Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Last weekend, I had dinner at a Switchblade restaurant in Dutamas with the family...

To be honest, I love western foods and my favorite restaurants will be TGI Friday's and Chilli's. Hence, when I saw an ad about this restaurant at FB the other day, I decided to give it a try.

Upon reaching the place at Dutamas, I wonder how does the owner pays the rental for this place. It could cost him loads of money!! I would assumed that the overheads in operating such operating at an expensive location would be enormous!! I salute him for taking a big risk in running the food business!!

Anyway, I like the way the owner sets up the restaurant. It's totally different from any other restaurants that I've been too.

With regards to the food.....I have to be's freaking delicious weii!! Habis semua diet2....hahahaha.....No doubt it's a little bit pricey but that's understandable.

I will certainly come here again...but not so soon lah.....

Friday, November 25, 2011

Dough-nuts anyone??

I'm not a fan of doughnuts.....but when a colleague of mine bought some from Big Apple, I thought it was good, although it was super sweet....

Jemput makan......


How things have changed eh?.....Wonder how life was in the 50s or 60s....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nov 2011


It is now Nov 2011. In a about an month and a half's time, we would celebrating the new year.

New year means new resolutions. New aims, new objectives and so forth....

I think it's a good time to sit down and jot down your achievements for the last 11 months or so. Not to forget, to write down the things that you should've done and the things you wanna do for the next couple of weeks....

Perhaps, it's a good time to start planning what you wanna do for 2012.

For me, in terms of investing, it has been very 'stale' especially from the property side. No doubt that I've save some money that I invest in various places but I think I could do more....Earlier, I planned to add another 2 properties under my name but haven't be able to do so. Nahh, I won't blame it on BNM with their ruling but I blame myself. It's ok as I think I learn my lesson.

2011 for me is about discovering new things in investments especially being a landlord. Previously, you only read stuff from the books and hope you learn bits and pieces from it. But to be honest, nothing beats experiencing it by yourself. There are things that I should've done but for some strange reason or another, I didn't.....

Whatever it is, I thank Allah for opening my eyes in becoming an investor. I had nothing prior to 2008. Nothing...Zero....Zilch...even my ASB balance was pretty depressing to see....I had very limited savings.....but now, I guess, I can be a little proud of the efforts that I had put in for the last 3 years. However, I do realize that my journey is still at its infancy stage. I hope I can double up my efforts, take a wee bit of risk and pray a little harder for 2012....

Some time, my friends asks me why would i be an investor (part time that is....)...My answer is simple, to make sure that the financial being of my daughter is taken care off when the time comes. Having a kid changes your perception towards life. Especially when you start to think about her education, her needs as well as her wedding day. Hahahaha. I'm told not to worry about it but how can I not...:P

Anyway, at this moment, all I'm thinking is to maximize my wife's ASB savings. If I can achieve that, that's a big, big achievement. Hehehehe. On my part, since I wasn't able to purchase a property this year, I might do it next year....but having need to pay 30% deposit with your own money, I don't think it's a wise move....Thank you BNM!!

Have a nice day

Monday, November 7, 2011

Spelling mistake?

During my way back to Ipoh for the short raya holidays last week, we decided to skip the highways and hit the old trunk road from Behrang uptill Tapah as we received some news stating that the PLUS highway's traffic was bad....

Hence, we decided to have our lunch at some nasi kandar restaurant in Slim River. And over there, I found this rather disturbing 'advertisement'....

Is that how you spell kuay teow nowadays? I'm not even sure whether I spell it right or not. Heehehe....Anyways, the food wasn't great at all but the teh tarik was good!!!

By the way, the traffic was bad on Saturday. The heavy rain didn't help either. We took about 5 hours to reach the destination....huhu....I dread to think if I were to use the PLUS highway, it might even worse at Tapah....

have a good day

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hell-o-ween parteeee

Last weekend, myself, wifey and kecik attended a helloween party at Royal Bintang, The Curve.

To be honest, I've never been to a big scale helloween party before. And I really thought, the party was just for kecik and her classmates. But to my surprised, the party was held in the grand ballroom of the hotel and everybody seems to be dressed up except me and wifey.

I felt a bit out of place though but I thought everyone were sporting enough to dressed up. It was an interesting event and I was wondering, the organizer must have spent easily more then RM30k. Loads of free gifts, free foods, games, face painting, monsters, ghosts, smurfs, pharaoh, cat women, you name it.......and booze for the drinkers as well...

Anyways, kecik enjoyed herself and was playing around with one of her classmates. It's bit unfortunate we came a bit late as most of her classmates has returned home. Perhaps, if we are invited the next time around, I'll dressed up like a rock star!! hahaha

Stamping of tenancy agreement

For the last couple of years, for the purpose of stamping of tenancy agreement(s), I would ask the help of a friend. So I would pay him some of amount of money and he gets the things done for me. Usually, he will take about a week.

Anyways, since I've just leased out my desa view condo to this new tenant about a couple of days ago, I decided to stamp the agreement myself. I have to be honest here, I've been a property investor for about 3 years now (I know, i'm still a baby...and still learning) but I've yet to do this stamping thingy on my own. Pemalas would be the exact word!! Hahahaha

So I spent a couple of hours yesterday settling this matter and pretty much a wee bit proud of being able to do it myself. Save me a few quid instead of asking some friends to do it for me....

Just a short note on the procedures for stamping of tenancy agreement

Step 1. Upon signing of the document between you and your tenants, you need to calculate the stamp duty required for stamping. So how do you calculate? I can only talk about my experience as I think there's more to it than what I already knew...

Supposed the monthly rental is RM850. So annual rental income is RM10,200.
There's an exemption of RM2,400 to be deducted from the annual income which comes to RM7,800 (10,200-2,400). Assuming the agreement is for one year period hence, the rate of the stamp duty will be RM1 for every RM250 exceeding RM2,400.

So, the stamp duty payable for the agreement is is RM7,800/RM250=RM31.20. (Rounded of to RM31). Hence, what you need to do is to go the post office and buy the setem hasil. Easy?

Step 2. Go to the LHDN office together with the original tenancy agreement, in which for my case, I went to kg Attap. I think if I can remember correctly it was on the 20th floor. Went straight to the stamping office. I was told to fill-in a form and need to wait a wee bit as the crowd can be large at times. I waited about 40 minutes before they call me up. Hahaha

So there you go, never that I thought it would be that easy but time consuming at the same time. I know that if we ask someone else to do it for us, they will certainly charge an amount but I think, it's better to do it yourself. Agents would probably make hefty money from offering this services to the masses. That's my opinion anyways. But again, if you don't have the time, you can always ask the agents to do it for you, and of course, it comes with a price.....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Finally, my cozy little condo at desa view tower has been rented out.

I think I started to advertise for the place about 3 months back. Anyway, I'm happy that I finally met with this young family and hope we can a have a nice 'working' relationship for the next one year....

So to Shahizan & family, welcome on board......

On the other hand, the tenants in my other place at Unipark condo has moved out about 3 days ago. I had some major issues with the tenants at times, but never did I expect to see the condition of the house after they moved out. It was bad. It was so bad that I need to employ 3 Indonesian clearners to clean the place.

A lot of people have been saying against renting the place to college boys and I certainly felt that they did not take good care of the place as they should be. Well, boys will be boys with posters in every rooms. One good thing though, they pay their rents on time. Hahaha...

Anyways, who said that it's gonna be a smooth ride all the way kan?? The place now is clean and I'm going there again later today to check out the place.

Have a good week ahead...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hit for six

Sounds like a name for a movie but's not a movie....

In fact, for me, it was a joyous moment!

Can't believe that I witnessed the drubbing of Man Yernited by Citeh!!!, I can't believe the score line but was 6-1....

Hopefully, we can see many more stuff like that especially when yernited is playing!!

Anyways, Liverpool.....oh dear.....a draw against Norwich?....Clearly not the result all liverpool fans would have wanted but, it happened...

It is pretty obvious if Liverpool wants to be in the Champions league, they need to get the result from these kind of games. It has been mixed results so far but I guess, I would be happy if the team goes to europe next season.

Hopefully they'll beat Stoke in the carling cup!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011 KL?

Rumors has been flying around saying that Metallica will be in KL on the 2nd Dec 2011.

Whether it's true or not, I don't know but if indeed they are coming....I'll definitely going....

No doubt I've seen them live before but seeing them 'live' in KL will be something else....

To be honest, we need more live acts here. For the past few years, Kreator and Nofx has made their way here but we still need more. I would love it Iron Maiden were to make their stop here sometime in the near future!!

Have a good weekend...


Chomski has been part of my family for the last 6 years.
She was adopted from SPCA when she was still a kitty.
Unfortunately, she was put to sleep yesterday evening.
She was suffering from leukemia.
We'll miss you choms!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Saturday against the blues....

So far, Liverpool has played 6 games, gained 10 points, lost twice and drew once. Not bad considering the fact the first eleven players that has been playing most of the the league consist of a couple of new players....Especially in the midfield area where only Lucas was the surviving member of the Rafa/Hodgson era.

This is the area that I have most of my concerns though. It is not as compact as it was during Rafa's era. Only Downing and Lucas seems to be at ease at their positions and the other two, Henderson and Adams can sometime drifts apart as the game went on. Let's hope King Kenny has something up his sleeves with regards to these two players. A plus point though, Stevie is back but it remains to be seen whether he can get back to his old playing styles during Rafa's era.

The team now has a good strikeforce with Bellamy, Suarez and Carrol up-front. On paper, it should scare the shit out of most teams in the league. The amount of chances created and the way the team played especially during the first half of most matches proves that Kenny now has assembled a good team. However, the team seems to its focus during the second half which most team has now taken advantage when facing us.

Anyways, I'm hoping for another 3 points against the 'friendly' neighbors. It won't be easy but if I have it my way, I'll opt for Suarez to lead the line again....and with 5-man midfield consisting of Downing, Adam, Lucas, Bellamy and Kuyt. A 3 man back line consisting of Carragher, Coates and Skrtle should be good enough to balance the team on the defensive side.....

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good morning....

HOw was everybody's weekend?

I had a nice and busy weekend.

Spent later part of Friday night lepakking with some friends. It's been ages since we last met but we certainly had fun!!

Nevertheless, I was home quite late and was up and running again on early Saturday morning. I went to play golf at Tiara Melaka, of which, I think I played rather well....Considering the fact that I was playing like a beginner for the last couple of weeks before....hahahahah

Anyway, I'm expecting a busy week this week!! I have all the appointments lined up till Saturday.

I hope to get a new tenant for Desa View Tower before the end of next month, and obviously, if I can get another tenant for Unipark Condo before November will be a super bonus!!

Have a good week everyone!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

In flame....

As I was on my way home after picking up kecik from her a school, I witnessed an extraordinary 'incident'. I have to be honest to say that I rarely see a Lamborghini on Malaysian road but to see one with flames all over it is something else.

I pity the owner and the car itself might costs almost RM1m. A truly rich man's toys!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ultra Magnets.....

Fridge magnets....I love 'em.....

Wherever I go, I'll try to make sure I get at least one fridge magnet from that particular place...Hehehe....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Spuds 4-Libpool 0

That was a bad game!!

Can't remember when was the last time Pepe had 4 goals passed him in a game..How do you expect to battle on with on 9 men on the field. I had a strange feeling about the game before it even started and for the spuds to score 1 inside 10 minutes, I'm pretty sure that the game was lost by then. That makes it so frustrating to see. It makes it harder when Adams was sent off with about 60 minutes of playing time to be played. It'll take some effort for the 10 red men to play against a fluid Spuds side.

Anyway...the season is still long...another 33 games to go. All they need to do now is to make sure to get the maximum points available from now till May 2012. Liverpool is only 4 points better than the last team in the league and 8 points behind Man Utd after only 5 games.. The team will obviously need time to gel and things like this will happen sooner or later....

Man Utd is definitely flying and so are Man Citehhh.....I would say that, this year's Premier League champion would be either Man Utd or Man Citeh. The third place would go to Chelski and the battle for 4th place would be Arsenal, L'pool and Spurds....

Bring on Brighton!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A casual conversation over ciggy break

I just had a casual conversation with a colleague about 30 minutes ago....The conversation goes like this...

Me: Eh bro, heard that your wife's pregnant...Betul kah?

Mr T: Yeah man....(muka blank jer)

Me: So congrats la daddy-to-be

Mr T: Thanks man, but I have some worries lah...

Me: Worry pasal apa?

Mr T: Having kids nowadays means money.

Me: True...true...

Mr T: How's your kid?

Me: She's in playschool now...

Mr T: How much eh the fees?

Me: Quite a lot if you ask me. But we always have options, whether to send it to Taska or the more expensive private ones...

Mr T: I think I better start thinking of doing some savings plan for the kid lah...

Me: You should bro, and you better start now.

Mr T: I need someone to guide me a wee bit. Coz, saving money in the bank's savings account doesn't give a good return...

Me: Well, again....we have options...we have FDs, ASWs or unit trust. But if you have RM20k-RM50k now, we can start investing in shares or IPOs. Hehehehe

Mr T: hahahaha...but seriously, i need to start something lah...

Me: You do.....and I can help you a bit in making those decisions...

Before we end our 'short' conversation, we finished up 3 sticks of cigarettes (I know, I will quit next month!!). I briefed him on the options that he has especially in investing in unit trust and he seems to be interested. I told him to take his time and talk about it with his wife and make the right decision for him and his family...

I did highlight the importance of saving money and put it in a place where it can give you better returns in the future. I try not to be too technical but I did mention that the value of a RM10 now won't be the same as the value of RM10 in 5 years time.

So to be honest, we can't tell people what to do with their lives, but what we can do it show that there are a lot of ways that we can generate passive income just by saving a small portion of our income.

I hope to write about compounding and education fund later when I get back from dive trip. Hehehe

Have a good holiday everyone!!

Unipark Condo for Rent (2011-2012)

Monthly rent: RM 1900
Bedrooms 4
Type: Apartments, For Rent
Size: 1252 sq.ft.
Furnished: Fully furnished
Facilities: Swimming pool, Gymnasium, Tennis court, Mini market, Covered parking, 24 hour security, Balcony/Patio

- 4 rooms + 2 bathrooms,
- Brand New unit
- Located on the 12th Floor
- Excellent view of KL,Bangi,Putrajaya
- Spacious living room. Fan at every room.
- Quiet area.

- tight security, 1 covered parking lot, swimming pool
- Located within university area.

Near amenities
- Alamanda Shopping Mall,
- Uniten
- Bangi/Kajang/Putrajaya/Cyberjaya all located within 20 minutes drive

Easy access to all the major highways (PLUS/SILK)

Available for rent from September 2010

Call: En Wan 0122866347

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Inflation.....A threat?

When I was a lot younger, my dad used to give me RM2 per day for my daily expenses at school. That's the money that I used to buy the Hotplate Mee, sirap ais and some other stuff. If I can recall correctly, when my little sister went to school in the 2000's, it was RM5 per day. It is possible that some kid will need RM10 per day in 3-4 years time. Plus...I can still remember that you can get a cigarette at 30 sen per stick in the late 90s. Nowadays, it's RM1 per stick. Heck...I know of a makcik who now sells her kuih tart nenas for RM1.50 per piece!! Imagine if you order 20 piece of tart nenas from this'll cost you RM30!!!

To me folks, these are what I call inflation.To be a little bit more technical, it can be further defined as a rise in the general prices of foods and services in an economy over a period of time. As inflation increases, every ringgit that we own buys a smaller percentage of a product or services. In a layman's term.....our purchasing power decreases.....

The most well know measures of inflation would be CPI (Consumer Price Index), which measures the percentage change in the cost of purchasing goods and services by consumers over a period of time

Our very own inflation rate at 31st July 2011 is 3.11% as reported from However, it is good to note that we have to calculate our very own personal inflation rate to have a better and clearer picture as to how inflation affects us individually...

Based on what I understand, there are 2 reasons for  inflation which is high demand, low supply and the rise in the production costs. Basic economic tells us that when there is a demand for a products or services but shortage of supply, the price will go up. If I can recall correctly, this is what we call demand-pull inflation. When the price of raw materials go up, production cost will increase which in turn will increase the price so that companies maintain their profit margin. Furthermore, their workers will demand higher salaries as the company will pass these costs to the consumers.

So when inflation increases, logic tells us that our purchasing power decreases. A RM1 may buy you a teh tarik 3-4 years ago but now, that's no longer the case. In fact, we may find that in general, the price of most products and services are rising by the hour. Just 2-3 days ago, it was announced that the telco's company will be charging 6% tax on the consumers. In fact, it's even worse when the interest rates going up as loans will cost more which in turn, we have to pay more..... do we beat inflation (if possible)...

The ways to beat inflation that I can think of now would be:

1) Start investing in the correct investment

As we can see from the graph above, our current inflation rate is at 3.11%. So, for ease of reference, we have to be smart and ensure we invest in places that can give us better returns than 3.11%. What's the rate of return for FD nowadays? Is it 3%? So, a good place to start would be ASB, ASD and Unit Trust

2) Diversify

Almost everybody knows this rule of investing. Never, EVER, put all your eggs in one basket. In other words, you need to diversify your investments portfolio. You may have 40% property investments, 40% unit trust investments, and 20% other investments. You may also split your unit trust investments into equities or bonds or whatever....

3) Invest extra cash in hand to ASB or balance fund. Better still, invest in gold.

4) Debt management. It's time to reduce debt to a minimum level as interest rates usually increases in tandem with inflation. Perhaps, it's time to settle off those highest rate loans as quickly as possible....

So there you go, my brief thoughts on inflation. Obviously, there's more to it that I have just wrote but the bottom line is whether we like it or not, we just can't ignore the importance of saving money. Hence, do what you gotta do and have a nice day....

Hello again.....

After almost a month of non-blogging, I'm now back fresher and focused. The reason that I didn't blog for the last 30 days or so was I needed some time off to reflect on things that I should and shouldn't do. It's nice to get away from things that you've been doing so often...

Anyways, lots of things has happened for the past 30 days.. and I hope it's not to late for me to wish everyone Selamat hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin. I had a wonderful Ramadhan and Hari Raya for me and my family was superb. It's been a long time since we as a family celebrate 'raya' together as my lil sister who's now working in the States decided to come back specifically to celebrate Eid with all of us..I hope, everyone enjoy their raya and I believe, we are still celebrating it....hehehe

So, like I said, I'm now back fresher and more focused. Rather than dwelling on petty stuff, I decided to put my head down and do things that I believe that develop myself into a better person.

Just a quick note on my property at Desa View Tower, the place is still available for rent. The current tenant will be moving out in 2 weeks time so I might need a week or so to clean/repair the place before a new tenant comes in. I realised that the place has a wee bit of a problem with the drainage system. That's always a case with apartments eh?

On my other property at Unipark Condo, the current tenant decided not to renew their agreement so the place is up for grabs for those interested. I've yet to determine the rate as yet. I would assume that the place would be ready by Nov 2011.

Alright then, hope to write again soon...see ya...and have a good day

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Can I claim.......................Can I??

I was browsing at some websites and found this article relating to PKR.... It's about the PKR Election Manifesto....So I took a quick look and read the manifesto and something caught my attention.

In the manifesto, it is stated that Rakyat Selangor is entitled to receive RM75 for every sons and daughters they sent to nursery. In addtion, rakyat Selangor is entitled to receive RM50 for sending their kids to Pre-school kindergartens.

Hence, I was just thinking, can I claim this entitlement? If I can, who do I get in contact with or, has anyone received any of these promises as yet?

Plus, prior to 2008, it was called Barisan Alternative and now Pakatan Rakyat. A wee bit odd isn't it when the promises were made by BA instead of PR. Anyway, hope they can fulfill the promises and I hope I can get my money soon.


Yesterday, as I was waiting for my car to be serviced, I bump into an old friend.

It was nice to meet him again after all these years. He used to be a member of a local 'underground' band ages ago but has now became a 'successful' marketeer attached to PNB.

So there we were talking about the glory days back when we were young. Anyways, when we were talking, one of the topics that we spoke about was investment. He asks me whether I've invested before and obviously my answer was 'yes!!'.

He was saying something it's mega important to invest and spread the risk if you can and try not to focus on one particular area. He spoke at length about investing in unit trust as there one too many funds and we have to be on our toes to pick the best one that suits us.

He then laugh as we were talking about investment as he said, he never thought that one day, we will sit down and talk about investment. Those days, the only thing we speak about was music and hang out at Uptown. How time flies and he said we're definitely getting older!! Heheh

I was pleased to see him after all these years and glad he is 'happy' to be where he is now. As for me, there are things that need to be done. Obviously, I can't buy another property now so for the time being I'm focusing on maximizing Wifey's ASB. She's got a long way to go before we reach the RM200k mark but we'll get there.

To be honest, I've not been able to save as much as I wanted to as there will always be something that need to purchased or paid whenever I wanna save some savings. Hahahaha. Anyways, hope to clear out those 'debts' before the end of the year and hopefully, I can invest more in ASB and properties next year.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Some people are just born.......??

This guy (apparently a foreigner ) is apparently special or just plain stupid. Welcome to Boleh Land....


I went to A&W PJ last saturday with a couple of friends for sahur. :P

To be honest, I'm not a fan of A&W but I have to say, I like the root beer float and the coney dogs. Hehehe

I think there's something magical about that particular A&W outlet. If I can remember correctly, my dad used to bring me there when I was a little boy. Fast forward 2 decades later, I think, the set up of the outlet is pretty much the same as it was years ago...

It got me thinking, how does A&W compete with the other fast foods chain eh? I would assume, it'll be very difficult for them to compete especially with McD or even KFC. The prices are on the high-side. The staff are not as joy-ful as McD's or KFC's.

The services are slow in my opinion. They only open up 2 counters at that time, which I have to wait approximately 10 minutes before my orders were taken. I would think, A&W has a long, long way to go to reach the level that they are supposed to be.'s up to their management to decide though...

Nyways..I enjoyed eating away those lovely coney dogs, curly fries and drinking 'em root beer floats. It certainly brings back the memories when I was 17-19 years old again....Hahaha

I took the time to 'wiki' A&W a wee bit and I was shocked to know that there's no A&W outlet in Singapore anymore. The A&W outlet in PJ was actually opened in 1965. Hence, that makes the outlet, 46 years old....Hahahaha...


After months of thinking whether or not to buy an Ipad, I finally decided to purchase one for wifey at Digital Mall, PJ yesterday. A 16GB one that costs RM1500.

Apparently the other day wifey told me that some of her friends that owns ipads were able to download their medical journals for easy reference. Hence, instead of carrying those super-sized and heavy medical books, she may now read it in Ipad. Where to download?...I have no idea as I'm not familiar with Ipad thingy!!

Anyways, I know that there are alot of education apps for kids in Ipad. So, kecik may be able to learn a thing or two from those apps (If we decide to let her play)...hahaha

So far, I've downloaded few apps that I think I can use especially in budgeting, finances, health as well as some books....Obviously, I picked the free ones at the moment....Not to forget some education games for Kecik....

I'll write more when I'm familiar enough with my latest gadget!! Well to be honest, I think I'm gonna struggle initially, but, need to keep abreast with the latest technology eh?

Have a good week ahead...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yamaha XJ6

I've been bike-less for about 2 years now.

At times, I miss being on a bike......I seriously do...

However, due to time constraint, I had to sell it off...

Anyways, as I was talking to a friend the other day, he was talking about this particular bike. Yamaha XJ6. To be honest, I don't have a clue what it looks like so I went back home and 'googled' it.

My first impression, I think the bike is nice and sexy. I've never ridden on a naked bike before (perhaps one day I will though). The price if I'm not wrong is about RM40k. Good price for a mid range bike I think....

Maybe, I'll take a test ride this Saturday at Sungai Buloh. Perhaps, after that, I'll share it here....

Monday, August 8, 2011

qoute for today

''We are being attacked for defending what is rightfully ours''

Monday, August 1, 2011

Desa View Tower: To Let

Desa View Tower Condo For Rent

Monthly rent: RM 950
Bedrooms: 4
Type: Apartments, For Rent
Size: 1056 sq.ft.
Furnished: Partially furnished
Facilities: Swimming pool, Gymnasium, Tennis court, Mini market, Covered parking, 24 hour security, Balcony/Patio

-3+1 Rooms, 2 Bathrooms
-Access Card
-End/Corner Unit
-Recently refurbished
-One covered Car Park
-All rooms are equipped with fans
-Partly Furnished
-Easy Access to MRR2, DUKE
-Nearby facilities (shops/schools)
-Very quiet and serene environment
-The balcony faces KL city

View to appreciate and by appointment only. Pls do not hesitate to contact me at 0122866347

Availability: October 2011 onwards

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Selamat berpuasa to everyone!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Malaysia v Singapore ...after the game

My thoughts:

1. It was brilliant to be part of the 90,000 fans singing Negaraku
2. It was wonderful to see so many Jalur Gemilang being 'flown' by the fans
3. Singaporean players are bunch of weak sissies. They fell down easily. I guess, our players are much more professional in that sense. I don't think Singapore can go far in the World Cup Qualifying
4. I was wondering why we were playing long balls and crossings on so many occassion despite the fact we have limited aerial presence up front. It was very clear to see that we don't have the height and aerial abilities to match those Singaporean defenders.
5. King Raja took a mega risk by playing that Zaquan fella and I think it back-fired.
6. The team depended a wee bit too much on Safee Sali. No doubt, he's a brilliant footballer, but there's only so much he can do.
7. Hope the team can learn something from this 'defeat' and play better the next time
8. Teruskan perjuangan mu Harimau Malaya. Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban!!

Whatever being said, I 'enjoyed' watching the game last night although it can be frustrating at times. I guess, I played a small part in the national football history. I can say that I'm part of the 90,000 people in the stadium. That's a very good crowd to be honest!! Hahahaha....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pikir lagi........

Now that I own several properties, I can no longer take up a housing loan under my name as I have so many loan commitments. Obviously with the recent Bank Negara's instruction and ruling, it makes it harder for me to purchase one or two more properties...

Hence, it got me thinking, how am I going to add a few more with all these restrictions around me. I To be honest, I would love it if I can add up a few more before I reach the age of 35. Hehehe. Anyways, I thought of using my wife's government loan to purchase at least one but decided not to as we want to save it to buy our dream home. Plus, I can have the option of using someone else's name but for me, it doesn't sound right and I yet to have the interest in using someone's name to buy a property for my own gain.

I've spoken to some friends and they say now it's not the right time to buy new properties. I don't know whether to agree or not to agree. For me, it's about having the capital and buying at the right price and right location. Of course property prices in Klang Valley especially have risen to an unbelievable level. At times when I take a look at the property listings in the media, I would shake my head in disbelief. Maybe I'm wrong but it's getting harder and harder to buy properties nowadays. One of the major cause would be the price....

So, the question is, how will I be able to add a few more properties under my belt? I was thinking the other day, should I open up a company and 'transfer' all my properties into that company? Can I do that? Is it permissible? If I'm allowed to that, maybe, just maybe, it can free up some space in my loan commitment, which will then allow me to buy another property. Errr...sounds confusing lah....Am I confusing my self? I doubt whether the bank will allow such things.

I better start putting my thinking cap on. There must be a way out of this. There must be a loophole somewhere and somehow.....

Have a good day


Just thinking about something not-so-important.....

9/11 was said to be committed by some Muslim Terrorist (as claimed by the western media)

What about the attack on Norway?

Malaysia v Singapore

I'm sooo looking forward for tomorrow's game against them.

No doubt, we lost the first game. That defeat was hard to digest to be honest. Seriously though, I do not know what went wrong in the first half especially the young back 4. This was the same back 4 that played in the AFF Cup a couple of months ago.

Anyways, hope the boys can play better tomorrow. We'll be at home and if they believe in themselves and keep a positive mentality, they'll progress.

It's gonna be difficult to score 2 goals but I think they can do it. We don't mind losing but please, at least with dignity lah. Do your best and hopefully we'll succeed.

So go out there, play your hearts out yaa..

Good luck Harimau Malaya!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How I managed to save RM40 a month


I wash my own car. Nowadays, averagely it'll cost about RM10 to wash your car. So, assuming there's 4 weeks in a month, and you wash your car every week, you can save RM40 per month. That's RM480 per year. If you put that amount in your ASB you'll get about RM38 (assuming a div of 8%)....

Another good thing of washing your own car is that, it can be a good exercise for you. It's not easy to be honest. At least 1 hour of 'working out'.... Hahahaha. You'll appreciate your car more if you wash it yourself.....

Have a good day......

Ha?...Max speed of 242km/h?.......

Monday, July 18, 2011

Not another Dive trip


Yup!! It was another great dive trip for me. Again, it was in Tioman. Some might ask why Tioman? my answer will be the cost factor. It's cheaper.........:P

Anyways, the only difference this time was, I dive with Sealantis. It was the first time that I joined em. A good friend of mine wanted to do his Advance Open Water course with Sealantis so that was how I ended up there. Hehehe

I had a great time to be honest. Diving with new people and obviously got to meet new friends along the way. I even managed to talk some serious issues with one of Paya Beach Resort Management team who happens to be a nice Singaporean chap. It was great to hear his ideas on making the place better than what it is now. That's what I call continuous improvement. Obviously, I hope to learn a thing or two from him. We can never stop learning kan?

Anyways, back to diving, I did a total of 7 dives including 1 night dive. I've been to most dive sites bar one, Sawadee Wreck. It's a deep dive of about 30 meters. The vis wasn't great as it reminded me of Pulau Sembilan and we were at the bottom for less than 15 minutes. Not bad lah.

Oh by the way, I tested my recently purchased regulators and I'm deeply happy with the performances. It was a good investment to be honest!! Heheheheh...

Since ramadhan is coming up real soon, I would think that this was the last trip to Tioman this year. It'll be difficult to dive after Raya as most of us will be busy with open house and stuff. Before we know it, it'll be October and that's when the monsoon starts! Perhaps, it's a good time to plan to dive in Sipadan or Raja Ampat or Pulau Weh.....hehehehe

Anyways, enjoy the pics...

Some strange looking fish

Myself and Funny (Sealantis Instructor)

Lion Fish

Some flathead fish I found during the night dive

Yup...yours truly

Have a good week everyone!!