst, I don;t exercise. I felt sick. But the love of eating, I put up a blind eye....

Then, came the show, The Biggest Loser Asia. Have to admit that this show is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better then the stupid Akademi Fantasia show and all other related reality show. This show is about losing weight and really makes some difference to the contestant. Thank god I'm not like some of the contestant who weighed more then 100kgs. BUt I admired the desire to change their look and lifestyle.

I then took a good look at myself and that's where it all began. I said to myself, this has got to change before I become an obese just like the contestants in the show. I weighed myself and it showed that I'm close to become an obsese. I was very mad at myself as I used to be very fit and played a lot of sports. How could I become the way I am was beyond me. I was overweight and most importantly I'm not living healthily. Going up the stairs proved to be difficult as I would be gasping for air. Hahahaha

One fine Wednesday morning exactly a month ago, without any hesitation, I put on my walking shoes, I brisk-walked for the first time since aeons. It took me 30 minutes to complete a 2.5kms journey. And I felt damn bloody good. I did it again in the evening and did another 2.5kms. Wow!! I've covered 5kms in a day. And guess what.....again, I felt good!!! And yes....I've been doing that since and I've been controlling what I eat as well. The changes, although not a significant but mentally I felt good....

As of now, I have another 8kg to go. I believe I can do it but again, I'm not gonna set any targets as to when I'm gonna achieve it. I remembered when I weighed 83.3kg a couple of weeks back, I was told that the maximum weight that I should be is at 79kg. And as of today....I'm 77.9kg. Woooohoooo.....

I've been advised to start weight training and I have actually partialy begun the weight training. Tomorrow will be a full-blas weight training I hope. Like I said earlier, I know what my aims are and I'm going to enjoy the journey in achieving it....

So, for all of you who intend to shred those extra pounds you have in your body, it's never to late to change. It's not difficult but it requires effort and positive thinking. Don't think about it...just do it.......

Have a nice weekend...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Meeting with principle

A colleague went to a meeting with a principal the other day. Apparently the principal decided to call all of their service providers to the meeting to discuss about payments. During the meeting, a guy representing the principle said something to their favorite service providers.

Principal: How is Mr F?
Service Provider C: He's doing ok. He sends his regards...

Principal: Heard you guys are shifting to a bigger place.
Service Provider C: Ya loor. Thank to you guys for giving us the business.

Principal: Why isn't mr F here? Well, if he is here we won't talk about business lah kan?

Service Provider C; are right....

Then the principal turned his attention to my colleague with a straight face.

Principal: And you, what's your name again? Your company kan, very slow, very late, reports no quality, etc..etc..etc...How can you expect us to pay you when your service is slow, no quality. You guys better be careful. You will be strike off the panel if you do not buck up.

My Colleague: Yes Mr A. We understand and we will keep on improving.

Principal: Don't just say lah. Do it lah.

My colleague. Yes Mr A. Understood.

Principal: Learn from Service Provider C lah. You haaa.....very slow...The others also are very slow. I'm very disappointed. Etc...etc....

So he went on and on giving comments this and that to all the service providers except for one (let's call it service provider C).

When my colleague came back from the meeting, we had a chat about it. I even look at our statistic report that the principal claim we are slow. We are slow but statiscally only 1 out of 20 reports. That's not bad I think. We are not machines that are expected to be 100 correct all the time. Plus, out of 100 surveys, we are doing it according to the standards that were required by the principal. Nothing out of the extraordinary.

I then ask him, this principal seems to know Mr F (Service Provider C) very well eh? The answer was, yes lah, the principal has been taken care of handsomely by Mr F, how can he not be nice to Mr F? What about us I ask? Well, for us is only, receive the assignment, do the survey diligently and submit the report. No relationship be it personal or professional with the principal whatsoever....(perhaps that's where we are lacking)

So, I came to a conclusion, in some ways, in this business, you have to take care of your principals to get a bigger share of the pie. You can beg till the cows come home but if you are not giving him anything, don't expect to get the business. Sad but true. You can have all the MBAs, PHDs, ACCAs, ACAs, or whatever, but if you don't fill their pockets with brown envelop, you won't get a single business...I'm not saying all of them are like that....

Perhaps, we, ourselves could start giving by sending them a lorry load of durians at their office tomorrow. Hahahaha....

It's sad...but that's the reality of it nowadays....

And I'm sorry to even write this, for the principal, it must have felt very good when you have the power and authority to instruct people like us eh? You must be super proud that we, the service providers, come up to you and practically beg for business. Well, sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down....

Rant over....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Tembak Mati Rakan Sendiri

My my....what do we have today? Apparently, two idiots decided to rob Poh Kong somewhere in KL. While doing their business, a guard shot one of em. He was hit at the stomach according to KOSMO (yeahhh...I read what?). The robbers then made a quick getaway and upon entering McD, the one that got shot went tumbling down. And guess what happened next, his accomplice shot him several times and took away the balance of the gold items. Dennnggg......What kind of news are we having in boleh-land nowadays eh? How could he shot his own friend just like that? It's sickening to read and even as I'm writing this I'm still shaking my head in total disbelief.

What have we become?

Full news can be found here

*The image is taken from THE STAR

Weigh-In...wk 4

TOday marked the first month of my 'lose weight' program. Hehehe. As of this morning, I now weigh 78.5kg Not bad eh?. A total loss of about 7kg todate. Do I feel any difference?

As a matter of fact, yes. A lot of difference actually. I felt good. I felt healthy and most importanty I felt fit. I now no longer sits in front of the tv during evening times. I now spent that one hour every evening walking around housing area covering a distance of more then 5kms. Met a couple of interesting people while I was walking too. Hehehehe. I try to do 8kms per day but sometimes is just difficult as in the morning I need to send kecik to playschool and then have to rush to work. How I wished I could exercise all day long. Hahaha. Exercising in the morning is the best time to loss weight and burn all those fats....

I just got to know that you actually burn the same amount of calories if you are walking as compared to running. The difference is, running gets you there faster. Hehehe. Like I always said, I'm gonna take my own sweet time and enjoy the journey of being fitter me.

Some of my friends has asked me, tak boring ka jalan satu jam? Well, I think, that's quite a tricky question to answer. I think it all points to the matter of attitude. If your attitude is wrong, you can expect to do nothing. But, if your attitude is right, I believe you can get what you want sooner or later. In a matter of fact, you could burn a total of about 180 calories in 30 minutes just by walking. Perhaps by adding up some minutes of jogging and sprints in between your walks, you could burn a lot more calories. Furthermore, I know what my objective is, so whatever it is, I hope to achieve it sooner or later.

For the time being, I'm now concentrating of cardio exercise i.e walking. There are of course a lot of exercises can be done when we are talking about cardio such as running, skipping, bicycling, WALKING and so forth. Perhaps, for this 2nd month, what I plan to do is to add a little bit of sprinting in my exercise. Perhaps, once in every 2 days I'll try to sprint for one minute. Sounds tough la pulak. Maybe I'll start with jogging first.

I read somewhere that skipping could help you burn the calories faster. I remembered I tried it once last week and it lasts only for a couple of minutes but I can feel that my heart was pumping super fast. Perhaps, I'm not fit enough to 'rope-jumping' for 10 minutes straight.

A friend has advised me to start some weight training. Of course, doing cardio is always good but to have a good and nice body shape, I need to start doing some weight training. Hrmmm...this is something that I've thought of doing but didn't have the chance of actually doing it. Perhaps, a little bit more research on this subject could help me in getting a clearer picture of doing it the correct way instead of just for the sake of doing it!!

Anyhoos, that's about it for this week. Let's see if I can shred more pounds for the next one week!!..

Sunday, April 4, 2010

3rd time unlucky...

Yeahh....the property that I intend to bid was called off last saturday. This will be my 3rd time unlucky. All properties that I intend to bit were called off during the last minute. ANd hence, I lost RM15 for nothing. Actually no. Not RM15, perhaps more, RM15+RM6=RM21. RM21 lost and I will never get it back. Why? Cause in order to bid, you'll need to prepare a bank draft. Every time you prepare one, it'll cost you RM5. So RM5 x 3 equals RM15. How easy the bank make money eh?

ANd everytime you want to cancel the bank draft, they'll charge you RM2. These banks will hit you left, right and centre. Anyhoos, hope I can go to the bank today and cancel my bank draft for the 2nd time in the period of 5 days. HOw unlucky I am!!

I don't know why I am so eager to purchase a property these days. Perhaps, it's due to the fact that I already have an idea what I'm supposed to do this year and it is now April and I'm still searching and searching for the correct one. You know, property prices increases every year and I don't mind saying this, I have missed quite a number of properties that were supposed to have my name written on the SNP but due to my ignorance and too much thinking and being hesitant, I let the opportunity slipped away.

Sometimes, you can have all the wonderful plans laid out before you but unless you do something about it, only then, things can be done!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Auction 2010

For the last couple of weeks, I've been contemplating of buying another property. So, during my meet up with Fariz a couple of days ago, he told me that a unit of a flat somewhere near the Curve is up for an auction, I quickly prepared the bank draft and passed it to him. To be frank, I didn't inspect the property but I knew at the back fo my mind that this place is super hot!!!. (I know I should).

Anyways, when the day came, Fariz texted me and said that the unit has been called off. Dennng!! I think it has been the second time for me. I've been eyeing a unit at this place for months. Takperlah, no rezeki as they said....

Alright then, tomorrow will be another big day for me. I'm going to bid at another place which I am quite familiar with. Let's see how it goes...

Another little prayer so that I can receive a good news later on tomorrow!!

Have a nice weekend......