Tuesday, April 26, 2011

e-filing LHDNM

I've just submitted my tax returns for 2010 via e-filing a couple of minutes ago. How easy it is now to submit your tax returns kan?

To be honest, I thought I've forgotten my password but after a quick search in my tax file I managed to get in to the site after one try. See, how important it is to have a sticky note in your personal file. Hehehehe

Anyways, for the past 2 years, I waited till the 30th day of April before I decided to submit the returns and at both times, I would 'struggle' to submit the returns via e-filing as most of us would submit at the last possible time. Hence, it will create a bottleneck effect where there's so much information coming in at a time.

So this time, I've decided to submit a wee bit earlier than 30th April and within minutes I managed to fill in the necessary boxes. I need to get wifey to file her returns tonight lah.

Glad I've done my part and hopefully I'm gonna hear some good news from the taxmen.

Have a good day

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  1. dah dapat refund 3 weeks ago...heheh