Monday, March 12, 2012



I've been away for far too long.....too long..............

Doubt anyone ever reads my blogs anymore....hehehe

Anyhooss.....what's up everyone? How's 2012 treating all of ya?....Good??...Bad?

I had some interesting stuff that has been happening around my life....especially business wise....

Obviously, for the past couple of years, it's all about improving myself financially and as well as emotionally and now for the remaining months of 2012, I aim to expand my business together with my contacts to a new level.

Previously, I used to get worried about meeting new people as well as strangers. I realized that, in order to go far in the business world, I need to go out and mix around with different people. It's all about the relationships. Human-relationships that is.....

Anyways,...I'll try to update my blogs as much as I can from now on....

Have a good day


  1. i do read yours..

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