Monday, May 31, 2010

weigh-in...week 12

I do not know whether it's good or not but my weight is now maintained at 74kg. Not bad eh? Now my exercise schedule have change a bit. I spent every other day doing cardio (walking/jog/run) and spent the rest of the days doing weight training. It's been difficult I have to confessed but I'm trying to enjoy what I'm doing. I'm never been a fan of weights training before but after looking at a picture of myself 2 weeks ago, I must do something to tone up my body so that I don't look like a schoolboy or worse, a drug addict.


Have a good week ahead...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thomas Cup

Well, the tournament has ended with China as the Champions.

What about our team?

In my opinion, although they are not as good as the Chinese, at least, give the Chinese a fight lah.

The Chinese practically won it easy against us. There wasn't a hint of fighting at all from our players.

The players then blame it on the media for putting pressures on them to win the cup.

I'd say: Bullocks!! Bloody eggets!! You guys spent hours after hours everyday playing and training the game. Just because you're not good enough, you guys now put the blame on the media? Ayo-yo....That's lame lah guys....One of you even got a Datukship for getting a silver medal in the olympics....


I think some of us will admit that we are not as good as the Chinese, but where was the passion guys? If we know we can't beat them, at least we go down with a fight.

There...I'd say it........

Blast from the past: Kids Nowadays

A week or so ago, I think, almost everyone here in Malaysia has had the opportunity in reading or hearing the news that some school kids apparently attacked their teacher. So I was thinking to myself, what kind of society have we become? Are we so low now that our kids do not even have the slightest respect for their teachers. Teachers are like Captains of the ships. He or she determines where the ship would sail. He or she helps the crew in ensuring the ship will arrive on time. Teachers, plays a big role in molding or helping students in being a useful human being later in their life. Back to reality however, after learning such news, it saddens me to the point that I'm afraid to think of what will be our son's and daughter's futures will be.

Those days, I have to admit though, I'm not those popular or grade A student. I've had my fair share of public cannings, monthly visitations to the prefect's room as well as being 'tortured' by the disciplinary teacher. Well, it was my fault anyway. I shouldn't have 'ponteng sekolah' or 'lepaking' at the snooker center at Pak Peng during school hours. Come to think of it, it was fun though and I've always thought that it was all part of growing up and learning. In saying that, I've always had the highest respect for teachers. Yes, I've been shouted at before, humiliated (to a certain extent) before, being caned so many times before but I've never had the guts to retaliate to those teachers. Those days, sometimes, I more afraid of the teachers than my parents.

Coming back to the student vs. teacher story, I felt sorry for the teacher. She had sacrificed her time and dedicates her life in nurturing those students. After all, all she wanted was her students to do well in the exams and in life (in general). I wonder what she felt after that incident. I would like to think that this issue needs to be carefully solved and whoever they maybe, please find the reasons as to what made those students to act in such a way?

Can we put the blame on the parents? Maybe to a certain extent. With the economic and political uncertainties now, perhaps, parents themselves have other priorites and let the 'educating-my-children' part solely and 100% to the teachers. A friend of mine spoke at lenght about this where he is the PIBG president of his son's school, that during the PIBG meeting where only 50 parents decided to attend out of possible 600 plus. When parents themselves are not interested with their children activities, how is it possible to let one teacher in helping 30-odd students at one time? Based on that, are we naive enough now that we let the teachers in educating our sons and daughters? I've always believed that the failures of the sons and daughters are merely caused by the failures of the fathers and mothers in raising up their kids.

Whatever it is, I am what I am today is because of the dedication of my parents as well as with the help of my teachers since 1983 right up to 2008. That's like 25 years of life-long learning. I can't remember all of their names but I value and appreciate their efforts in helping to choose what is right and what is wrong. Perhaps, I could become a teacher or a tutor one day....

Note: This blog was written on 22nd Oct 2008

Monday, May 24, 2010

weigh-in...week 11

As planned, I thought I could do the 15kms run/walk/jog last Saturday. Unfortunately, due to some strange reasons, I didn't manage to do it. Only managed to cover about 9kms. Which is 6kms short of my aim. Of course, I'm a wee bit disappointed but that shows that I'm not fit as I would imagine. Perhaps, with more training & exercise for the next couple of weeks, I could do it. ANyhoos, it's not the end of the world. I managed to cover 9kms anyways. Perhaps, 3 or 4 months back I couldn't even last 1km without complaining of tiredness. Hehehehe. It's good isn't it?

ANyways, for the last week, I've decided not to lose anymore weights cause I've received comments that I'm beginning to look like a drug addict. I don't think that I'm THAT thin but some of the comments made to me for the last couple of days did trigger me to think about my look. My weight is now 74.3kg. If I were to go lower than this, I will surely look like a drug addict. Hahahaha.

During my golf game on Sunday, a friend asks me whether I'm sick...Huh....Oklah, I have to admit that I've been constantly walking and running for the last few weeks with no weight training. I'm not against weight training but, perhaps, laziness of doing it has crept into my mind. I'd rather spend time walking or jogging or maybe hit 200 balls at the range. Heheheh

Last night though, I went to the gym and did some weights. I'm not setting any aims for the time being. I've been ask to do some weight exercise to actually build up some muscles. Perhaps, the time has come for me to do that. No!! I don't wanna look like Malek Noor. I just wanna have a nice toned up body. Hahaha. If you ask me, I would like to a body like Bruce

Anyhoos, will keep on walking and running and exercising. I feel better and healthier obviously. I've been ask by a friend to join the Standard Chartered marathon a couple of days ago. I said no as I'm not that fit as yet. I wanna be fit but not super fit. Hehehehehe.....Like Prophet Muhammad said in his teachings, do things moderately....So that's why I plan to do......

Have a good week ahead...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

empty lots.....

Can you guess where this is?


This building was built at an approximate cost of $3.5 billion (according to wikipedia)

This mega building was supposed to be the gateway to Malaysia

Wonder why with so much money has been spent, but there are still empty lots available for leasing....

Memalukan dehhhh

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

mmg pandai....

No doubt...there are people out there, who seems to have all the facilities, would take advantage on other people.

They will squeeze other people's money so that they can make money!!!

Well, to whom it may concerned....go and screw yourself!!!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Blast from the past : Thoughts for today (27-11-08)

This morning, I had a chance to have a quick glance on the morning paper. Saw a big picture of a hotel burning and it was titled Mumbai Massacre. However, I didn't had the chance to properly read the article but upon reaching the office, I quickly went to the net and start reading about it. It was shocking and I felt terribly disturbed with the news as 100 over people are dead and some lunatics decided to seek justice in their own hands. I then wondered, how could some people, claim themselves as muslim, can act in such away that degrades the religion further. And then, I started to think, what is wrong with the world nowadays? Specifically, what is wrong with the followers of Islam nowadays? It seems that some of the negative news today are caused by muslims. For example, the recent mumbai massacre, the bali bombing incident, suicide bombers, bombing, etc. Locally, some of us here in Malaysia decided to throw their newly born child in the dustbin or worst in the drain (of which some of them are muslims), corruptions cases by high ranked personnel (of which some of them are muslims), rape (remember the girl that was raped and killed in klang?), politicians that are confrontational towards each other and can never agree on the same principal, etc...Hence I was thinking to myself, never once in my childhood that I was taught all these bad things but unfortunately these are things that occurred in our daily lives. I remembered very clearly as muslims we are taught to respect each other and be nice to each other.

With all these problems nowadays, I think, muslims around the world, we need to get back to the basics of Islam i.e the six beliefs of Islam as well as the five pillars of islam. I think, this is the only way for some of us to find peace in this terrible world. The lack of understanding or the lack of actually practising what were taught about the religion perhaps the main cause that contributes to the troubles that we hear everyday...

* I wrote this blog in 27th of November 2008. The purpose of this blast from the past is to re-post back what I wrote in my already dead-multiply account. Heheheh

Thinking about properties....

I don't know why, for the last couple of nights, I've been thinking about buying a property. The question is, to get the correct and ideal property now is kinda difficult. If you talk about auction properties, it gets more interesting as people are now getting properties via auction more then the existing market prices.

I guess, in general, some of us has a lot of money. And maybe the trend now is to buy auction properties with higher prices. I can't think of the logic of buying a property which is more then the market value. The number one rule in investment properties is always buy at low price. Then only comes the location lah, legal lah, gearing and of course, MUST MAKE MONEY!!!

In my personal opinion, I think now it's not a good time to buy. Reason? Something tells me that it's not the time yet. Hehehe. I've heard stories with regards that now is a very good time to sell you properties. Of course, in relation to that the BLR has increased a wee bit and lots of people now sees auctions as a medium to buy a property fast. We even see that people are now willing to pay more then the market value for a piece of property via auction.

Well, as Azizi Ali said, keep searching and I shall find one that suits me. Just gonna take my time and see how it goes.....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

weigh-in...week 10

After covering 2.5kms earlier this morning, I decided to weigh myself and see how did I do for the last one week. The weighing machined showed that I'm now at 74.2kg. Huh!!

Although I should be happy but at the same time, I think the machine is somehow screwed up. Anyhoos, for the last 7 days, I've been exercising quite a lot. I cover almost 10kms everday and I played 3 rounds of golf last week alone!!

Of course, I felt good and at the same time, my tummy is still visible. arrrrgghhh.....need to do more sit ups and more weight training I supposed. This is one area that I seriously lacked. I don't mind to admit. But what the heck!! There's always a time to re-start weight training kan?

Have a good week!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Do the 'impossible'

I've been exercising seriously for about 2 and a half months now...

Perhaps, there's a time when I wanna try to do what I thought would be impossible.

Here's what I wanna do...

I wanna try and walk/jog/run for 15kms under 2 hours. Logically it should be straight-forward but I've never try it before. Hence, I'm gonna test myself to cover 15kms in under 2 hours next Saturday i.e 22nd of May 2010.

So, for the time being (which is about a week's time), I'm gonna prepare myself mentally and physically for this test. I have the route in mind-well, sort of lah...

Let's see lah how it goes....

From the words of Sir Winston Churchill

Who is this winston churchill?....well..go figure out yourself lah!!!

Nyhoos...I just wanna quote his words about Life Assurance...

Here goes....

''If I had my way I would write the word 'Insure' over the door of every cottage, and upon the blotting book of every public man, as I am convinced that, for sacrificies that are inconceibably small, families can be secured against catastrophies which otherwhise would smash them up forever''

So if any of you out there still without an insurance cover be it medical, life or accident, please do so before it's too late...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Enough is enough...!!

I've been back playing golf 'seriously' almost 2 months now....

FOr the last couple of games, my score has been erratic...

I can play good games in some days but on some other days, my game has been destroyed by poor tee-off shots....

I noticed, especially the last three games I had in KGSAAS and Tasik Puteri where my tee off shots were seriously dreadful. When this happens, I need extra strokes to recover which ultimately destroy my whole game...

I went to see a pro back in 2007 with a guy named Hambali in Saujana. I thought he was ok. My game improved after seeing him

I believe, it is time for me to see a pro again. Perhaps, not Hambali. Perhaps, I need to see someone else.

If I were to continue playing like this, I would never be able to enjoy the game any longer...Keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over again....

Since I've adjusted my clubs with a clubfitter a few weeks back, I believed my iron shots have improved...

Enough is enough!!!. If I want to improve I need to seek help and advice from better players and of course, seeing a pro to see where my mistakes are...

No...I'm not eyeing to enter a PGA competition...I just wanna enjoy the game and be able to swing solid shots from tee to gree... I putting unnecessary pressure to myself? A wee bit of pressure is always good as I know I could be playing better...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weigh-in...week 9

Wooohooooooo........I achieved my target of 75.8kg for this week. Hohohoho. I'm happy even though now I don't religiously follow what I should be doing. Hehehe. Up till today, I now am able to control my sugar and carbo daily intake, which prior to this I've never even think off.

Anyhoos, I'm trying to shred off another kilo for this coming week. I have perhaps another 5kg to go and I believe I can...

Have a good week

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Double standards.......

Why, when things go our away, we kept quiet but when things goes the opposite direction, some of us bark like a mad dog?


Let's play he blame game shall we.......

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

According to

The Top 10 richest men in Malaysia in 2006 were as follows:

1. Robert Kouk aka Sugar King. (Valued at $5.6bn)
2. Ananda Krishnan ($4.6bn)
3. Teng Hong Piow-Public Bank ($2.1bn)
4. Lee Shin Cheng-IOI ($2.05bn)
5. Quek Leng Chan-Hong Leong ($2bn)
6. Lim Goh Tong-Genting ($1.5bn)
7. Yeoh Tiong Lay-YTL ($1.1bn)
8. Tiong Hiew King-Rimbunan Hijau ($1.05bn)
9. Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhari ($1bn)
10. Lim Kok Tay-Genting ($440m)

What does that show to us eh?

Well..first of all, 8 of the top 10 were from the Chinese descendants. TOgether they amasses more then $15.8 of total wealth.

The Malays can actually be proud of Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar. Even being a native of the country, we are only able to have one succesful Malay in the top 10.

The Indians, can also be proud as Ananda Krishnan sits at number 2. It is strange as some of them claimed that their rights has been discriminated by the government. Well, the top famous lawyers in the country are actually from the Indian descendants kan?

So, where does that leave the Malays? Just accepting the way things are or keep on bickering on the political front and play the blame game?

I think some of us has got our priorities wrong. When we are pushed to the limit, only then we want to think of something.

Let's take this example. We see a lot of reality shows nowadays. I don't have the exact number but I believe the majority number of participants (from my observations) were from the Malay descendants. On top of that, we have loads of Jom Heboh type of events which were visited by mostly malays. It's funny sometimes that the small businesses set up during these type of events were set up by the non-malays. So, at the end of the day, who makes the money? Answer that yourself....

Sometimes, the private universities will publish the names of their top graduates in the newspaper. Guess what, the non-malays will dominate the list with the odd number of Malay names stuck somewhere in between. We should be thankful to Arshad Ayub for championing the cause for ITM. At least, there's a place for the malays to enhance their education level.

Now it seems, we seemed to forget our previous struggles. We take things for granted. Medical undergraduates sent by the government decided not to come back due to the bigger pay somewhere else. Even worse, they refuse to even acknowldege the government contributions.

Even buying a property now is a big hurdle for some of us. Perhaps, in a couple of years time, some of us would be pushed aside to live in a place far away from the city as the cost of living is too high.

If you look closely to job advertisement in the papers, you can see that some company would prefer to have someone who can speak in Mandarin. Perhaps, we should now send our kids to Chinese school to learn Mandarin eh? I think it's a good idea lah....

Anyhoos, I think we should all stop complaining and blaming about things that does not go our way. Get prioritized!!!

Watcha see...wathcha see...wathca see...what??

Diving Trip : Pictures

As promised, below are some of the pictures of me taken during the last Diving Trip at Tioman Island.

As mentioned, I did 7 dives at various dive sites namely Semebal, Pasir China, Tiger Reef, Labas, Renggis, Pilot Reef and White Sand.

I had fun although I really hate the long hours in the car as well as in the ferry.

I'm planning to upgrade my diving license to Rescue Diver but I've not set any dates as yet. Not bad eh...considering the fact that I almost drown during my first dive last year....hehehehe

Enjoy the pics...

Me enjoying myself

Puffer fish at Tiger Reef

Me again

At Tekek Marina

Blue Spotted Sting Ray

The pictures are taken from here. Credit to Mech Sylbi

Monday, May 3, 2010

weigh-in...week 8


I was expecting that actually. I wasn't doing enough exercises for the last 2 weeks. Been busy with diving, fell sick and whatever.

Anyhoos, time to double the efforts for the next couple of days and see how it goes. If I can touch 75.8kg by next Tuesday, I'll be a happy man. Huhuhu...

Have a nice day

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I think, I never write about Liverpool FC in my blog ever.

So, this will be the first time. (there's always a first time for everything kan?)

Anyways, anybody knows that Liverpool FC this season has been a 'failure'. After what happened last season, almost everyone thought the team could finally challenge MU, Chelsea & Arsenal for the Premier League. But what the hell happened?

1) Torres is constantly injured.
When he's injured, Liverpool doesn't have a decent player to 'replace' Torres. You can't expect N'gog or Babel to fill Torres's roles. Kuyt-this guys can run all day long but he scoring is not his greatest asset.

2) Steven Gerrard is not his usual self for the greater part of the season. His performances were average as compared to his standards....Maybe he's getting old and he is finally accepting that LFC will not win anything for the next couple of years

3) 2 holding midfielders
Why Rafa decides to stick with 2 holding midfielders in almost every game left me shell-shocked at times. Perhaps, even RAFA does not trust his defenders and that maybe the reason why he insist on having 2 holding midfielders in almost every game

4) Leftbacks. Problem area as Insue is still raw and Fabio Aurelio is a man made of biscuits. Perhaps, the key weakness point of the team

5) Rightbacks. Sometimes, I think Glen Johnson is not doing his role reasonably well. His 'replacement', I can't even remember the swiss guy's name. Why Rafa brought him into the squad for the last 2 seasons is beyond me as well.

6) Centerbacks. Not a solid as before. Perhaps they miss the great Sami Hyppia. Even, Daniel Agger is playing the leftback role nowadays.

6) Aquaman. Rafa, it seems has not given this guy ample time to prove his worth. He should be playing more since January.

7) Reserves. LFC doesn't seemed to have a strong reserve team. Perhaps, it's not even worth the mention. Heheheheheh

Saying it is easy as I'm just a LFC supporter 14,000kms away but what I do know is, LFC need to change in order to really challenge the likes of MU, chelsea and Arsenal. In fact, Spurs, Villa and Man Citeh has overtaken the team this season. Damniiittt!!

How Spurs and Villa overtook LFC this season is beyond me. I think, at times RAFA has got his tactics wrong. He should also start believing in his reserves players like Daniel Pachecho.

Hahaha, funny now that I'm writing comments on how LFC should play. But I guess, I'm not the only one. I would love it if they can win a cup. Be it, Champions League or Premiership or League Cup. It doesn't matter lah. But what I found about them this season is the lack of passion and motivation in winning games this season. Perhaps, that's what really lack in the squad nowadays. From number 2 last season and this season number 7. The table doesn't lie and obviously LFC is not good enough this season.

Well, as they say, there's always a next year (the utmost privilage of being a Liverpool fan). There's always a sun at the end of the night. Hope they do well next year to be in the Champions League for 2011/2012.

YNWA (you'll never win anything)

an article per day.........

I'm gonna start a small project.

The project is gonna be called 'an article per day'

Well...basically it means, you and me have to read at least read an article be it from the magazines or newspapers per day. And it must be in English. It doesn't matter what the articles are related to as long as it is in English.

Possible kan? Hehehehehe

Why should I do this you may ask? Well, the main reason is, I would like to improve my English and by reading an article per day, I may actually be able to do it....Perhaps, if you wanna take it a step further, you may do a simple summary of the articles that you've read. Make it more interesting I pressumed....

Easy isn't it?

Btw, I just got back from Muar during the weekend. Man, I ate a lot. I ate Nasi Beriyani Gam, sate, mee rebus, sirap bandung muar style, you name it man. But I guess, it's ok to treat yourself once in a while. Since the diving trip about a week or so ago, I wasn't at my 100% self. I got sick (flu, cough, dizzy) and I'm still recovering from coughing. I didn't even bother to check my weight. ( I know I should). Nyways, I did 2.5kms this morning and I felt nice. So perhaps, another 5kms or so this evening and will keep on continuing doing it. I read somewhere that all of us need to exercise at least 6 hours per week. So that's basically about 25minutes of exercises per day. If you can do it an hour per day that's even better.

I did received some comments from families stating I looked different. Hehe. I do value their comments and hopefully I can keep on continuing doing it. I also took the opportunity to join a golf tournament in Batu Pahat which I thought I played well considering the fact that I was playing at the course for the very first time. If it's not because of the hot weather, I thought I could last the game till late evening.

Hope to keep on improving on my game this year and if I can be a 10 handicapper, I will be super-duper happy.

In terms of my properties projects, I think the timing of purchasing one now is a little bit odd. Of course there are a lot of properties out there for auctions but finding one that suits me is a little bit difficult then what I expected. Anyhoos, I also felt that the prices of auction properties nowadays is a little bit on the high side. Nevermind lah, keep on searching and I'm pretty sure I would get one (at least) before the end of the year!!

Have a nice day