Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ramadan...Puasa.....tak dapat gaji.........

Today marks the 6th day of Ramadan. It's also the sixth day of puasa. I like ramadan month for some reason. It's a month where you can leave the office at 430pm and sometimes before goin home I'll make a stop at the bazaar ramadan to buy some foods. The ones that are close to me are at Bangsar and Taman Tun. I heard that the bazaar in Shah Alam is better. Hope to go there during the weekend. When I was a little younger, I used to like Air Tebu a lot, but now, I prefer Air Soya (especially Jenny ong's)

You know, one of ramadan's magic is that during fasting, I don't feel like smoking at all. But once I started eating, I will crave for it...Urrrggghhh....Maybe we should take this chance to quit smoking once and for all...

Btw, last night, I had the opportunity to buka puasa with some friends at Madam Kwan's @ PAvilion (only my 3rd visit to Pavilion). I am surprised with the amount of people that I see in Pavilion as well as eating out. The foodcourt was full to the brim. I think most restaurants there were full. It got me thinking, some of us Malaysians complain that the economy is bad, but last night's scene does not potray the grouses...heheheh. Some of us seems to have the money to eat out in some fancy restaurants...

Coming back to Madam Kwan's. I think the food wasn't THAT great. It was ok. A little bit pricey though but it's ok coz a friend of ours have the habit of paying the bills whenever we meet. Heheheh. Thnx mirul...

On another issue, wifey has not got her pay for the past 2 months, I think. Imagine, a dedicated government servant did not get her pay. What irks me most is, she won't get her pay till October. Talking about Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian DIutamakan. My foot lahhh....Why is so difficult to pay one's salary? If she's working in a private hospital, perhaps we could consider the reasons, but this is the government weiii....We have loans and bills to pay...Maybe we should write to the papers and see what they will say...hehehehe....I think, all this rebranding of 1Malaysia is merely a concept nothing else.....I guess, kalau kita kerja tak ikhlas jadi macam ni lah. To process a salary takes 3-4 months?...Kata efficient sangat...hehehe...

Huhu....puas dapat mengeluarkan segala ketidak-puasan hati pasal kes tak dapat gaji nih....

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dive Trip-Pulau Aur (15-18 Aug 09)

Date: 15th-18th August 2009
Total Divers: About 30++
Total Dives: Supposedly to be 13 but managed to do only 9

Some facts about the trip:

1) Pulau Aur is situated about 65km from Mersing

2) The boat ride took us about 4 and half hours from mersing to Aur

3) The journey to Aur from Mersing started at half past one in the morning and arrived in Aur slightly after 6am

4) Stayed at Atlantis Bay for 3 nights (Dormitory-8 to a room with a dysfunctional toilet!!)

5) THe food was reasonable and edible. A can coke costs RM2.50 and a packet of Marlboro costs you RM12 at the island.

6) No TV at the resort.

7) As mentioned, I did 9 dives altogether. Some was fun and some was not that fun

8) Had trouble sleeping due to the snoring 'ochestra' created by my dorm mates

9) During the dive number 8, I was having a bad headache. So I decided to abort the next dive.

10) Gained valuable diving lesson from some friends

11) Glad that I take up PADI Open Water certification

12) Glad that nothing or no bad incident occur during the trip.

13) Heard that in the 1980s, there were about 1000 locals residing at the island but now only left with about 100 of them. (didn't get the opportunity to visit the island's main village though)

In summary, it was a great trip and took the opportunity of having a nice little break before puasa. Heard that some of them had already plan another trip after Eid, but for me though, I just feel glad that I finally be able to join them for a REALLY fun outing.

I do have some plans in continuing my diving adventure by taking up an advanced open water course. However, that will have to wait until the time is right...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm back........

Yuhuuu...after almost two weeks of silence, I'm back!! So what's new ladies and gentlemen, tukang sapu and tukang simen?...haha

Well...I was very busy last week. I went for a dive trip to Pulau Aur with some magnificent people ever. I'll do a write up on this trip later...All in all, it was an excellent trip and will remember it for the rest of my life..

Last Saturday, marked the first day of ramadan.Ain't we just glad that we have the ability to fast peacefully as compared to some of our brothers and sisters in Africa or in the less fortunate situation than us?..

Ramadan signals the trend of buying bucket of foods in the bazaar ramadan and the foods ends up in the refrigerator 3 days later. Hahahah...

ANyhoos...will continue writing later as of now, need to pick up the missus as she has some sort of virus infection in her eyes.....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Insurance....Do we actually need it?

When my little girl was born about two and half years ago, I took the initiative to make some calls to some friends who are in the agency business. I spoke to them and told them that I'm looking for a product/investment/insurance/education plan for my little girl. What I initially wanted was to have some sort of 'cushion' or a back-up plan when she reaches 18 years old. I wanted to have a 'safe' amount for her 3rd level education.

I must confess that I value education very highly and it is the most important thing that I can give her besides my love. Hehehe. In addition, education costs seems to be on the rise every year and I predict that I will need a figure of about RM200k-RM400k for her 3rd level education purposes in about 16 years time. Hence, I decided to opt for education + insurance plan provided by Prudential (which for me, provides what i wanted all this while). So the agent and I devised a plan as to how much she will be getting when she turns 18 and what will be the procedures in the event of a claim..

So far, for the last 2 years or so, I've been constantly paying (topping up) her insurance via direct debit every month. Well, I didn't bother to check the amount the she has in her education plan as at today. I wonder why...hehehe

Anyways, when she was admitted to the hospital a week ago, I hurriedly call my agent and I'm so relieved that all her medication and room charged are paid for by Prudential. I wonder what if I didn't had any plans for her in the first place. For that 4 days treatment, her total bill comes up to about RM3k. That's a lot of money we are talking about.

During her discharge, as I was signing some documents, I managed to glanced through some guy's admission papers. I can see that he has deposited RM5k for his treatment at the hospital. Phewww. And then it struck me....apart from education, personal health is another important thing to take into consideration...Those days, I dreaded when an insurance agent called for a meet up. Sometimes I see no point of having an insurance...However, after experiencing kecik's problems, I'm glad that I took the initiative to have an insurance plan for her in the first place....

I would certainly agree if all of us could have our own insurance plan. No matter how small we have to pay monthly but it will certainly help in lessening our financial burden when the time comes....

At the same time, the experience also taught me a good lesson in handling my money better. In the event of an emergency, like it or not, you must have a good and solid financial standing. Cause if you don't it will cost you in the most unexpected ways that you can ever imagine. Unfortunately, prices of everything goes up and up and up all the time. So it is really up to us to decide in keeping abreast with challenging world of today and tomorrow...

It comes back to the question of how much saving do we need to make every month? RM500? RM1000? RM2500? I don't know to be honest. It all depends on ourselves. Our lifestyle. Our habits. Our nature. Etc..etc...All i do know is, I will keep a portion of whatever I earn in my ASB as well as my insurance accounts...

Have a good week ahead...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Syair Nasep Melayu

I came across this rather 'touching' poem from a from a blog about Natuna Island. The words used in the poem are simple yet straight to the point. I would put this poem as the same level as the poem by Tun Mahathir 'Perjuangan yang belum selesai'. This poem touched me deeply I have to confessed.

Di bumi melayu ramai pendatang
Berebut rezeji berganti peluang
Karena melayu ilmunga kurang
Di rumah sendiri hidup mengerang

Setip hari pendatang bertambah
Penuh halaman sesak lah rumah
Hutan di tebang berukar dirambah
Melayu tersingkir kehilangan tanah

Karena pendatang akalnya panjang
Hutan belukar dijadikan ladang
Melayu bedal fana memandang
Hata menyusut kekayan hilang

Walau melayu bertanah luas
Tetapi terlantar karena malas
Dimanpaat kan orang awakpun cemas
Lambat laun semuanya lepas

Melayu berpangkat lain lakunya
Berebut peluang untuk saudaranya
Bodoh dan bebal tiada di kiranya
Sehinga yang lain jadi terniaya

Sebagian melayu sudah berpangkat
Kampung halaman ia tak ingat
Hidup memencil menjauhi umat
Takut berbagi harta yang dapat

Karena banyak orang pendatang
Budaya melayu bertambah goyang
Ditindih oleh budaya orang
Masuk merayap sampai ke tulang

Sejak dahulu melayu terbuka
Pendatang disambut bemanis muka
Tanah di ambil dibiarkan saja
Akhirnya hidup maskin dan papa

Orang melayu malu bertengkar
Tak mau pula bertindak kasar
Harta di ambil selalu di biar
Akhirnya hidup menangung lapar

Kepada pendatang kita inginkan
Mencari napkah jangan menghabiskan
Pikirkan nasip penduduk tempatan
Supaya hidup tak bermusuhan

Para pendatang hendaklah ingat
Orang Melayu menjunjung adapt
Jangan diajar dengki maksiat
Supaya semua hidup selamat

Para pendatang hendaklah sadar
Bahwa melayu pantang di jabar
Jauh kan sipat aniaya dan maker
Supaya melayu tak hilang sadar

Para pendatang hendaklah paham
Bahwa melayu kebanyakan islam
Jangn di buat perangai haram
Supaya melayu tidak mendendam

Para pendatang jangan lah melagak
Mennunjukan kuasa dan harta banyak
Pantang melayu kepala di injak
Rekali melawan bangk yang rusak

Pepatah melayu sudah mengingatkan
Pantangn ikan ia keringkan
Pantangan manusia iadipermalukan
Pantangan melayu ia di hiankan

Walaupun melayu suka beralah
Lebih kurang sedikit tidakmasalah
Tetapi kepalanya jangn di lapah
Amuknya bangkit berkuh darah

Walau melayu hatinya lembut
Terhadap pendatang bermanis mulut
Tetapi jangan haknya di rebut
Melayupun sanggup menghadapi maut

Walaupun melayu berdada lapang
Kedada orang suka menegang
Tetapi jangn hidupnya di kekang
Di situlah kesadaran mereka akan hilang

Walaupun melayu suka berdamai
Hidup rukun damai ramai
Tetapi jangan ia di gulai
Membunuh orangpun melayu pandai

Walaupun melayu pantang medurharka
Kepada pemimpin taat serta
Tetepi jangn mereka di aniaya
Melayu pun berani menyumbung nyawa

Walau pun melayu hidup sederhana
Memandakan rezeki apa adanya
Tetapi jangan mereka di hina
Melayu pun tahu menjagakan marwahnya

Walau pun melayu kebanyakn melarat
Hidup miskin makan bersukat
Tetapi jangan mereka di jerat
Melayu pun berani membela martaba

UPdate on the little princess

Alhamdulillah, Alya was finally discharged on Saturday afternoon after 4 days of treatment in Pantai Hospital. On Friday, upon the doctor's advised, she was tested for the H1N1 virus and the test revealed a negative result. I was a little bit worried that she might have the disease and fortunately it wasn't. Basically, alya now has asthma and the doctor has given her some medication that she gotta take for the next few days. So no more cold drinks and ice for her for the time being. Heheheheh. Previously, she doesn't like to take her medicine whenever she fell sick but now, after much persuasion from the nurses at the hospital, feeding her is pretty much easier.

All of us were supposed to go back to Muar last Saturday for my late grandma's tahlil but since alya wasn't well, we stayed back. Anwyays, I'm so happy and relieved that she is now back to her usual self. Seeing her having difficulty in breathing is not something I wanna see again in the future....

Friday, August 7, 2009

Princess Alya

My sweet little princess, Alya has been admitted to Pantai Hospital on Wednesday evening due to asthma. Please pray for a speedy recovery

Monday, August 3, 2009