Monday, December 29, 2008


I'm having my lunch as I'm writing this. This mee goreng basah doesn't taste good anymore. It lacks the quality of a real mee goreng basah. Hahaha.

Anyway, as I was having my lunch, I was thinking to myself, 2008 is coming to an end. And I ask myself, what did I achieve this year. Like I said in my introduction, I would like to think that I've achieved quite a few things for the last couple of months. I've bought my first property, I've graduated from MBA and just recently celebrated my 5th year marriage anniversary. However, like a normal human being, I'm not satisfied with what I've achieved so far. I think, there's a lot more to be done. A lot!! And I mean that.

Just like some of us, usually, we have plans for the new year and the plan remains as a plan as some of us tend to forget about the plan that we made a few days before new year. However, I hope and wish 2009 will be an interesting year for me. This are the things that I hope to do in 2009,

1) Buy more properties (at least 2) before Dec 09
2) Maximise my ASB towards RM100,000 mark before Dec 09
3) Stop smoking by March 09...Duhhhhh
4) Play golf as a 12 handicapper consistently
5) Finish off my bike's loan (which left about RM13k outstanding)
6) Go Holiday to Australia with the family
7) Increase my personal net worth to RM1million
8) Increase my company's revenue to an additional RM500k

So there you go....My plan for 09. As of now, I think I can achieve most of it. Think? Think? WEll, I'll challenge myself to the maximum in order to achieve it.

Till the next time....

Have a nice day

Tinkerman's Tale

I'd set up this blog for the purpose of writing what's in my mind and thoughts as I see things as to when it happened. I hope to write as often as I can and I think this is the only way for me to really, really express my views and thoughts on issues that are happening around me every single day. There are a lot of things in my mind at this current moment and that is one of the reasons that I start to write.

Just a quick peek of my self, you can call me abe if you want and I was born in Kuala Lumpur about 30 odd years ago. I'm married to a beautiful lady and we have a princess which I called kecik (small in english) which is about 2 years old now. From 9-5pm every Monday to Friday, I'm bound to work just like everybody else. On Saturdays are my golfing days and Sundays are my riding days.

For the last 30 years or so, it's been a hell of a journey for me. Come to think of it, I think I've achieved quite a few achievements (as far as I'm concerned) and of course I had my fair share of failures as well. So for the next 30 years or so, I hope to be a better husband, a better father and most of all, a better person and of course, a better muslim.

So I guess, that's all for the introduction....Hope to write again a wee bit later. I'm rather late for my lunch....

Have a nice day